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Conservative Home Over Eggs the UKIP threat …

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 29/04/2012

Conservative Home Over Eggs the UKIP threat …

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Conservative Home Over Eggs the UKIP threat as clearly UKIP have proved themselves to be unfit for purpose – ANY purpose other than perhaps in aiding The EU to undermine the credibility of a EUroSceptic cause in these United kingdoms!

As a EUroRealist I find UKIP represents absolutely no British values which I would espouse to with its self serving, self enriching, racially and religiously intolerant clique in leadership bribing a claque of supporters to keep them on the Gravy Train!


there is a relatively interesting comment about UKIP and the polls (makes a change from Roger Knapman UKIP & The Poles!) which I have reproduced from Conservative Home where is you wish to read all comments you can read on the internet.

Cameron’s ratings have collapsed, UKIP could cost the Tories 30 seats… but there is SOME good news in the opinion polls

By Tim Montgomerie
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I won’t comment here on the biggest poll of the weekend – over at Majority Conservatism Paul Goodman provides a comprehensive review of Lord Ashcroft’s mega poll on the political attitudes of ethnic minority Britons.


The more regular opinion polls are not good for the Conservative Party. I summarise them within today’s newslinks (scroll down this page). In today’s Sunday Times (£) Peter Kellner of YouGov makes for gloomy reading:

“The Prime Minister is no longer a clear asset to his party. Immediately before the Budget, 44% thought he was doing well, while 49% thought he was doing badly. His net rating, minus 5, was pretty good for a Prime Minister in mid-term. Now his rating is minus 31 (well 32%, badly 63%). Only Gordon Brown can match such a collapse in popularity, when he scrapped plans to hold a snap election in October 2007. It is not a happy precedent.”

Here’s how respondents to the latest YouGov poll rate Cameron (PDF):

  • 42% see the PM as competent, 47% as incompetent (-5%);
  • 41% see him as strong and 44% as weak (-3%);
  • 42% as likeable and 46% as dislikeable (-4%);
  • 39% say he’s in control of his government and 47% say not (-8%);
  • 23% see him as in touch, 69% as out-of-touch (-46%);
76% say Cameron doesn’t understand how ordinary people live and most of this group say it’s because of his privileged background (50%) rather than other factors (26%).UKIPMr Kellner focuses on the threat that UKIP poses to the Tories. Noting that, as of today, UKIP is 10% in the latest YouGov survey and 1.4 million former Tories have transferred to the party, he proposes a scenario where they could “crucify” the Tories:

“Suppose the economy continues in the doldrums. Suppose Cameron’s ratings stay on the floor. In 2014, a year before the next general election, Europe’s voters will decide who represents them in the European Parliament. Voting will take place under a proportional system that helps smaller parties – and the anti-EU UKIP most of all. Last time, in 2009, it came second, ahead of Labour. Unless the Tories recover, I would not bet heavily against UKIP topping the poll in 2014, or coming close… UKIP would have the credibility it has always craved. Under our first-past-the-post system for electing MPs, it might end up with too few votes to win many seats for itself – but quite enough to scupper the Tories. Suppose it wins over just 2,000-3,000 unhappy Tories in each of the key marginals. This kind of division on the Right would be enough to cost Cameron up to thirty seats, and hand victory to Ed Miliband. If the shift to UKIP is much greater, Labour could win by a landslide.”

The YouGov survey isn’t ALL bad for the Conservatives, however:

  • By 36% to 28% David Cameron and George Osborne are more trusted to run the economy than Ed Miliband and Ed Balls;
  • By 54% to 27% voters accept that “big” spending cuts are necessary and would be being implemented whoever was in power;
  • Only 32% blame the current government for the double dip recession – 29% blame global factors including the Eurozone, 17% blame the last Labour government’s legacy and 10% blame the banks for not lending enough. 

Sunday, April 29, 2012

To which I have responded:

mid term polls are ALWAYS staggeringly unreliable & as Neil Kinnock will tell you they ain’t much use at elections either!

One huge benefit of pollsters is they carry the clout with politicians with their perceived power to get their odious wives jobs way beyond their experience or ability.

Now let us consider the polls of the last few days where Cameron has fared ill – it is all very well to see him denounced and denigrated but with no credible alternative whatever the polls say is absolutely irrelevance.!

Then of course there is the myth of UKIP that pops up like a bad smell whenever someone wants to have a pop at one of the two political parties that ARE British politics.

