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#0783* – Derek Clark found guilty but LIES to cover-up

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 20/04/2012

#0783* – Derek Clark found guilty but LIES to cover-up

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Derek Clark OLAF Case Number:
Derek Clark OLAF Investigation Number:
As published by this blogger and by Junius at the time of the original investigations and lied about by Derek Clark and others.
Many will recall the lies told by Clark, Farage, McGough, Denny,  and many others in UKIP leadership about my blogs and that of Junius, yet NOT ONCE have they apologised when proven wrong, nor have they  EVER made any moves to co0ntrol the cowardly band of sock puppets acting on their behalf and telling lies and misrepresenting Junius, myself and others trying to clean-up UKIP to make it fit for purpose.
NOT ONCE have they identified a single material inaccuracy in a solitary blog or posting of mine!

In a desperate attempt at a spoiler, to suppress the truth and distort the FACTS, UKIP has published clearly dishonest spin on their Huffington Post site.

Having lied repeatedly to members and also to The East Midlands Regional Committee Derek Clark with the full backing of Nigel Farage has tried to cover-up the fact that he was found guilty of fraudulent use of public money just as did Tom Wise!

IF the spin from UKIP had one shred of truth to it then why did Derek Clark keep telling lies?

As far back as 13-Jul-2009 DEREK CLARK LIED to The Derbyshire Times as written at the time CLICK HERE

Let us remember he has been questioned several times this week by a Journalist and firstly blustered, seeking to avoid confessing to his lies, dishonesty and fraud – eventually confronted by the undeniable facts in the FoI obtained by Daniel Foggo he admitted he had lied.

Derek Clark clearly showed that dishonesty is a UKIP Leadership policy when he refused to name who told him to lie claiming it was ‘A UKIP adviser’ – Would a man of integrity with any understanding of ethics be prepared to lie just because they were told to by their party leader?

At least when John Wittaker did he had the good grace to resign having told the lies for Farage to cover for the dishonesty and corruption of Annabelle Fuller!

Although the facts have been known for some time, just as was the fact that Graham Booth had also been found guilty and ordered to repay the money he had fraudulently obtained – we note in UKIP’s confession they forgot to admit this fact – no doubt unaware this was also included in FoI documents!

Clearly UKIP can not be trusted with public money and for the law makers to try to pass off their criminality with the claim they were unaware of the fact that they were acting fraudulently is not just implausible but is shown to be implausible or there would have been no need to lie.

For more about this grubby old man who has betrayed the electorate and lied to cover for having misappropriated public money for his own use to fund his own political staff – A process KNOWN to ber unacceptable yet Regional Organisers have until VERY recently been unlawfully funded from the public purse:

Derek Clark is unfit to represent others but we can expect Nigel Farage to try to protect him just as he repeatedly lied to try to protect Tom Wise – no doubt for the same reason in that both individuals were of considerable cash value to him personally! You will remember Nigel Farage tapped Tom Wise up for around £5,000 of the stolen money to settle a personal debt – money that was never paid back!

It is debatable which is the more damaging the utter dishonesty of the spin produced as an attempt to hide the facts OR the lies and dishonesty which was party policy to cover the truth OR the lies about me and my bl;og to pretend that the facts I provided about Derek Clark was a liar and thief stealing from the public was not true.

Who Derek Clark was stealing for is of no significance and as the offense was seemingly endemic in UKIP and condoned by Farage one is forced to ask if ANY of UKIP’s leadership and their sordid claque should be allowed to remain funded from the public purse.

It is appreciated that Farage seeks to retain control of his MEPs in office until he personally selects the new batch of MEP candidates for 2015 (see his new dictatorial powers imposed in the new constitution after the votes against the step to central control in the past  and the repeated votes in EU style until he got the result he demanded! So Very EU!).

The only MEP likely to survive on the new lists is likely to be his puppet Paul Nuttall and several who have been promised positions are already known!

Obviously the ONLY way to clean-up UKIP is to go public with the details of the undeniable ineptitude, dishonesty and corruption – sadly there are far too few individuals of integrity within UKIP to make a hill of beans difference to the corrupt leadership.


Those in UKIP who KNOW all seem willing to support corruption by failing to have the ethical integrity to speak out to make the party fit for purpose – too many of them are considering their own personal ambitions and as with the temper tantrum of Nigel Farage yesterday, with his regional office, where he tried to blame everyone but himself for UKIP’s corruption & failure (The man who used Party resources to be beatyen into third place by an Independent dressed as a dolphin!). We note not one of those he berated has spoken out, though they have provided this blog with the facts!

Nigel Farage may well be a passable entertainer but he is without morality, a drunk who was tossed out of his job in the City, a sexual incontinent, an organisational cretin and without one wit of morality being ever willing to lie behind peoples backs to keep himself on the gravy train, just like Derek Clark and Tom Wise who he supported and his doxy Annabelle Fuller whom he protected despite her dishonesty and criminality, her foul language and demeaning blogs!!

Yes Farage is an assett to UKIP as a performer but as a leader he is a hopeless failure who has done a great deal to damage the EUroSceptic Movement whilst enriching himself and a few puppets by aiding The EU, having achieved the sum total of ZERO to thwart The EU in its malign control of these United Kingdoms.


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