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Nigel Farage Performs A Miracle & Clones His Coat!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 20/12/2014

Nigel Farage Performs A Miracle & Clones His Coat!

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Nigel Farage Performs A Miracle for Winston McKenzie & Clones His Coat but his cult is having problems with their apostles!



Nigel Farage is being followed around by a man dressed as Jesus

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Nigel Farage Jesus
Nigel Farage has been followed around by a man dressed as Jesus (Picture: Rex)

Nigel Farage has had a couple of bad days. After receiving his lowest ever opinion rating, he then proceeded to defend the racist and homophobic comments of a disgraced former Ukip candidate live on radio.

Perhaps he’s been seeking divine intervention, someone to lead him onto the right path, or just someone to look over him.

Although he doesn’t look too pleased to have been followed around London by a man dressed as Jesus…


But then again Jesus doesn’t look too impressed either…


Kevin Lee Light is a “professional Jesus impersonator” and arrived in the UK this week from LA, promoting his “Sexy Jesus calendar”. Yes, really.

All images courtesy of REX

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There are many articles on this theme – mainly because Nigel Farage’s reaction is so utterly predictable as this pompous self important little popinjay just can not cope when people see through his ‘performance’ and lampoon or mock him.

One look at Farage being mocked by this Jesus impersonator speaks volumes of the little chap, with his Arthur Daley coat and image of a largely unreliable and rather dodgey wheeler dealer peddling undeliverable dreams to often well meaning but rather gullible failures in life, surrounding himself with praise singers placed on salaries at the cost of the public purse.

A measure of the devotion of his cult followers and apostles was the manner in which some emulated his seedy style, as with the little chap following him having quit Breitbart to act as Nigel farage’s personal publicity agent – you can see what a good job he is making of his duities from the attrocious publicity Nigel farage has received in the last week or two – bad publicity so hard earned!

It is hilarious to see a so called Ukip spokesman claiming:

‘any allegations of “fixing” the process are “untrue”’
just as did the likes of Nigel Farage’s close associates like Douglas Denny even as they were personally rigging elections for Nigel farage and that this did happen and is still happening and is undeniable, being supported by much documentary evidence.

Ukip grassroots leave in protest at selection of ex-Tories and celebrities

Party spokesman claims any allegations of “fixing” the process are “untrue”


Friday 19 December 2014

Ukip members and activists are quitting the party in disgust after being passed over in the race for Westminster seats in preference for Tory defectors.

Growing anger among the grassroots comes as the former Conservative councillor bidding to become the country’s youngest MP at next May’s general election faces accusations of colluding with Ukip’s National Executive Committee (NEC) to sew up the Boston and Skegness selection process.

Robin Hunter-Clarke, 22, the local branch chairman, was originally responsible for selecting a shortlist of five Ukip candidates seeking the party nomination for the top target seat. He was not on the first shortlist he compiled in August – which included Neil Hamilton, the disgraced former MP whose attempts to secure a seat are being blocked by party leader Nigel Farage.

But a day before the candidate selection meeting last month, local members were told that Mr Hunter-Clarke had been added to the candidate list. Meanwhile Mr Hamilton had withdrawn – with Ukip sources telling The Independent that Mr Farage had effectively vetoed his selection.

Graham Westmore, Boston and Skegness branch secretary, blamed the NEC for forcing the shortlist change. In an email, Mr Westmore told the other candidates the NEC had “unusually” made adjustments adding Mr Hunter-Clarke’s name to the shortlist. He added: “I greatly regret this situation has arisen and I hope you will appreciate that it has done so solely as a result of the intervention of the NEC.”

Mr Hunter-Clarke won the nomination with around 85 per cent of the vote. Paul Wooding, a Royal Mail driver and one of the original candidates, said he was only told of the new shortlist on the morning of the vote. Mr Wooding, who will now stand as an independent in Boston and Skegness, left the process and quit Ukip in disgust.

He told The Independent: “I decided at that point that I was not prepared to lend credibility to a preordained, corrupt pantomime orchestrated by the all-powerful NEC..”

Ukip’s NEC continues to deselect Westminster candidates already chosen by the local branch while blocking others from running and, in Mr Hunter-Clarke’s case, forcing through changes so Tory defectors are preferred.

Gogglebox star Andrew Michael, 55, the son of Cypriot immigrants, was last week confirmed as Ukip candidate for Hastings and Rye after the NEC deselected long-term Ukip activist Ralph Atkinson from the post. Mr Atkinson vented his anger in a leaked email to local party members in which he condemns Ukip’s policy of recruiting defecting Tory MPs and celebrities.

Suzanne Evans, deputy chairman and former girlfriend of the suspended general secretary Roger Bird, defected from the Tories last May and will stand for Ukip in Shrewsbury and Atcham.

Mr Hunter-Clarke declined to answer questions about the selection process. A Ukip spokesman said the Boston and Skegness selection was “free and fair” and described any allegations of “fixing” the process as “untrue”.

The spokesman continued: “What we see are a series of claims by disappointed candidates. As Ukip grows there are those who feel that by dint of long service they are entitled to jobs and roles. The opposite is true as today there is far greater competition.”

Nigel Farage defended a former Ukip parliamentary candidate who stood down after being recorded using derogatory terms. The Ukip leader said Kerry Smith was “not suitable” for the election, but insisted his comments were not made with malice.

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