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>GUEST POST: Gerard Batten – Ukip MEP Further Demeans Ukip & His Office!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 06/11/2014

>GUEST POST: Gerard Batten – Ukip MEP Further Demeans Ukip & His Office!

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>GUEST POST by Louise Mensch:

Gerard Batten – Ukip MEP Further Demeans Ukip & His Office!

Not just by his own vile comments based opn his personal superstitions which are likely to exacerbate racial hatred and incite violence against those of other religious superstitions but also by his odious associates and apparent abuse of his elected office and seeming ability to corrupt justice to his own ends!


I do not believe it is unreasonable to believe that Gerard Batten‘s behaviour is nothing less than evil – an opinion I find supported by a considered investigation of his associates and his all too apparent abuse of his public office as an elected public servant.
You will find a considerable amount of factual information regarding Gregory Lauder-Frost, including details of his criminal activities and prison sentences on this blog web site by putting his name into the >Search< facility at the head of the >Right Sidebar<
Similarly if you CLICK HERE and >Search< in the same manner on that site!
Just as you can >Search< for further facts regarding Gerard Batten and his shamefull behaviour there is also information pertaining to Andrea Williams and some of the arcane bronze age superstitions of herself and her associates in the self styled so called christian concern group, which spreads hate and evil incitement wfor those who do not share their superstitrion – unsurprisingly it would seem that Gerard Batten has links with these odious extremists colluding with them in the production of material, both publications and deliberate public utterances, likely to incite racial hatred.
I understand that Gerard Batten went so far as to utilise a Barrister, closely associated with the judge in his persecution and bullying of Jasna Badzak, who acts for these ‘religious’ extremists seeking to impose their strange views on others with the same style as the Imams they also seek to abuse!
I am all too well aware of the pernicious behaviour of Gerard Batten and his associates having been personally threatened by Gregory Lauder-Frost and arrested based upon the lies and or distortions of Gerard Batten and what seem to be his errand boys in the police force – fortunately my reputation for integrity stood me in good stead when interrogated under caution by the South Wales police leading to dismisal of Gerard Batten’s odious claims and efforts to harm me.
Just as when an agent of Ukip, their press officer Mark Croucher supported by their deputy leader Paul Nuttall and their ex press officer Clive Page who acted to try to bankrupt me with a Court case claiming over £100,000. The Court found against Ukip’s Mark Croucher and costs were awarded to me, thus Ukip has a moral obligation to refund my costs, which ran to some £13,000 + interest, being without honour or integrity and in contempt of British Justice and British Courts neither Mark Croucher nor Ukip have had the integrity to settle their undeniable debt.

Gerard Batten and the ex-BNP member, Gregory Lauder-Frost.

A Facebook link is not much to go on.

But on occasion, it can unearth a piece of an ever-clearer puzzle.  We previously covered UKIP MEP Gerard Batten’s connections to a fundamentalist group named Christian Concern: in particular, his emails to its founder, Andrea Minichiello Williams who is known for her radical beliefs on abortion (she thinks it should be illegal), the age of the earth (she says it’s 4,000 years), the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Act (she considers it “the act of the devil”) and homosexuality (she thinks it is sinful).

Gerard Batten MEP and the founder of Christian Concern, Andrea Minichiello Williams, who believes that the earth is 4,000 years old.

Equally disturbing perhaps, was Batten’s endorsement of the “Muslims’ Charter” proposed in a document written by Christian Concern’s Islamic Affairs advisor, Sam Solomon.  The Charter would involve Muslims in Europe, and ONLY Muslims, being made to sign a Charter pledging ‘non-violence’ and the renouncing of select passages of the Qur’an.  The foreword of the document was written by Batten himself.

Batten wrote the foreword to Sam Solomon's 'A Proposed Charter Of Muslim Understanding', published in 2006.

Some readers may have concluded that this disproportionate blaming of Muslims for violence in Europe would not look out of place in the British National Party.  Well readers, today’s entry is a small but not inconsequential bit of Facebook activity involving Gerard Batten and a former BNP member, Gregory Lauder-Frost. In 1992, Lauder-Frost – then a member of the Conservative Party – was convicted of defrauding an NHS health authority to the sum of £100,000.  Currently, he is the founder, Vice-President and Treasurer of the ‘Traditional Britain Group‘ – a right-wing organisation whose website claims that ‘the heterosexual family is the primary social unit’.  In terms of personnel, it is a splinter group of the notorious Conservative Monday Club that repeatedly called for repatriation of non-white Britons over a period lasting decades.

Gregory Lauder-Frost: Former BNP member and convicted fraudster.

In recent years, Lauder-Frost is perhaps better known for his Facebook rant about the peerage given to Doreen Lawrence, whom he described as a ‘nobody’ and ‘anti-white’.  In a subsequent interview to Radio 5 Live, he stood by his comments while bemoaning how the House of Lords was being taken over by ‘spivs’.

Furthermore, on the Traditional Britain Group’s Facebook page, there are comments (unmoderated) suggesting that the black British writer Malorie Blackman should be repatriated from the UK.  A comment bemoaning ‘ethnic whinging’ was actually ‘liked’ by the admin, and even Lauder-Frost himself!

Racist comments under a TBG post about Malorie Blackman, on eof which is 'liked' by the TBG admin AND Lauder-Frost's personal account.

Clearly, Lauder-Frost has not taken heed from the time Hope Not Hate revealed his anti-Semitic Facebook comments in 2012.  However, this does not appear to have deterred Gerard Batten from befriending Lauder-Frost on Facebook and letting him post on his Timeline.

Gregory Lauder-Frost communicating with Gerard Batten on Facebook.

So what does it mean?  It is a catalyst for further investigation.  In 2011, Lauder-Frost proudly announced that Batten would be the Guest of Honour at the Traditional Britain Group Annual Dinner.

Lauder-Frost waxing lyrical about the 2011 TBG Guest of Honour - Gerard Batten.

Gradually, the case against Batten begins to build.  It appears that Lauder-Frost was not a stranger to him; he was a man who trusted Batten enough to let him make a speech to his organisation.  Some say that support for UKIP often overlaps with support for the British National Party, and this is a classic example of that: a UKIP MEP meets a former BNP member who is attracted to UKIP’s disproportionate emphasis on immigration.  In case you’re interested, here is the video of Batten’s speech at the 2011 annual Traditional Britain Group dinner.

One final thing.  Junius on UKIP wrote a blog entry connecting Lauder-Frost and Batten a while ago.  Yet if you click on its URL now, you will find that the content has been removed following a legal threat made by, in all probability, Batten or one of his aides.  We do not believe that an MEP, a man elected by the public to serve and represent them, should be able to silence information that is most definitely in the public interest.

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