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The All Pervading Nuttiness In Nigel Farage’s UKip Fruitcakes

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 02/08/2014

The All Pervading Nuttiness In Nigel Farage’s UKip Fruitcakes

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


The All Pervading Nuttiness In Nigel Farage’s UKip Fruitcakes are plain to see, when you see how often superstition is a founding principle of party office for so many!



Immigration on a whole new scale: How angels sparked Ukip mutiny


Stories emerged this week of a row over ‘occult’ influences infiltrating Ukip’s Somerset branch. Adam Lusher met Angelic healers – and party members – Glen and Colleen Tucker, to investigate

ADAM LUSHER Saturday 02 August 2014

The UK Independence Party, it is perhaps not unfair to suggest, has had its occasional brushes with eccentricity.

Indeed, the Prime Minister himself once made cruel, and surely unjustified, reference to its members as “fruitcakes and loons”.But as Ukip’s Somerset county treasurer pours me a beetroot, celery, avocado and hemp-powder superjuice, I am not sure if this is quite what the PM had in mind. “I perceive my healing angel to be a pillar of light,” says Colleen Tucker, treasurer, Angelic Reiki master and certified Inca shaman.

“During a hypnotic process, I discovered that I belonged to the family of Archangel Michael. I believe there are many of us on the planet who have affiliations to Archangel Michael, so that’s what I mean when I belong to the family of Archangel Michael. But that’s not my healing angel. That’s another angel entirely…”

Perhaps Mr Cameron was thinking more of blazers, and “back off Brussels”. Godfrey Bloom, sluts and talk of “bongo-bongo land”. That sort of thing. So perhaps he – and others – have drastically misread the internal tensions within Ukip. Because here in Glastonbury the world of the blazers and the spirit world of Archangel Michael have collided. Most unhappily. Mrs Tucker, 59, and her husband Glen, 68, a corporate trainer, both keen Wells Ukip party activists, call it a “can of worms”. It was opened, they say, a fortnight ago.

At a Somerset county gathering, Graham Livings, head of Ukip’s Wells branch – with whom the Tuckers are not amicably atuned – stood up to demand: “Mr Chairman, are members of the Glastonbury occult allowed to be members of Ukip?”

15 recent Ukip gaffes and controversies:

  1. Farage ‘car-crash’ interview on LBC
  2. Janice Atkinson, now a UKip MEP obscene gestures & foul language!
  3. Ukip cancels Freephone to avoid cost of protestors!
  4. Farage ‘car-crash’ interview embarrassment over anti Romanian neighbours etc.
  5. Ukip employs illegal immigrants for leaflet delivering
  6. Magnus Nielsen withdraw the vote to encourage interest!
  7. Call for Police to ‘Arrest protesters’
  8. London Live Farage insists on having  make-up or not participating!
  9. Poster model an Irish immigrant actor!
  10. Andre Lampitt poster featur made extreme racist Twitters
  11. European elections poster a near direct copy from The BNP
  12. Farage employs German wife at tax payers expense for £30Kpa to do very little!
  13. Expenses allegations of possible £Millions going missing & Farage’s use of tax havens
  14. Have I Got News For You Farage unable to acquit him self of accurate jibes
  15. Anti-gay comments by an NEC member & close Farage goffer also on UKip controlled Forum

    These took place in quick succession during the EU election campaign

The Tuckers say they laughed it off (and Mr Chairman informed the meeting that “the occult” was not on Ukip’s proscribed list).

But on Tuesday Mrs Tucker was phoned up by a local journalist and asked about her Angelic Reiki website (“Angelic Reiki Practitioners work with the Angels, Ascended Masters and Galactic Beings …”) The row quickly went national. Mr Livings quit as Wells party chairman and his friend Jake Baynes, 40, a geography teacher, stood down as prospective Ukip parliamentary candidate the constituency.

Mr Livings told newspapers about the infiltration of the Wells Ukip party, by “the Glastonbury occult crowd”. “They are oddballs putting on these retreats where they guarantee angels will be present. And we’re experiencing such vitriol and bile from them.”

Speaking to The Independent, My Livings denied using political dark arts to undermine the Tuckers. He said the real reason for drawing attention to Mrs Tuker’s Angelic Reiki website was because “I had received enquiries from prospective voters who were uncomfortable with the Tuckers as Ukip activists.

“Call us old fashioned, but the kind of people I have been acquainted with over the years have come up through the Anglican Church, Christianity. They find the stuff on the angelic website very off-putting. They associated it with the occult.”

Mr Baynes said last night: “Graham Livings certainly doesn’t practise the political ‘dark arts.’ The Tuckers have been unbearably difficult. I don’t want to belittle what they believe, but I don’t think it has a place in politics.”

In their disappointingly normal semi-detached home, the Tuckers, very politely, put the record straight. First up, this “nonsense” about the occult.

Yes, says Mrs Tucker, there is a sign in the entrance lobby about “one nice witch” living here. That’s a joke. Yes, she does have a black cat, and yes, it is called Lu, and yes, that is short for Lucifer. “But Lucifer is an angel of light. People have edited and modified Christian teaching a little too much.”

