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Ukip’s Overt Racism As Manifest On Facebook

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 16/01/2015

Ukip’s Overt Racism As Manifest On Facebook

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Ukip’s Overt Racism As Manifest with obscene cartoons and statements about Mohammed On their Somerton & Frome Facebook site.



yet again here is an example of overt and extreme racism in Ukip thinly veiled by being a totally unacceptable abuse of Islam.

Clearly Ukip are likely to ‘claim’ their web site was hacked and the material was uploaded thus, clearly this is implausible.

With regards to the claims of rape of a 9 year old it is undeniably irresponsible to judge anyone outside of the framework of both time and the context of the culture within which they function. You need only visit the churches of Britain to very rapidly note the very young ages of many of those who married at the time of Mohammed and long after, many had not even reached their teens, and they were the brides of Dukes, Earls and the landed and wealthy.

Ukip could learn from the old adage of those who live in glass houses are ill advised to throw stones!

In many ways the three major bronze age superstitions inventing gods and attributing competences to them are similar in many ways and each copied much of its doctrine/beliefs from the other or from earlier inventions of gods.

Somerton and Frome UKIP declines to comment on offensive Facebook post about Muhammad

UKIP has refused to comment on an offensive Facebook post which appeared on the Somerton & Frome branch’s page last Friday

Today at 12:28 PM
By WGD_Mumby

SOMERTON and Frome’s branch of the UK Independence Party has refused to comment after an offensive cartoon appeared on its Facebook page.

The Western Gazette was alerted to the page last Friday afternoon.

The post in question was a cartoon depicting the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

The cartoon appeared with the caption ‘Muhammad: he raped a 9 year old girl’ and pictured the prophet with a young girl sitting cross-legged on his lap.

The cartoon included quotes from the Koran and from Imam Muhammad al-Bukhari, whose 9th-century writings are held in high authority by Sunni Muslims.

The image has since been removed from the party’s page, with no explanation being given or any apology offered.

It remains unclear as to whether the post was deliberate or whether the page was hacked or tampered with in any way.

The cartoon was posted under the UKIP Somerton and Frome Facebook account, rather than being listed as a post by an outside user.

It follows the recent shootings in Paris carried out by Islamic extremists at a magazine office which published cartoons of the Prophet.

Prospective parliamentary candidate Roger Clark has said that he does not use the branch’s Facebook page.

He said: “I have been instructed to make no comment to the press on this.”

Branch chairman Christopher Hill and UKIP’s central press office have both declined to make any comment.

A spokesman for Avon and Somerset Police Constabulary has stated that this was not being treated or investigated as any form of hate crime.

The spokesman said: “We have not received any complaints about this particular social media post.”

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One has to wonder when the odious Gerard Batten plans to draw up a christian charter of understanding for Ukip members which must make them sign the undertaking that they will act in a decent way and cease their vile imposition of their ways on Muslims and refrain from bombing and killing them to try to impose their interpretation of democracy on them!




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