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A Bitter Little Man’s Seasons Greetings For Ukip

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 22/12/2014

A Bitter Little Man’s Seasons Greetings For Ukip

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Douglas Denny – A Bitter Little Man’s Seasons Greetings For Ukip, when techniques he perfected for Farage are used against him he has a tantrum!


Hi,a bitter little man issues a bitter little pill full of seasonal bonhommie.Let us not forget that this is a case of the worm turning as Douglas Denny was one of Nigel Farage’s most sycophantic errand boys endlessly dishonest fantasising and boasting about his competence and rigging selection processes and elections for Farage.

It was Douglas Denny who was the prime mover in covering up the apparent criminality of Ukip in absorbing the liabilities of the various aspects of the Ashford scam into the responsibility of the NEC whilst refusing to provide accounts or details to the NEC!

Douglas Denny was also removed from office when he was caught and exposed by this blog, whilst Returning Officer, rigging the leadership election he had been charged with the duty of supervising.

Douglas Denny has also openly boasted in his resignation letter CLICK HERE that he has evidence of  criminal behaviour that would lead to the prosecution and trial of Nigel Farage yet Denny himself has colluded in the crimes by failing to provide the evidence and facts to the relevant authorities, whilst seeking to profit from the crimes by seeking payment for the information from the media I have been reliably informed.

Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2014

Headlines in the newspapers:-

Labour races into seven-point lead as ratings for Nigel Farage show sharp fall

Enjoy some sour grapes for Christmas.
….a few comments for your delectation…. 
I see UKIP unravelling.  I knew it would happen after the EU election. 
I predicted it,  so I can’t resist telling you this:-
Listening to the likes of Roger Bird,  David Souter, Rob Burberry, Chris Adams, Ray Finch  regarding Portsmouth, and no doubt a lot of the others at the top of the party involved in this coming general election,  who it seems convinced you they know everything but evidently do not – judging by the results illustrated by the headline above, has gotten UKIP into another fine mess hasn’t it ?
Purging good people from the party in a race to put sycophant candidates parachuted into so-called “targeted” seats – arbitrarily decided – with dubious outside candidates, and against the wishes of the branch members has cost UKIP dear.  It was insanity. I told you so.  And now it is only five months before an important General Election.
Not easy to extricate UKIP from the bad vibes now is it? 
You should have listened to me instead.   It would have been far better indulging me by allowing me to tell you a few home truths that you didn’t want to hear,  than paying rather dubious people with dubious qualifications £75,000 per year to supply you with dross;  and especially when you had me to advise for free !  – I have only been around in politics for over thirty years and in UKIP for over fifteen.
It is a curious phenomenon in politics that a Hell of a lot of people – especially Leaders who get into positions of power – never learn by their previous mistakes !  They think they know it all – then fall flat on their faces!   Leaders always get way above their abilities with their egos doing the leading, and think they are omnipotent and fireproof.    Look at history for this and it is full of examples:  like Margaret Thatcher and Blair.   They all fall in disgrace with their eyes closed, blinkers on, have a tin (deaf) ear and porridge for brains,  …oblivious to the reality of what is actually happening.
I did strongly suggest :-
You should have left me in place as PPC for Portsmouth South.
You would have had a loyal candidate in place.   Loyal to the Leader and to the party,  ..whilst in the party.
I and my wife and two stalwart branch members obtained six new councillors there (from nothing before) and helped create a thriving branch which was before totally dysfunctional. 
Now you have a total mess in Portsmouth:  a disbanded,  demoralised branch,  no real strategy for there as you know nothing about the particular and highly individualistic characteristics of Portsmouth and it’s people,   and therefore with much poorer chances now because there is no willingness for anyone to work hard for a candidate in the GE.
You should have left me as candidate because I have lived there,  have links to property there, had businesses there for 27 years, and been a councillor there for four years. My wife is also presently a UKIP councillor there.   There was no one in UKIP better qualified for that constituency than me.  Removing me was crassly stupid.
I cannot resist telling you,  and especially Nigel and Steve ……
I told you so about that too …… !    
Those that sow the wind reap the whirlwind.




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