Her £35-an-hour healing sessions involve nothing more sinister than soothing music, sympathetic chat, and the transfer of “angelic energy, from angels”.

Glen and Colleen Tucker near their home in Glastonbury (Tom Pilston) Glen and Colleen Tucker near their home in Glastonbury (Tom Pilston)
“And as for criticising me about speaking to Archangel Michael: well, frankly doesn’t everybody talk to angels?” she asks, rhetorically. We all get a gut instinct, inspiration – whether you follow those hints from your guardian angel is up to you.”

As far as the Tuckers are concerned, the vitriol is coming from Mr Livings’ camp. They should not be “demonised” because of their work with angels. And if the occult means something sinister and hidden, Mr Livings, a retired local businessman, is the one using “dark arts” – of politics – bringing up the Angelic Reiki healing to undermine them. “He is the former mayor of Wells,” says Mr Tucker, “He wears a blazer, and he might like to think of himself as the political statesman. But he isn’t.”

The quarrel, they say, really stems from Mr Livings objecting to what he saw as the “micromanaging” of his friend Mr Baynes by his local party. The Tuckers say they were merely asserting the local party association’s right to have some say in the public pronouncements of their parliamentary candidate.

The Angelic Reiki had nothing to do with their Ukip activities until Mr Livings found out about it and publicised it.

In Ukip circles, Mr Tucker was just a corporate trainer who joined the party in 2012, because he was worried about the transfer of British sovereignty to Brussels.

And as for the group of Angelic Reiki infiltrators, “There is only one other Angelic Reiki master on the Wells party list,” says Mrs Tucker. “And she doesn’t come to Ukip meetings.”

So no, explains Mrs Tucker, the angels will have no say in Wells Ukip party policy. “Unfortunately not, they don’t have a position. They are apolitical.”

To view the original of this article CLICK HERE
It must be admitted that most parties have their share of nutters, as with David Cameron’s new Science Minister Greg Clark who makes a mockery of the concept of ‘science’ being a believer in the neo Wichcraft of Homeopathy for which there is not one shred of scientific evidence or provenence by any accepted tenet of science!
However it has to be admitted that UKip’s membership has more than its fair share of nutters, racists, anti homosexuals, anti Judaism and the like whilst one can only describe its dishonesty, corruption and the Farage Cult Clique and its claque as in the main toxic.




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Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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To Leave-The-EU

3 Responses to “The All Pervading Nuttiness In Nigel Farage’s UKip Fruitcakes”

  1. Why mention Nigel Farage in the title of your latest offering. It has nothing to do with him and more to do with a bunch of local nutters. Which ones are the nutters is for you to decide. Many people join political parties for all sorts of reasons and many do so to enhance their business activities much as you do all the time to try and bring shame and ridicule on UKIP. Why not look a bit farther afield and try the LIBLABCONS and I can guarantee you will find similar nonsense. In fact look at all your friends and tell me there’s not a nutcase among them. As the old adage goes, half the world is mad and the other half is stupid except for thee and me and I’m beginning to have my doubts about thee.
    Now I understand, especially since the reshuffle, there are some prominent Tories that are keen for us to leave the EU. Are you considering trying to rubbish their efforts or will you continue to attack UKIP for apparently no reason, for to date UKIP is the only party that will give you and me what we have long hoped and campaigned for..


    • Hi,

      I appreciate that as a newcomer to UKip you have little knowledge of the partyy and that you were previously in another party it would seem all too likely, since you are a PPC for UKip and were not for your previous party, you may well have personal ambitions that require obfusscating the truth about UKip.

      You stridently assert that this has nothing to do with Farage when clearly it has much to do with him, in the light of his very hands on style of control and his favouring of his claque – that being his inept style of leadership.

      You try to claim I bring shame and ridicule on UKip and imply it is for some sort of business reason – to answer the second first – I have no business interests that are in any way effected by UKip and merely act out of a sense of ethical belief in pointing out the damage UKip is and has done the EUroSceptic movement over the years in its pursuit of personal gain, just look at the low level of ill informed lack of any sign of gravitas or intellectual ability that has and does emmanate from UKip. To answer your first assertion that many join for business reasons, if by this you imply they join to create an income stream having failed elsewhere I appreciate he problem and it is all too clear when one looks at the staggeringly low caliber of UKip MEPs, EU PPCs, PPCs, Councillors and staff, who are clearly an embarrassment to the EUroSceptic movement and are likely to ensure we loose the referendum promised to the people at large by Cameronas a result of the 220,000 signature petition organised and effected by Nikki Sinclaire and her team – a petition the Farage Cult did all in its power to damage and failed – Leaving The Government in the position of having to hold a debate on Leaving the EU.

      A debate that gave Cameron the largest rebellion he had experienced and all as a result of one hard working Independent MEP UKip leadership and its claque had lied about and abused to try to ensure she failed – you will note her achievement inspite of UKip’s vitriolic and vituperative behaviour!

      I do not, nor have I ever brought5 shame or ridicule upon UKip they have consistently acted in a manner that has brought them ridicule and shame – just read this web site for 100s of examples.

