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Allegation of Anal Rape Of A Young #Ukip Volunteer By A Ukip MEP In The Press

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 13/05/2016

Allegation of Anal Rape Of A Young #Ukip Volunteer By A Ukip MEP In The Press

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Allegation of Anal Rape Of A Young #Ukip Volunteer By A Ukip MEP In The Press, which had been reported to Ukip Chairman by the girl who claimed to be the victim is now in the national press & not just the Thurrock Gazette!

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it is astonishing how lax the media are when it comes to sexual assault of women by those in some form of elected authority.
Yet in otherr instances they are all over the alleged miscreant like a cheap suit!
You may well have noted that when the notoriously dishonest and corrupt thief Annabelle Fuller having been caught leaving an MP’s flat having stolen his Blackberry phone, some cofidential letters and his House of Commons pass, and having admitted to her criminality after a day drinking and having, according to an MEP who was present in the pub, targeted the MP specifically she made false accusations that the MP had tried to ‘fondle’ her – this story by Annabelle Fuller, who has now changed her name to avoid identification with her past, was plastered all over the national media.
The publicity given of the true victim in that case, who was Andrew Bridgen, contributed to his being divorced and estranged from his own children – yet in the case of the Ukip MEP Tim Aker – also a fairly obscure politician the matter seems to have been hushed up or at best ignored by the media!
Why was Andrew Bridgen pilloried by the media based on a false allegation made by an untrustworthy thief yet when one of the young Ukip volunteers reports an actual rape and an anal rape at that near silence!
It makes one wonder what other crimes are being hushed up in the light of the various allegations being talked of, regarding Tim Aker, and was his so called foundation a charity with more similarity to those of Jimmy Saville than any legitimate charity!

Police search home of Ukip MEP Tim Aker after sex assault claim

The home of Ukip MEP Tim Aker has been searched by police investigating allegations of sexual assault, the Standard can reveal.

Officers searched the house in Grays, Essex, with Mr Aker’s consent, after a former Ukip activist contacted police alleging that the East of England MEP had attacked her.

Mr Aker, 30, who has been an MEP since 2014 and was previously head of Ukip’s policy unit, voluntarily attended a police interview over the claim. The alleged attack is said to have taken place last September after a Ukip event attended by party leader Nigel Farage.

The woman first complained to party chairman Steve Crowther in December and it is understood last month she decided to make a police report after being disappointed with the outcome of the Ukip national executive committee’s review of her complaint.

Officers conducted a video interview with her on April 26 and three days later searched Mr Aker’s home in his presence. Essex police are also investigating an allegation of malicious communications after the alleged victim reported that letters about her and Mr Aker had been sent anonymously to politicians and members of the public. Mr Aker is also understood to have complained to police about the letters.

An Essex police spokeswoman said: “Norfolk police were contacted on April 26 with a report of a sexual assault which took place in Essex… Police inquiries are continuing.”

A spokesman for Ukip said Mr Aker denied the sexual assault allegation against him.

“Of course he denies it,” he said.

To view the original article CLICK HERE
For additional facts including details of other victims
if/when they become legally publishable CLICK HERE
You will note that at this stage we are NOT publishing the name or details of the victim of the claim, unlike those who circulated her name with her picture via the Royal Mail!

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