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Godfrey Bloom Quits Nigel Farage’s Ukip

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 13/10/2014

Godfrey Bloom Quits Nigel Farage’s Ukip

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Godfrey Bloom Quits Nigel Farage’s Ukip & can now expect Farage to classify him as ‘Dregs & Rejects’ alongside the founder of Ukip Alan Sked, past leaders such as Roger Knapman and the majority of MEPs + around 70 NEC members who have dared to criticise!


Godfrey Bloom Quits Nigel Farage’s Ukip & can now expect Farage to classify him as ‘Dregs & Rejects’ alongside the founder of Ukip Alan Sked, past leaders such as Roger Knapman and the majority of MEPs + around 70 NEC members who have dared to criticise his one man band and self serving, self enriching Ukip scam!
Douglas Carswell would do well to heed the warning Godfrey Bloom gave him that was most appositely endorsed by Dr. Richard North on Panorama CLICK HERE
It would be unwise to forget that Nigel Farage has personally controlled the party for his own gain and in the last parliament started out with 13 MEPs elected, but had alienated so many that two quit to stand as Tory candidates, where David Bannerman, Farage’s ex Tory buddy Ukip Chairman and deputy leader of Ukip (personally brought into the party by Nigel Farage and put in position), as with Roger Knapman who he recruited and placed as leader and even lord Pearson his puppet who held the leadership for a short time for him has become near invisible.
Then of course there was Marta Andreasen who had been dumped as an accountant by the EU unable to complete her brief to improve the systems to reduce the amount of fraud and make the EU more accountable CLICK HERE she was recruited by Nigel farage with much fanfare and he made her Ukip Treasurer. She quit in disgust siting bullying and dishonesty of Farage!
Also let us not forget that Nigel Farage defended Tom Wise to the hilt and NEVER removed him from Ukip going so far as to accept stolen money from him, which he knew was fraudulently obtained and which he never repaid, permitting Wise to remain a Ukip member for some years after he was exposed when Tom Wise eventually left it was in the February before the EU election when his Ukip membership ran out and he served out his full MEP term becoming eligible to the full pension as accrued!
One should also remember Ashley Mote who Nigel Farage ‘boosted’ into his own region as his number two candidate to raise his own status doing a total knife job on his long term associates David Lott and Steve Harris who were promised second and third position – but Ashley Mote’s presentation skills were used to ensure Farage’s return to the gravy train only to find Farage stabbed him in the back acting against him at the first possible opportunity.
Farage even turned on his own Father’s associates having ‘used’ them as with Buster Motram who he personally brought into Ukip against advice and likewise the wife of David Volker, Guy Farage’s Commanding Officer in the TA,who he placed as Chairman of his party yet engineered her removal when she was unwilling to go along with his fiddles – Petrina Holdsworth is currently Chairman of CIB!
The list of other highly competent people Nigel Farage has felt threatened by and has dishonestly removed is long and some understanding can be found by reading many of them’s resignation letters and further details at CLICK HERE
Be minded also of the vault face of Ukip’s first representative in The House of Commons the MP Bob Spink and just how short a time he was willing to tolerate Nigel Farage’s behaviour!
The only conclusion anyone of intelligence can make is either that Nigel Farage’s absolute control of Ukip hugely damages Ukip and that as a judge of people whom he personally selects is stunningly inept or they are unwilling to be corrupted to dance to his dishonest tune!
Nigel Farage single handedly reduced the party from 13 MEPs to a mere 5 remaining in the Parliamentary party – one wonders how few Nigel Farage will reduce the party MEPs to this time!

Godfrey Bloom quits Ukip and warns Douglas Carswell of ‘back-stabbers’

  • Monday 13 October 2014 20.35 BST
Godfrey Bloom
Godfrey Bloom has decided to leave the party ‘with a heavy heart’. Photograph: Christopher Thomond for the Guardian

Godfrey Bloom, the colourful former Ukip MEP, has resigned from the party with a warning to its newest recruit, Douglas Carswell, to beware backstabbers among his colleagues.

The politician, whose gaffes have included calling women sluts and complaining of foreign aid going to “bongo-bongo land”, said he was leaving Ukip after party chairman Steve Crowther banned him from speaking at an event in Wearside.

Bloom initially had the Ukip whip withdrawn and subsequently resigned his official role last year, after Nigel Farage said his antics had overshadowed the party’s autumn conference.

He has now decided to leave the party entirely “with a heavy heart”, despite having had a role in founding Ukip and donating large amounts of money to campaigning over the years.

In a message to Carswell, who took up his role as Ukip’s first elected MP on Monday, Bloom told LBC Radio: “I would just say to Douglas: stick to your sort, you believe in libertarianism, you believe in classical liberal economics, don’t be pushed off. But I would say, Douglas, watch your back. If you bear in mind we started in 2009 in Europe with 13 MEPs, we ended up with five, so there are dead bodies of Ukip [politicians] all over the place with a knife quivering in their back, Douglas. Make sure it’s not yours.”

In a trenchant analysis of his former party, the ex-MEP said politics was not about the truth, and that he was “very sorry this disease has been picked up by Ukip”. “It seems to be drifting towards the politically correct mainstream like everyone else,” he said. “Instead of it being the libertarian party of common sense, I’ve been banned from speaking. I don’t know where the party has gone astray, but it has gone astray.”

Despite having formerly shared a flat with Farage in Brussels, Bloom said he had lost contact completely with his former party leader. He said Ukip was now being run by Crowther, who he described as a “svengali-like” figure and a “man of mystery”.

Bloom caused a controversy in summer last year after he criticised recipients of foreign aid in “bongo-bongo” land and proceeded to exacerbate the row by trying to justify the phrase in a series of broadcast interviews. He then became the centre of another row after hitting a journalist round the head with a Ukip brochure and joking that a room debating women in politics was “full of sluts”. He made these remarks after two of his colleagues admitted that they did not clean behind the fridge – a complaint previously made by Bloom – as they spoke at a fringe event at the party conference in London.

Bloom was then caught on camera ranting at Channel 4’s Michael Crick, who asked him why there were no black faces pictured on a Ukip conference brochure, before using the pamphlet to hit him over the head.

After Bloom resigned from the party, he gave an interview to the Guardian claiming Farage was “not interested in the running of the party, or in making policy” but was merely Ukip’s chief salesman.

In April, he argued Farage was not up to the role of “managing director or chairman of the board”, even though he was a “charismatic” and “articulate” advocate for the Ukip brand.

Farage, who described Bloom’s comments as “unhelpful”, has made repeated attempts to ensure Ukip candidates stop making off-colour and eccenrtic remarks by trying to “professionalise” the party. He has appointed a new raft of spokesman to his frontbench over the summer including more women and ethnic minority representatives.

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