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Jasna Badzak – ‘Open letter to my former ‘friend’ Nigel Farage’

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 18/06/2014

Jasna Badzak – ‘Open letter to my former ‘friend’ Nigel Farage’

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Jasna Badzak – ‘Open letter to my former ‘friend’ Nigel Farage’ – May well cause the more gullible UKIP supporters some consternation as they realise UKIP is actually the ‘Farage’ cult & not a party!


COPIED FROM TWITTER 22:10hrs. Wednesday 18-Jun-2014

Open letter to my former ‘friend’ Nigel Farage Read:

Open letter to my former ‘friend’ Nigel Farage

Open letter to my former ‘friend’ Nigel Farage
Friendship in life and especially political life is a very strange concept. I know it is not alien to me because I, unlike you, still do have many friends, genuine friends across all parties political world.
I was even a friend to you once. On my part, a truly genuine one. I take friendships very seriously, and once I let anyone in my world I am loyal, dedicated and extremely protective of my friends.
From your side I know now it was never the case. However, you always did one thing for me – provide me with hours of laughter.
Two days ago you heard me laughing my head off. Only you have the tenacity to call me after everything that was said and done to me and offer your ‘friendship’, and money for silence, as well as thinly veiled threat not to further hurt me and even to offer UKIP me ‘media expertise’, whatever that might be.
Only you can do it three times. I was shocked that I have overestimated your intelligence thinking even Nigel is not that stupid. Maybe you did not understand it the first time when I told you that I want nothing from you, apart from my health back, which you cannot give me. That is called sarcasm and you can ask Annabelle to look it up in the dictionary for you, safe in the knowledge you really do not read the books (let alone write them). You will, even with your amount of copious drinking, remember us talking about UKIP Immigration policy on the balcony of 32 Smiths’ Square on sunny 24 February 2011 where your ‘Immigration and Islam Spokesman’ simply plagiarised parts of Mein Kampf. Your only response was ‘I never read Hitler’s book’.
Second time I was very clear – no amount of money in the world can buy my silence. Another concept you do not understand because with you everything is about lining your own pockets.
So you tried again. Third time. Why? To close the police investigation into UKIP and you personally? To stop me talking to Electoral Commission? To stop exposing your fraud? To save your precious skin? Or all three?
It was not enough that you have remained silent while Batten was inventing a criminal case that never existed to silence me about very existence of his and UKIP’s ‘Charter of Muslim Understanding’, his and UKIP’s Dismantling Multiculturalism to remove Jews and Muslims from UK, your refusal to testify against Batten for his fraud simply because he knew about your fraud too, your part in conspiracy to pervert the Course of Justice and convict me for the crime which only does not exist but I could have never committed, and just to silence and discredit me for simply telling the truth.
Well my former friend I am not for sale and there is nothing you can do to silence me, stop me, buy me and especially threaten me.

I wonder what response this will get from Farage – will he be man enough to admit he is setting out to pervert the course of justice and bribe a witness, or so it would seem.

Let us not forget Farage is under investigation both ‘yet again’ & ‘not before time’!

Interestingly George Stride, Geoffrey Collier & Nikki Sinclaire (& others) were all members of ‘Farage’s’ UKIP South West Regional committee who were well aware that Julia Longhurst supplied Farage with his  Constituency Office and UKIP Regional Regional Office for, in Farage’s own words: ‘For a peppercorn rental’, as I recal all three and others were at the meeting when Farage and the Longhursts reached agreement some 15 years ago.

It would seem that amongst other sums of money Nigel Farage has obtained is a sum of £205,000 which were ‘allowances’ for his constituency office when it was in fact funded by the generosity of the Longhursts and was in fact also UKIP’s regional office where amongst others Steve Harris worked as UKIP Regional Organiser for many years!

this sum would seem never to have been declared as a political donation, despite the fact that it had been repeatedly pointed out to Fasrage!

This sum should not be confused with the some £211,000 which in one year alone was declared in Farage’s accounts for his office as ‘sundry expenses’ – sundry expenses that exceeded 50% of the cash expenditure/turnover of the office for the year! Whether Farage was able to pass off this amount annually I do not know but let us not forget that, looking through the list of donations listed by The Electoral Commission, Nigel Farage would seem never to have made a significant donation to UKIP – yet he was able on one occasion alone to deposit £250,000 to his trust account in The Isle of Man!

It has been reported by the media that if found guilty under investigation Fararage could face a prison sentence and let us face it this is a considerably larger sum than the £36,000 or so which earned Tom Wise3 a two year prison sentence!

Little wonder it would seem that Nigel Farage will take any risk to avoid the consequences of his reported actions as reported by the media.

I personally do not accept the desperate efforts of some to claim Farage is being smeared by the media because he is some sort of threat to the ‘establishment’ – my personal experiences over many years and the 100s of people who have contacted me or provided information show Nigel Farage to be UKIP and UKIP to be Nigel Farage, so what passes for leadership is and always has been the promotion of the Farage cult where Farage acts as a sociopath in the delusion that whatever he does or says is true and correct and that anyone with differing opinions must be forced out of HIS party.
Sadly I believe there is every reason to believe that UKIP is corrupt from the top down and like fish it rots from the head down!




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