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GP-GF; Ukip Ferrets Fight On In Their Sack

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 20/01/2015

GP-GF; Ukip Ferrets Fight On In Their Sack

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Guest Post – Guido Fawkes:

+ Response re: Ukip Ferrets Fight On In Their Sack for the goodies as master of the cult.



January 20th, 2015

UKIP Hit Puberty: Slam Doors, Shouts at Parents
Farage/Carswell Fall Out Semi-Denied By Party

Tim Aker is the latest victim of the internal UKIP power play: sacked as the party’s policy chief this morning. Or so the spin goes. Guido understands this is less to do with the time he spent on the manifesto and more to do with the continuing debate raging for the ideological life and soul of the party. Between being an MEP and duffing up Labour in Thurrock, it was only a matter of time before Aker stepped back from his party role, but only a fool would suggest he’s not still a serious player within the party.

Rumours also continue to swirl around the tetchy relationship between Nigel Farage and Douglas Carswell. Guido is told there has been something of a breakdown, with particular anger among UKIP top brass over Carswell’s recent off-message Mail on Sunday intervention describing his new party as “internationalist” and “inclusive”. Guido hears Farage believes that to be “Cameroon nonsense”. This piece written by Nick Wood, the former IDS spinner turned Farage-confident, has been circulated within party circles as the UKIP leader’s real opinion:

“Various BBC-type Aunt Sallies were erected only to be assailed by the heroic St Douglas. “We must stop insulting immigrants,” asserted the hair-shirted one. “Dislike of foreigners is not merely offensive, but absurd.” Various other Harmanesque pieties followed, including the laughable observation that there has never been anything splendid about isolation. How about May 1940 after the fall of Paris? Our “isolation” then proved the salvation of Western civilisation.”

Long-serving, more traditional, golf clubbing UKIP veterans are said to be “upset” by Carswell’s maverick modernising moves, and things are so bad that they sneeringly call him “that Tory” behind his back. Rumours of a split at the top are denied by Farage’s spokesman: “we all absolutely adore Douglas”. But when were they last seen together?

To which I respond, to add clarity, for those who may be a little out of touch with the Ukip ferrets as they continue their squabbling inside their sack – visibly tossing out dead ferrets and whilst consuming others to hide the evidence of how vicious the fight for control is!

Ukip is neither big enough intellectually, nor has it adequate gravitas or vision, to contain the egos and ambitions of Nigel Farage, Reckwell & Carless (O’Flynn, Nuttall etc. etc.).

Ukip has been Nigel Farage’s private fiefdom ruled in an absolute and underhand manner for many years, more of a cult than a party, and for the party to grow and stand any chance of breaking through its own glass ceiling of populism; for some time the squabbling and fractures can be swept under the carpet, but will eventually lead to blood on the carpet from a knock down drag ’em out fight for control that will destroy the idea of being a political party of any consequence.

The waring factions have been hard at it since the days of Sked and clearly to date the Faragista cult has held the upper hand by ruthless centralisation and control that has seen 100s of good people leave CLICK HERE, which has greatly weakened the party concept to ensure Farage’s continued ascendancy, for more details read my blog and CLICK HERE.

The manner of the Carless/Reckwell departure will benight Ukip oncemore, but will it be before or after the election and will the investigation into Annabelle Fuller’s theft, under National Security, and her apparent lies about Andrew Bridgen expose the truth and involve Nigel Farage is a telling part of the equation!
For more details CLICK HERE

So far it would seem Farage has the upper hand, having forced Stuart Wheeler to break cover over his backing of Neil Hamilton and his support for Carswell as a new leader – seeking to befoul the party in the first instance and clear out the cult in the second!

The squabbling will continue and would seem to have cost Ukip the funding of both Stuart Wheeler and, to quote Farage’s nick name for him, The Yorkshire Dwarf!

This has led to the need to accept funding from various dubious sources as well documented, not least that of Richard Desmond who would seem to have converted his Express newspaper to being the in house comic for Ukip, where it was shown to be no more than a squalid rag by Patrick O’Flynn’s prostitution of the paper to satiate his ambitions as an MEP leading another of Ukip’s waring factions!

Hey ho – may you live in interesting times, but sadly this greatly destabilises British politics and makes the possibility of Leaving_The_EU in any foreseable time frame less likely due in the main to Ukip’s pursuit of personal glory for one cult or the other!


To view the original article in context CLICK HERE.




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