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Nattrass Giles Liquidation

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 26/04/2012

Nattrass Giles Liquidation

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Nattrass Giles Liquidation!

The way this has been circulated immediately after Mike Nattrass’ comments about Farage has all the hall marks of a typical UKIP smear campaign not disimilar to that which UKIP has mounted against Nikki Sinclaire, Niall Warry, Junius, myself and others!


Subsequent to posting this post I have spoken to an executive at Wilder Coe The Liquidators and they have confirmed to me that Mike Nattrass was not name, cited or implicated in The Liquidation and was NOT a director of the company as involved in the default and liquidation.


This increasingly looks, based upon UKIP’s track record like a classic UKIP attempt to defame an individual and dishonestly suppress free speech and those who dare criticise UKIP which to all intent and purpose is the imnterests of Nigel Farage it would seem and of course those he personally selects and rewards from the public purse!

ANYONE seeking clarification of the facts on this or any other of my blogs is welcome to contact me directly.


26-Apr-2012 – 10:40hrs.

many who read this blog will remember the fuss and wild claims of Mike Nattrass – not least the threats!
Mike Nattrass, MEP

Mike Nattrass, MEP (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

when Daniel Foggo published this article regarding the FACT that Mike Nattrass was under investigation by OLAF in The Sunday Times:

UKIP MEP Michael Nattrass in expenses fraud inquiry

Daniel Foggo

An MEP for the United Kingdom Independence party is being investigated by the European Union’s anti-fraud watchdog over his use of expenses.

Michael Nattrass, who has represented the West Midlands in the European parliament since 2004, is the subject of an inquiry into whether Denis Brookes, one of his former aides, was paid through public funds while he was working as a regional organiser for UKIP. The EU does not allow taxpayers’ money to be used to pay party officials.

The inquiry into Nattrass, which is part of a wider investigation into UKIP’s finances, comes as one of its former MEPs, Tom Wise, was jailed last week for two years for embezzling funds out of his assistant’s allowance.

It has also emerged that Nattrass was using a company of which he was a shareholding partner as the “paying agent” for all his assistants’ salaries provided by the EU.

Between 2004 and summer this year, all of his assistants’ allowances were channelled through the company account of Nattrass Giles, a chartered surveyors in Birmingham which he founded nearly 30 years ago.

Nattrass was a signatory to the bank account, although he insisted last night that the administration was handled by another partner in the firm who has since died.

MEPs must not act as their own paying agents. The role can only be performed by “third parties”.

New rules brought in since July this year have further tightened the controls and MEPs can now only use accredited people or companies as paying agents.

Nattrass said he had been told by EU officials that he could use his Birmingham company.

He also insisted that Brookes had worked for him in his capacity as an MEP until his employment as an aide came to an end three years ago.

End of article.

The article was correct at the time it was published – you will note it was confirmed in The Guardian article last Sunday which showed that also Graham Booth and Derek Clark had BOTH been found guilty and ordered to repay money to the public purse that they had dishonestly used.
It also showed in the FoI that no further action was taken against Mike Nattrass.

The Guardian article has however brought to light that it is official UKIP policy to lie to its members, the electorate and the media to cover-up for facts they do not wish the public to know!

One sad problem that HAS emerged as a result has been the circulation of ‘e’Mails regarding Mikle Nattrass seerking to smear him and defame him.

This has led to speculation that as a result of Mike Nattrass speaking out against the vile behaviour of Nigel Farage and his racist, pro EU membership EFD group CLICK HERE, that the ‘e’Mails regarding Mike Nattrass’ old estate agency business ‘Nattrass Giles’ may well have emanated from those ‘close’ to Farage!
To put THE FACTS as I understand them:

Notice: 1569165 (Issue: 60113)

11 April 2012
Issue Number:
Page number:

Publication Date: Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Notice Code: 2442

Meetings of Creditors


(Company Number 06599938)

(t/a Nattrass Giles)

Regents Court, 68 Caroline Street, Birmingham B3 1UG

Notice is hereby given pursuant to Section 98 of the Insolvency Act 1986 that a meeting of creditors of the above company will be held at Birmingham Small Business Centre, 2nd Floor, 55 Newhall Street, Birmingham, West Midlands B3 3RB on 17 April 2012 at 12.45 pm for the purposes provided for in Sections 99 and 101 of the Act. Norman Cowan and Andrew Dix of Wilder Coe LLP, are qualified to act as insolvency practitioners in relation to the above and will furnish creditors free of charge, with such information concerning the company’s affairs as is reasonably required. Creditors wishing to vote at the meeting must lodge their proxy, together with a statement of claim, at the offices of Wilder Coe LLP, Oxford House, Campus 6, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 2XD not later than 12 noon on 16 April 2012. The proxy form and statement may be posted or sent by fax to 01438 847150. Secured creditors may only vote for the balance of the debt, which will not be recovered by enforcement of the security, unless right to enforce is waived. A list of the names and addresses of the Company’s creditors will be available for inspection free of charge at the offices of Wilder Coe LLP, Oxford House, Campus 6, Caxton Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 2XD, two working days before the creditors meeting date of 17 April 2012 between the hours of 10.00 am and 4.00 pm. If no liquidation committee is formed, a resolution may be taken specifying the terms on which the liquidator is to be remunerated. For further details please contact Norman Cowan of Wilder Coe LLP, IP No: 001884, telephone No: 01438 847200. The meeting will receive information about, or be called upon to approve, the costs of preparing the statement of affairs and convening the meeting.

Christopher Booth, Director

4 April 2012.


This issue has also been covered by The Birmingham Paper:


I have every reason to believe that Mike Nattrass sold the company some time ago though it seems from The Sunday Times article above that he was still at that time a signator to bank accounts of the company!

I do believe that it is irresponsible of The Birmingham paper not to have clarified the position of Mike Nattrass as they have named him in the article and from what I understand he has no day to day hands on involvement with the company that could reasonably be considered to embroil him in the liquidation.

I will happily publish any verifiable statement from Mike Nattrass on this issue.

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