For all UKIP’s 10% this weekend let us not forget their track record when despite having been at 15% some time ago they have a record of serial failure in domestic politics.

Consider that ina one horse race their leader came a resounding THIRD beated by an independent of little merit and less known, despite his wearing of a dolphin outfit!!

UKIP has NEVER done well in ANY domestic election and despite th3ere being some 19,500 seats available by election in Britain you will note UKIP has NEVER held one of any note and currently has less than 30 on district councils or above (including  MEPs)!

I wonder if it is their association with some of the most vile extremists in EU politics in their EFD Group which harbours, racists, anti Jewish, anti homosexual, Holocaust deniers and advocates of violence as a political tool!

The cyber stalking, low grade abuse by members of its NEC and staff may well show what they would be like in any authority as with their serial corruption and dishonesty which are well documented.

It has been shown that a part of its leadership policy is to lie to its members to cover-up for its misdemeanours and crimes as with Derek Clark MEP and Nigel Farage it is also well documented that Gerard Batten MEP is all too willing to abuse his position and waste Police time to seek to suppress free speech and discussion of his overt antipathy to Muslims which borders on incitement to race hate based upon his own superstitions and fears and that he has also obtained a gagging order to prevent the goings on in Courty where he is facing the Court on issues of racial discrimination etc. we are given to understand.

Then again it may well mitigate against UKIP that one of Farage’s ‘friends’ was drunk in an MPs flat and stole his Blackberry, correspondence and House of Commons Pass, then we have the turncoat Tory Bursnell advocating witholding the vote from the unemployed and supported by Alexandra Swann an ex Tory now acting on Roger Helmer’s staff (I’ll bet the Tories were glad to see the back of these misfits!

I wonder do the pollsters foment results to suit the BBC agenda as we are all well aware of just how useful an ent6ertainer Nigel Farage has become – would that UKIP could find a leader with ability beyond that of stunts and childish outbursts!

It is a tragedy, for those of us who are implacably opposed to being vassals of The EU betrayed by our politicians and civil service (for their own gain) that UKIP has become so befouled as to be unfit for purpose, particularly when the LibLabCon are marching to the same tune backed by a corrupt and simpering BBC andf much of the media who have become to fat and over blown to represent any view other than that which feeds them the most public money from the lowest grade of political class for many generations.

They say a Government is at its best with a strong opposition – little wonder the present government requires the shibboleth of the mythical threat of UKIP rattled at them by the pollsters to even show signs of waking up!

UKIP is no threat to politicians of any stature as they lack ANY gravitas or competence – Well perhaps they are then a threat to the sad spectacle of those we see bickering like children in Parliament!

We are clearly bereft of leadership in the LibLabUKIPCon and since it is not leadership we want but sound representation our position as a Country is unsurprisingly calamitous bankrupt in all but name by 13 unlucky years of economic illiteracy and self enriching betrayal we now find ourselves with unconvincing Hooray Henrys for Governance as our industry is syphoned off by our EUropean enemies.


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One Response to “Conservative Home Over Eggs the UKIP threat …”

  1. Hi,

    UKIP NEC member and proven liar Mick McGough posted the following comment on a UKIP controlled forum:
    One cannot criticise GLW’s work rate,whatever he’s paid.After diligently transferring his rants from one website to a new one he now infests the ConHome website with his dissemblings.

    This, as with most that this foolish little man does shows UKIP leadership for what it is –

    Firstly comment on Conservative Home can hardly be considered work and I have posted on that forum over several years.

    As ever this proven liar and cheat McGough (See: for just one example!) has totally failed to identify a single solitary instance of my having ‘dissembled’ or at any time been materially inaccurate!

    The criminality of this cyber stalker is beyond doubt though he lies in an implausible effort to cover his tracks.

    Mick McGough’s smears, defamation and outright lies are well established and constantly bring UKIP, The Freedom Association and The CIB into disrepute hugely aiding the advance of The EU where he angles, wangles and fiddles to gain a position that is paid on The Gravy Train – abusing any and all who he perceives as standing in his way to self enrichment.

    Sadly his calliber of individual are all too common in Farage’s unprofessional leadership team and amongst its claque of wannabes.

    AGAIN I challenge the liars that form UKIP’s cowardly leadership claque to identify a single solitary consequemntial inaccuracy in a single one of my 1,000s of postings related to UKIP and those trying to exploit it.

    I believe the authors of The Junius blog finmd themselves in the same position of being lied about by the low grade cowards that are UKIP leadership and their claque.



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