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The Farage Facade Falls & the Ukip Cult Is Squabbling

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 24/01/2015

The Farage Facade Falls & the Ukip Cult Is Squabbling

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


The Farage Facade Falls & the Ukip Cult are Squabbling like ferrets in a sack as their support in the polls falls.

000a ukip-025 count.png

Hi,it is clear that I have been right all along both in the irrefutable truth that:
The higher up the tree the monkey climbs the more you see its @rse‘!

But also that Nigel Farage has some skills as a performer but he is an unreliable and untrustworthy leader:

MONKEY 03 - joe-bushNigel Farage
is a clever performing monkey
but he is no organ grinder
It is clear that Nigel Farage’s control over his feifdom is starting to suffer as clearly he was out of his depth when he tried to lead 13 MEPs and buy the end of the parliament half of them had rejected his leadership openly.This parliament is proving yet more beyond his ability and with an upcoming election he seems to have fallen out with both his principal backers and numerous of his MEPs and is pretending to manage the party which is on the verge of collapse both internally and in the polls.

We have the risible spectacle of his chosen PPCs for the coming elections proving so badly selected and lacking in training they are showing up as the laughing stock they clearly are as with:

UKIP candidate Dr Jonathan Munday apologises over STD tweet

Twitter commentDr Munday, candidate for Wellingborough and Rushden, apologised for the “foolish” Twitter comment

A UKIP parliamentary candidate said he had been “foolish” for appearing to suggest a woman might have a sexually-transmitted disease (STD).

Angry at a tweet claiming UKIP leader Nigel Farage did not support the NHS, Dr Jonathan Munday replied, asking the Twitter user if she had an STD.

He said as a GP, who had worked in the the NHS for 31 years, he was annoyed at his support being questioned.

Dr Munday, candidate for Wellingborough and Rushden, has apologised.

In his reply to the tweet, Essex-born Dr Munday wrote: “Both Nigel and I support the NHS. I have worked in it for 31 years. What has been your contribution – Piles and STD?”

In a statement, a UKIP spokesman said: “Dr Munday accepts that his response was foolish, and apologises for that, but after a long day in his surgery he was annoyed by false carping claims that he didn’t care for the NHS.

“He feels that his 30 years as a GP stands for itself in his support for the NHS and our healthcare system.”

To view the original article CLICK HERE

Then we have the example of Ukip’s MEP Steven Woolfe who has had several skirmishes with Farage but would seem to have had enough and has supplied very damaging material, first published on this blog several years ago, material he has obviously seperately substantiated.That this was published in The Sun with a circulation of around 3 Million can hardly be considered helpfull:

FARAGE, Nigel  113 Hol THE SUN 22-Jan-2015Whilst that was published on the 21st we then had the spectacle of Paul Nuttall making Farage’s cult look shoddy in the extreme on Question Time with an odious attack on the Scots as if they were all as vile and as foolish as Alex Salmond and Alec Salmond and ensuring no one went away believing that Ed Milliband was the only ‘wierd’ politician as he had his strident and unpleasant nationalist rants only out performed as a fool and in sheer unpleasantness by Dian Abbott!No doubt the idiotic Paul Nuttall was boyed up in his bid to be a future leader of Ukip as it plunges to obscurity by his ‘friend‘ the Ukip MEP Louise Bours who had the prevuious day made a full attack on Nigel Farage over health policy, no doubt in the hope of strengthening her ‘close‘ associate Nuttall’s position to challenge Farage.

Outclassing all of them we had the Ukip PPC for  suggesting that all the unemployed and those claiming benefits should have their cars confiscated to ease congestion on the roads as with:

Ukip candidate Lynton Yates (pictured) has been suspended after saying the jobless shouldn't drive
Ukip County Counciller for Leicestershire
Lynton Yates
To view the full article CLICK HERE
These are noty isolated cases  – why would they be in a party which functions far more like a cult than grown up politicians a cult of wierdos performing as the claque for their ‘Glorious Leader’
FARAGE, Nigel 94 ORCHESTRATING A DEFECTION 01Who runs the party from the center, making much of being a Libertarian democrat he has had his finger in the pie for 20 years and hardly a single selection, election or appointment has escaped his malign influence – though to be fair he has used both salaried, ie Mark Croucher, Gawain Towler, Malcolm Wood, Peter Reeve, etc. and the elected muppets behaving as a libertine rather than Libertarian as authoritarian rather than democrat and in a constant self interest, as would any cult leader.Due to lack of leadership and deeply flawed ambitions there is no vision in the cult, no intellectual heart nor gravitas of purpose – hence after 22 years of claiming to wish to Leave_The_EU the cult has lost sight of its aims lacking even a workable, ethical and honourable EU eXit and survival strategy as it chases the willow the whisp of populism jumping on any passing band wagon with a totally unskilled and untrained leadership propped up by the ambitions of its cult claque.

Endless stupidity and the belief that gimmicks can substitute for hard work and the rigors of intellectual input with refined research.

As a party Ukip has utterly failed as it is now, with its racism, lies, bullying, squabbling, internal vituperative in fighting and lack of direction backed up by the ignorance of both its leadership and their claque and the refugees from their own failures as typified by the percentage of members and supporters who are hidden behind each controversy, who draw their origins from the spent, odiousand useless National Front or BNP.Ukip is beset with those who have gained positions due to the lack of training, poor judgement and failure of any viable selection processes, many of which are merely to ensure no risk of competition with those controlling the selections.

Just how did this woman get to a position where she so effectively brought Ukip into disrepute:
ATKINSON, Janice 02Or the endless flow of Ukip bufoons featuring in the media whether that is Gerard Batten with his vile anti Islamic racism, or those blaming the weather on the sanctioning of marriage for homosexuals.
Or the numerous branches at war as with Southend CLICK HERE Tyneside Jarrow CLICK HERE and the like and on and on and on.It is very rare to see any kind of story in the media about Ukip that is other than damaging and demeaning, and increasingly so, which clearly indicates just why in real terms support for Ukip is now on a slow burn collapse having peaked before Christmas and now even their principlal donors are pulling the carpet out on them.

It is all but impossible to identify anyone in Ukip who is not a crass incompetent and a self serving joke – It is not that Ukip are being picked on by an unkind media it is that they are the story that gives and gives with scandal, stupidity and squabbling in serial supply.





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Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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