      As for looking amongst my friends for nutters – as an individual who tends not6 to suffer fools I can honestly state I can not think of a single ‘nutter’ amongst my friends, so clearly we move in different circles and have very different ambitions and ethics.

      Yes there are nutters in other parties however as a percentage of its known individuals neither of the two parties that have Governed Britain for about a century has such a high percentage of nutters as UKip it would seem!

      Consider for a moment the fact that UKip has received somewhere in excess of 3^0,000,000 of public money so far and by the end of this EU Parliament that will be around £80Million – perhaps you would be so good as to enumerate its achievements in terms of value for money before telling me what I should and should not write on my web sites.

      You cite the claim that there are a number of prominent Tories who, since the reshuffle, wish Britain to Leave-The-EU – perhaps you would be so good as to identify ONE showing clear provenance of that aim, I fear you have been duped.

      Perhaps you would be well advised to study the meaning of and technique of usage of a ‘Judas Goat’ before you post further of your ill informed political opinion and criticise others!

      I shall continue to shine the full light of honesty on UKip and continue to question their behaviour and the low lifes they have gathered around them and the damage their ignorance causes the EUroSceptic movement – you need only read the unmittigated drivel they produce themselves to understand what harm they do – look for instance at the vile racist pamphleteer Gerard Batten who acts in UKip’s name on immigration – read for instance his extremist publication under the UKip imprimatur on Immigration or read the odious racist pamphlet on Islam he disseminated in a manner likely to cause racial hatred and then, minded of UKip’s extremist racist, anti homosexual, anti Jewish people UKip call allies and whom UKip assist to carry out their evil behaviour!

      It is for the very reason that UKip promised so much and held out such hope that I now highlight their dishonesty, corruption, bullying, abuse, lies and utter incompetence.

      Consider the date today being late on 02-Aug-2014 and UKip’s own web site sports as its most recent news 30-Jul-2014.

      Further UKip’s transport spokesman amongst its MEPs has an article written for her I quote verbatim:
      ‘Mrs Seymour, who represents UKIP on the European Union’s transport committee,’

      Which of course is drivel and do you believe it is Jill who got this wrong or UKip’s over paid staff? Clearly neither have a clue what her duties and responsibilities are! Jill Symour IS NOT representing UKip on the EUropean Transport Committee – she may however be representing her electorate on the EU Parliament Transport Committee – this may seem a pedantic detail but it is just such light weight ineptitude that brings UKip into disrepute and holds them up to ridicule – it is their actions that hold them up to ridicule and bring them into disrepute NOT my reporting of facts!

      Consider UKip’s stance on wind farms, which I largely endorse, then note the utter hypocrisy when they bring themselves into disrepute and ridicule by the fact that their economic spokesman at the time Tim Congdon an ex Tory who lais claim to have been an advisor to Margaret Thatcher (of which she had huge teams!) & the wealth hereditary titled ex Tory who failed to get a seat with the Tories and so shifted to UKip for greater political prefferment William Dartmouth both of whom are involved in self enrichment through subsidy as they invest in Wind Farms!

      For all the huff and puff about immigrants let us not forget the racist pronouncements of Gerard Batten and his Phillipino wife, nor the fact that Nigel Farage was paying his wife £30,000 a year yet his own office did not even know she was supposedly working for UKip (it is interwesting to note that Farage himself admitted to this particular fraud, claiming she worked for him acting as his secretary in UKip when clearly the rules state that EU tax payers’ money may NOT be spent on Party political issues), then of course we have Stuart Agnew who employs itinerant foreign labour on the farm he inheritted, interestingly Agnew represents the NFU in the EU Parliament, then of course we have Nathan Gill with his Care Homes for the elderly and his many migrant workers and so it goes on!

      And you try to claim I bring UKip into disrepute and ridicule them when clearly they are the author of their own comeuppance!

      Sadly it is manifestly clear that UKip is blatantly unfit for purpose with its two bit nobodies, it low lifes, liars and cheats and its criminal element that far outstrip the two main parties in Britain when one considers the matter of befouling the body politic in percentage terms!

      Perhaps you should do some homework and garner a few facts before trying to criticise others as you bring yourself into disrepute fit only for ridicule and having boasted of being a UKip PPC that obviously adds to the disrepute of UKip.



      • Thank you for such a long winded reply which was unnecessary as I’m aware of most of the detail. The point you missed or perhaps what I was trying to make is, if you so dislike those who wish to see us remain part of the EU why not be positive and campaign for those who will produce the end result you wish for. You can continue to be negative and simply slag everyone off at every opportunity or you can be positive and support those who agree with your philosophy. I had not been a party member of any party for thirty odd years until I joined UKIP in January 2013. In fact I was enjoying a relaxed retirement until the spirit moved me. Perhaps if you had some positive vibes then this is your time to do something positive also and put all that hate behind you. Life is too short for both of us to squabble over the many things that have gone before and they will certainly not bother either of us for many more years. If I’m not elected next May there will be many other things I shall pursue in the time I have left. And if I am then watch out because I have a sense that change will be on the way. I should mention in conclusion that very often I write as devils advocate or perhaps a little tongue in cheek so you must not blow a fuse with every returned comment.


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