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A Protest As Plausible As Nigel Farage’s Frequent ‘Denials’!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 14/08/2014

A Protest As Plausible As Nigel Farage’s Frequent ‘Denials’!

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


 A Protest at the prospect of exposure by the investigative journalism commissioned by Panorama seems As Plausible As Nigel Farage’s all too Frequent ‘Denials’ be it of corruption, theft, fraud, bullying, racism, philandering, abusing his position, lies and sadly considerably more!



that the BBC has commissioned a Panorama programme with a wide ranging brief to expose both the roots and rise to prominence of UKip is hardly a secret as they have been interviewing the informed for sever5al montjhs and gathering facts for the programme.

One can hardly be surprised that a major investigative programme has taken the rise of UKip as a protest party is of course just cause for investigation – that of is what such programmes provide, rather than the endless gossip and soap operas we are usually regailed with. That the programme has tended to focus on Nigel Farage will be no surprise as realistically UKip has not a single individual of conseque4nce besides Farage and it is he who dictates, and has dictated, almost all policy – often invented and announced on the hoof!

It is also worth noting his insecurity which has led to witch hunt after witch hunt driving out honest and decent folk who would have formed the core of the party and provided the party with some gravitas, as they might have been a challenge to corruption and dishonesty of Farage and his clique as they rewarded the odious claque that found that sycophancy and ineptitude were the best route to the gravy train in Farage’s party.

You will note Farage has opted for attack as the best form of defence thus exposing himself to the obvious question ‘just what has he to hide’ and he has written to Panorama’s boss Elizabeth Byrne refusing to cooperate with the programme because he claims investigating UKip and himself is an act of bias and arrogantly demanding that his letter is read out in full in any programme that is broadcast.

Farage being well aware that there are many stories of bullying, abuse and corruption to hide, many of which have appeared in the media over the years varying from the lies he has told to get elected and his dishonesty in paying his wife with tax payers’ money designed to help fund expenses not enrich his family to the dishonesty of this ex Bank employee claiming he was unaware his Isle of Man account had off shore benefits in avoiding British tax and pretending he did not use the account despite the clear record of having deposited £250,000 to his account!

Although Farage has gone to great lengths to try to ensure his name is not attached to such behaviour, recently going so far as to ensure his wife continues to receive her tax funded income by dodging EU regulations that forbids elected individuals from employing their spouses and partners by having his goffer Ray Finch employ her just as he had employed Finch for some time. Such ‘loyalty’ from his long term staff member may well explain how such an individual got to become an MEP on UKip’s list of Farage supporters.

That the independent makers of the programme have ranged widely over UKip’s finances in particular is hardly surprising sfter so many years in which UKip has consistently obfuscated its monetary dealings, despite the money being from the public purse and donations from its members and supporters in a manner which has seemed consistently deliberate and has given rise to the widespread belief that possibly sums running to 7 figures have been purloined.

It is also little wonder that when there seems a consistent pattern of behaviour carried out again and again by apparently different individuals associated with Farage who so clearly controls and dominates his party obviously leads to the belief that it is he who is behind manipulating such events.

Little wonder that Farage does not wish to be interviewed for the programme as that would put him in a position of risk where he might well perjure himself on camera exposing his own dishonesty.

FARAGE, Nigel 92 Jolly RACIST 01

Naturally Farage will use the implausible claim of all extremists and so often by criminals that ‘the establishment (watever that might be) is picking on me’. Such claims are as thin and implausible as the claims that Farage was not employing various of his sexual partners – a denial with all the plausibility of the philanderer Bill Clinton!

Below you will find a copy of the somewhat desperate letter Farage has authorised but as usual avoiding it being seen to bear his signature and thus being deniable if it backfires! A common UKip ploy!


Farage’s alleged letter:

“Dear Elizabeth,

RE: Panorama Rehash of Times Campaign Against UKIP

“Thank you for your letter, the contents of which I have given careful consideration to and quite frankly are a rehash of a series of overtly hostile articles published in the Times during the run up to the May 2014 European Elections in which I hope you will note that over 4.3 million people voted for UKIP and we are now the biggest British party in the European Parliament.

“Having established that your line of questioning is in no way original or “fresh to the market”, it is apparent from the tenor of your questions and the approach being taken by you that you are adopting a specific agenda which clearly conflicts with the well accepted BBC principles that a programme for public consumption should be fair and balanced.

“Regretfully, the concept of Panorama as judge and jury on (last century and ten-year-old) allegations which have been well dealt with by me in the past does not fulfill the BBC’s charter obligations, or for that matter, its role.

“Accordingly, I can give you no further assistance and should point out to you that should you wish to proceed with this programme, I expect you to read out, without interruption, in full and without censorship, the entire contents of this letter.

“As you well know, our party is now in receipt of at least two new supporters for every ex-Conservative supporter and I wonder if it is your Labour contacts that have interested you in this project, which has previously been utilised by a panicking Conservative Party.

