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Thoughts & Suggestions On Ukip & Tory Future

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 28/11/2014

Thoughts & Suggestions On Ukip & Tory Future

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Thoughts & Suggestions On Ukip’s & Tory#s Future in widespread circulation amongst branch leaders.


for your information I have published below, without any editing or alteration a suggestion which is being widely circulated in Ukip at branch level.
It has, in my opinion, some merit but unfortunately I do not believe it is likely to go anywhere as it requires an element of surrender of personal greeds and ambitions that political aspirations are unlikely to accomodate.
That said it is pleasing to note that there are some outthere trying to improve or system of governance, though my support lies firmly with The Harrogate agenda and FleXcit.

Procedure By Which conservatives Could Control  Parliament

If Ukip is Lucky, Ukip could, perhaps, get five to ten seats in Parliament. Do not forget, the public still regards Ukip  as a one issue  party. To gain control of Parliament Ukip  and (and friends) should form a new conservative party with a platform that is close to that of the existing Conservative party, omitting, of course, policies that are objectionable to conservatives.

The purpose would be to make a bed that would be easy for conservatives to slide into, including the eighty  percent of the Conservatives who left Conservative  associations. Ukip and the conservatives should then  form a  political  association  in  each  parliamentary  district. Ukip could merge with the new party, thus getting rid of the one issue problem. 

Every one who would have worked to form the new, conservative, party should be prevented from joining the new party for a period of time to prevent the impression that Ukip controls it.

The two or three conservative parties should hold a primary election to determine who runs as the Parliamentary candidate, with the losers to help the winner. The cost of forming new associations can be raised by local contributors. It is suggested that the  new   conservative associations and the political party be controlled by the lowest level of conservatives, such as teachers, small businessmen, solicitors, professionals etc.

If the above procedure can not be completed in time to get candidates elected to Parliament, the new party must wait until after the  election  and  hold  a  petition demanding that the elected MP resign.

Note: an MP represents every person in his district, not just members and supporters of his party. When the petition reaches fifty percent of those who voted in the prior election, the conservatives will be morally justified in demanding their MP’s resignation. Then the new party could run their candidates in the following by elections. 

To select a candidate, a local  association should advertise for applicants or the position of candidate for  Parliament, then select the best applicant by using rigorous tests, including, most importantly, psychological
evaluation. psychological evaluation is an absolute necessity as the psychological evaluation is the only way to tell who is honest and who is a conartist; members of the public  cannot.

Testing could be required of the association officers, committee members and delegates, etc.

The platform, selected by new party associations, should be some what vague in order to facilitate integration  the platforms of the new associations into one platform. It is suggested that self forming cliques of those who are honest and trust worthy be formed; then form self forming cliques of those who have  political skills and capabilities,  within  the first described clique.

The Iron Law of Organisations states that “Unless specifically excluded, all organisations with power, audience or capital will be controlled, dominated, ruled or ruined by the following quad: opportunists, neurotics, the partisan and the hostile” achieving such through some of multiple dirty tricks developed through the centuries.

All political  parties are formed out of lobbying groups, the equivalent of think tanks, etc, going back  decades  before the party’s formation. Thus  everybody forming the party had a pretty good idea of the other formers’ character and could exclude  dangerous individuals who  might  destroy or  hinder  the  party.

Ukip is an exception to the rule. A bonanza suddenly appeared in form  of  opposition to The European Union and to immigration. Numerous opportunists jumped in to form Ukip; the first became the leadership and secured their power with their true character being known. Thus people with unknown personalities became leaders. Should Ukip gain control of  Parliament you can expect scandals with precedent.

In addition, Ukip has no expertise in anything except immigration.

I find the above suggestion rather clouded by a rather naive understanding of Ukip which over eggs their ability with comments like:
In addition, Ukip has no expertise in anything except immigration.
clearly Ukip, in the field of immigration, either has little knowledge of the facts pertaining to immigration or it does know and is misrepresenting the facts dishonestly for their own personal gain playing on the fear and ignorance of the public.
Ukip grossly oversimplifies the issues and tries to pretend that if we Leave_The_EU the problem would be solved when clearly, even with minimal understanding, the EU is in the same invidious position as Britain believes itself to be in – immigration is a global issue and a global problem as shown by the fact that Britain’s immigrant percentage is low relative to may of the EU’s other vassal regions and has the same level of immigrants as the USA but far less than Norway, Switzerland, Australia and even Germany.
It is this sort of sloppy and dishonest behaviour in Ukip with its leadership team publicly contradicting eachother on core policy and some of its overtly racist publications that ensures that in thwe long run they are going nowhere!
I believe it is optimistic of Ukip to believe they will have any MPs elected at the general election as they overlook the probability of a collapse of the party either in internal squabbles or in disgrace over its apparent industrial level corruption.
That is not to say they will be lucky and not be exposed in time for it to effect the outcome of the election but as one wit put it with Labour:
‘Vote Labour and get Milliband’!
One might consider
‘Vote Ukip and get inept corruption’.




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Reclaim YOUR Future 
Deny the self serving political clique ANY Democratic claims to legitimacy
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
to Reclaim YOUR Future 

Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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