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I Understand Ukip’s MEP Tim (Timur) Aker Has Been Questioned!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 01/05/2016

I Understand Ukip’s MEP Tim (Timur) Aker Has Been Questioned!
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I Understand Ukip’s MEP Tim (Timur) Aker Has Been Questioned! There is more to this than meets the eye, it seems one of his ex-girlfriends has been named & photo used in allegations that a political rival has used for gain – in breech of article 106 of Representation of the Peoples Act!

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THIS THREAD – is being updated at CLICK HERE

Additional material added 15:40hrs. 02-May-2016
Having received the following Police statement

Norfolk Police were contacted on April 26 with a report of a sexual assault which took place in Essex. Essex Police are investigating this allegation and an allegation of malicious communications relating to letters being sent to a number of individuals. A 30-year-old man from Grays has been voluntarily interviewed and police enquiries are continuing.

I regret I can not now publish a copy of the letter that was circulated, even suitably redacted, nor any further details to which I may become privy, however I understand a copy of this statement has now been circulated to other journalists and the story will most likely be published in various national papers and in the local Thurrock newspaper.
I will publish copies of any media material which comes to hand so keep watching Ukip-vs-EUkip
15:40hrs. 02=May-2016
end of additional material

Essex Police launch investigation into “malicious communication” campaign targeting UKIP’s Tim Aker

Essex Police
Today at 11:55 AM
By YourThurrock

ESSEX Police has launched an investigation after a “malicious communication” targeting

AKER, Tim 05

UKIP MEP and Thurrock councillor Tim Aker has been circulated to dozens of politicians and members of the public.

An Essex Police spokesperson said: “Essex Police is investigating an allegation of malicious communications relating to letters being sent to a number of individuals.

“Police were contacted on Thursday 28 April with details of the incident.

“Enquiries are continuing. Anyone who receives a letter they believe to be malicious should report it to police on 101”.

The leader of Thurrock UKIP, cllr Graham Snell has confirmed to YT that they are aware of the matter.

Cllr Snell said: “I am aware of the letter and it’s content. We have passed it to the Police for them to investigate”.

To view the original article CLICK HERE
IF you have any evidence that can assist the police in relation to this matter PLEASE pass it on to the Police but do keep copies to ensure that the facts are dealt with!
IF you are concerned, for any reason, at contacting the police by all means send me the material and I will ensure it reaches the police for you, without you being involved.

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