“A Panorama programme aimed at explaining the workings of the EU, as your Charter obliges you to do, would be far more beneficial to the British people than a tedious BBC hatchet job at the behest of your pro-EU contacts.

“Finally, if you fail to read out and place on screen this letter in any programme you choose to broadcast, this will be brought to the attention of the BBC governors and of course OFCOM.

“This letter is my final word on the matter so please do not continue the correspondence with me.”

I note UKip claims the programme, which it has not seen and is as yet unfinished and unedited, is a rehash of articles alleged to be hostile in The Times yet at no stage does he claim the articles to be factually inaccurate! Compilations of past news are the meat and drink of such programmes as Panorama which gathers together facts, often over many years, to provide a sound basis for its investigative style of journalism.
The claim the programme is to act as Judge and Jury is obviously specious as it has clearly offered Farage the opportunity to answerr their questions – a right to reply – which has been rejected leaving judgement to the viewers as do such programmes.
I do not recal Farage objecting to the odious and grovelling lack of facts or balance in the similar programme presented by Channel 4 , in the run up to the EU elections that so clearly acted for UKip as a dustbin into which protesters could cast their votes – a far cry from the likely outcome of next years General Election where UKip are likely to be little more than spoilers for the more consequential election, an election in which they may well deprive Britain of its Referendum so hard fought for by Nikki Sinclaire and others and grudgingly promised by thwe Tory Party if they are re-elected.
Nor were many complaints apparent from Farage or his party in the run up to the election when Patrick O’Flynn was seemingly buying his position as lead candidate in the Eastern Region with his uncritical and more than somewhat biased articles in the Express, without having the integrity to resign or at very least explain the reason for his bias to the readers!
This would seem from my contacts to be a compilation that shows the style of Farage and his party, rather than specific calumny.




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Deny the self serving political clique ANY Democratic claims to legitimacy
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Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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To Leave-The-EU

2 Responses to “A Protest As Plausible As Nigel Farage’s Frequent ‘Denials’!”

  1. If over 4 million votes is such a protest and all those that chose to vote for the party of their choice were simply dustbin fillers then obviously you and all your “establishment” friends are as scared of democracy as ever. This sort of bile is only treatable with a dose of liver salts. I wonder when if ever you will turn your attention to the other parties, mainly the top two, and seek to vent your spleen on them. If as you constantly claim to be so anti EU then why not just for once attack those who wish us to remain locked into this EU club. But then I suppose that idea will prevent you from your constant attacks on a few individuals who for some reason you seem to find irresistible for displaying your most obvious hatred. Life’s too short to keep venting your disdain and if you were at all sensible you would realise that all your efforts to demean will have no effect whatsoever on the outcome of the next General Election.


    • Hi,

      thanks for for taking the trouble to voice your your opinion – I am impressed with your assiduous following of this web site, for as you know it supplies more factually accurate data on The Farage Cult and U*Kip in general than any other.

      I am surprised, from someone who voices their opinion, ill informed as I may consider it to be, that you are so determined to try to prevent me voicing the facts regarding UKip its leadership cult and their claque.

      That I choose to excercise my opprobrium of the British based political parties in other ways is a choice I have made based upon the irefutable fact that The Lib.Dims. lived down to my expectation andf in no way betrayed me or my hopes. Labour I always believed to be wrong and they NEVER sought my vote nor that of any but the followers of embittered and simplistic jingo and The Tories have always had their all too visible weaknesses but at least they are what they claim to be.

      Unlike UKip who seem all too willing to lie, cheat and steal to gain votes, berating and abusing, in a cowardly and duplicitous manner, any who dare to speak out with an opposed view. A party unwilling to honour either its word or its debts and all too willing to seek to destroy individuals in the most underhand manner. A party without ethics, integrity or gravitas.

      That I choose to expose the corruption that is UKip is surely more honourable than your support for their duplicity, racism and anti homosexual stance and the sll too notable association with the low lifes of EU politics seemingly solely for financial gain for the few on the Gravy Train at the expense of the many foolish enough to support such behaviour!

      With regard to your last sentence – firstly perhaps you should ask the media what use they make of this archive of facts and secondly perhaps were you to consult a competent ‘moral compass’ you might understand that there is never a wrong time to do the right thing!

      Unlike many in UKip I do not seek reward either in terms of position or finance – hence I have NEVER been a member of any political party nor have I ever sought office or been paid for presenting suitable opinions. Though I have in the past been remunerated by the broadcast media for presenting MY views on their programmes.

      I trust this helps you understand just how I extensively seek to oppose Britain’s membership of The EU and the inherent evils thereof and th corruption that underscores the body politic and UKip in particular with its apparent theft/misappropriation and unaccountability for possibly £Millions. Considering the huge amount of public money UKip has garne4red from the public purse and obtained from other sources perhaps you would like to explain just what it has achieved of value towards its stated aim of Leave_The_EU beyond the self enrichment of a notable few – Do YOU view UKip as worth the 10s of £Millions they have squandered or purloined?



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