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Nigel Farage’s House Of Cards From The Inside

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 03/12/2014

Nigel Farage’s House Of Cards From The Inside

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Nigel Farage’s House Of Cards From The Inside is just another analysis of Ukip’s crass ineptitude & dishonesty


you will have noted by now that The Times is featuring Ukip and sadly; based on information from their contacts, which has by-passed Ukip’s weak yet aggresive press office with its grossly over paid ineptitude; The Times has found its way to much of the truth.
The Times is doing to Ukip what it does to the two main parties which is calling them to account and exposing their inadequacies and internal squabbles, incompetencies and corruptions – Ukip is learning the truth of my oft made warning ‘the higher up the tree the monkey climbs the more you see its @rse’.
Naturally Ukip is likely to fall back on the lame excuses that were so often used by their associates in the BNP ‘they’re picking on us because we are being so effective and threatening the establishment’!
This is palpable rubbish, what is happening is Ukip is experiencing the true scrutiny briefly, which front line politics constantly experiences.
I believe this exposure will probably culminate in either a major revalation either on Saturday or Sunday and then it is just a matter of whether Ukip is considered of adequate consequence to be kept in the public eye, where scrutiny will continue, just as it is experienced by the Tories and Labour or they slide into the obscurity they have earned having peaked.
It seems likely that Ukip will have to fall back on the shoddy journalism and desperate scribblings of the milti millionaire publisher Richard Desmond who cut his publishing teeth in the trash end of the magazine trade with publications that pandered to gossip and populist light weight like OK and New!
He then moved into adult TV (a EUphemism for soft porn) with Television X and Red Hot TV – moving on to such inglorious titles as The Daily Star and The Express – the latter being Ukip’s comic of choice with its corrupt standards of journalism and unrelenting yet undeclared bias!
With The Express Ukip has found itself with a partnership in light weight publicity and low grade press to match its standards and its hugely over salaried and over blown press office.
To quote their ever intellectual EU Press Officer Herman Kelly’s recent erudity ‘when you sleep with dogs you wake with fleas’ unoriginal I know but a measure of the competence and style of Ukip’s bullying and corrupt press office – a team who can best be judged by the paucity of publicity Ukip recieves, or ever has received over the years, which is of consequence or gravitas in publications of repute and stature.
For now just consider the facts proffered by The Times, all be it hidden behind their paywall, sometyhing of a saving grace for Ukip as few of their followers will thus learn the truth!

Inside Nigel’s house of cards

Nigel Farage
Times photographer, Jack Hill
  • Nigel Farage at Rochester UKIP HQ
    Nigel Farage Times photographer, Jack Hill

Nigel Farage is trying to create a professional party from a ragtag group more accustomed to setting the world to rights over pints of real ale

As the sun rose over Clacton in the hours after Ukip secured its first elected MP, Nigel Farage predicted that his Eurosceptic party could hold the balance of power at the next election.

Before setting its sights on May, Ukip is grappling with a more mundane challenge.

Mr Farage is trying to create a professional party from a ragtag group of veteran members more accustomed to setting the world to rights over pints of real ale than the strict discipline of modern politics.

Last May, Ukip moved into a new Mayfair office, formerly the home of Boris Johnson’s mayoralty campaign team, after it was offered rent-free by Andrew Reid, a solicitor.

Three months later, amid concerns that staff were running amok, Lisa Duffy, Ukip’s director, was sent in to sort things out.

In a confidential report presented to Ukip’s governing committee, Ms Duffy wrote that she had gone to the offices on party business “only to be embarrassed about the lack of cleanliness, silliness and lack of organisation and lack of people in offices”.

Describing how she had spent the first few days setting the office up in a “professional manner”, Ms Duffy said she had moved desks and organised a holiday rota which “identified that the following week we would have had no press officers if I hadn’t actioned this”.

She also removed “unprofessional” material from walls and hand written signs.

A former office worker said these included a “c*** of the week” award which was given to “whichever journalist had been the most critical that week”.

A hand-drawn picture of Mr Farage surrounded by hearts was pinned on the wall, alongside an “I love egg mayonnaise sandwiches” sign posted by Alexandra Phillips, a press officer.

Ms Duffy’s intervention in Ukip’s London offices came a few days after another attempt to professionalise the party had ended in disaster.

Will Gilpin, a former RAF pilot, began work in the £72,000-a-year post of chief executive in December 2012 but was sacked in August 2013.

He wrote to one member of the executive: “I’m afraid I came to the role in the belief it was actually a chief executive they were after, rather than chairman’s assistant.”

“In response to me saying I’m unhappy with how things are going I have been sacked. It’s a shame I wasn’t able to bring in the much needed modernizations, but it’s up to the leadership of course.”

The national executive committee (NEC) also had disputes over another key appointment, leaked emails reveal.

In May last year, Tim Aker, a political campaigner and former researcher, was put forward for the £62,000 post of head of policy.

William Dartmouth, a Ukip MEP, wrote to members of the NEC complaining that Mr Aker was being offered as the sole candidate and that he had been “directly concerned and therefore partly responsible for the embarrassment of the 2010 Ukip general election manifesto”.

Mr Farage, who backed Mr Aker, has previously disowned the 2010 manifesto as “drivel” and claimed he had never read it.

Mr Dartmouth said the manifesto was “electorally toxic” and that Mr Aker’s involvement with it should be a “total disqualification”.

Andrew Moncreiff, a member of Ukip’s executive committee, wrotethat Mr Aker was “harmless enough but thoroughly lightweight and has done virtually nothing for the party”.

Mr Aker did not reply to a request for comment.





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