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Archive for November 22nd, 2014

>GP – RN: Rochester: of causes and effects

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 22/11/2014

From: Greg Lance-Watkins (Greg_L-W)


>GP – RN: Rochester: of causes and effects

“The practice of sport is a human right!. Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport, without discrimination of any kind and in the Olympic spirit, which requires mutual understanding with a spirit of friendship, solidarity and fair play.” –Olympic Charter
There are times when it is reasonable to believe ‘Sport’ is not so much a right but an obligation by diktat!
However boring you may find sport: there are many who derive great vicarious pleasure from watching it – Particularly Women’s Beach Volleyball & Women’s Gymnastics; some even enjoy being a part of a baying mob at football games!



Saturday 22 November 2014

000a Out-021 EU.jpg

A weary few days and some miracle-working by North Jr and friends has got us back online (with the forum and other tweaks to follow when we can), after a series of massive DDOS attacks. So focussed and relentless were the attacks that we conclude that they were directed specifically at EUReferendum, with a view to taking us out of circulation.

Against that and the added stress of extremely arduous day jobbing, the election of a second-rate politician seemed very minor. And, in the grander scheme of things, it was indeed a minor event. In six months, it will be distant memory, as indeed will Reckless the Repatriater, who will have faded into the obscurity he justly deserves.

Of current interest, though, is the fallout, which has the Daily Mail reporting that Conservative MPs are calling for David Cameron to toughen his stance on the EU.

The newspaper is asserting that the way to “take the legs from under Farage” is for the prime minister to campaign for an “out” vote. That is an obvious line to take except that it suffers the obvious flaw. Those unwilling to believe Mr Cameron’s promise for a referendum are just as likely to disbelieve any commitment to fight against EU membership.

What might deal a death blow to Farage’s ambitions, however, is the double whammy of explaining to the voting public that his party has no idea of how to manage our departure from the EU (and no capability in that respect) while simultaneously demonstrating that a workable plan does exist and can be implemented quickly and easily, to the very great advantage of the UK.

This, in my view, is what is needed to transform the debate. Having long accepted the need to leave the EU – for any number of reasons – I no longer wish to endure the tedium of the continuous tales of woe on how badly we are treated by the Barons of Brussels.

Rather, I am in the market for some “sunlit uplands”, the very thing Mr Farage and his dysfunctional acolytes have no means of bringing us. His shambolic party is set to deliver the only thing of which Ukip is capable –  its own brand of discordant negativity. It will never achieve anything but chaos and disruption.

In order to defeat Ukip, what the Conservatives need to realise is you don’t fight a negative with a negative. The only thing that cancels out a negative is a positive. All Farage’s party can do is tell us how bad it is inside the EU. The Conservatives need to tell us how good it is on the outside.

That, in fact, is quite difficult to do. Any fool can tell us that we need to leave – very few people can come of with a credible, structured plan for making it happen. And as this is a task quite beyond the capabilities of Ukip, and neither Labour nor the Lib-Dems have any intentions of filling the void, this leaves the field wide open to the Conservatives.

This is why the next few days and weeks are going to be increasingly interesting. Gradually, there is a realisation emerging that the need to get out of the EU is only a tiny part of the equation – the easy bit that even the febrile minds of Ukip supporters can grasp. It is how we get out that matters more. Unless a safe exit can be assured, it is never going to happen.

Once it is evident that the feat can be done, though, it is much more likely that it will then happen. Thus, the realisation that we need an exit plan may be one of the most enduring effects of this period. Knowledgeable commentators will then see the pressure to withdraw as a child of the time. Others will try to link unrelated events, and argue cause and effect.

What we are seeing, though, are effects with common causes. Some have taken the cul-de-sac towards Ukip while the more enlightened are looking for the way to the sunlit uplands. The reasons for those actions are deep-rooted and do not lie in recent events. But the outcome is not to be denied – it was going to happen sooner of later. And even if later, that is better than not at all.

Richard North

I am inclined to totally agree with this post of Richard’s which concurs with all that I have learned over many years and in very many countries around the world – any fool can knock the status quo and find support amongst the struggling lower middle classes (used to be working class until the invention of Mr. Biro replaced the pick and the shovel of yester year for many!), and also the support of the failed amongst the working classes (those not gainfully employed or who have outbred their capacity for self support!).


Indeed Nigel Farage’s clique and its claque have tapped into this very successfully as did Alex Salmond in Scotland, Francisco Franco in Spain, Adolf Hitler in Germany and many others in their respective times and countries.

You will note all made an issue of simplistic denigration of the existing Governance, highlighted problems and built on them without workable remedies and found a sector of the community to blame be that the Jews in Nazi Germany, the bankers for the Labour party and EU or immigrants for Farage’s ill informed supporters.

NONE of the examples I have quoted had any exampes of HOW to move forward being far too rooted in destructive nihilism as they tried to tear down structures that showed how small was their intellectual structure and vision rather than building an intellectual power base that rose above the present situation, showing why the alternative they offered was better and more importantly how to achieve their promised ‘Nirvana’.

Allthough it seems Richard North feels constrained by modesty (not too typical of him 😉 – I note he fails to put forward his methodology for obtaining those sunny uplands) may I therefore suggest all who read this will find a detailed study of >FleXcit< of great value – you will find a link to >FleXcit< in the right sidebar of this web site.

I regret it would seem that in Britain The Tories, divorced as they would seem to be from either the ethics or the patriotism they formwerly represented, are the only party that shows ANY possibility of moving forward all be it haltingly as they recognise increasingly before a referendum AS PROMISE, unlike relative to the New EU Constitution which morphed into the name change to The Lisbon Treaty!

As I started to say – as they start to realise that the EU Treaties are now tablets of stone that can not be viably improved due to the requirement for unanimity of opinion amongst approaching 30 very different regions (formerly Nation States) who are both its vassals and its members! SDome seeking to reduce the subsidies they fund the scam with whilst the majority seek to survive on the malign handouts generated by those self same subsidies.

The EU is like a family with over 20 children where regardless of the needs and incomes of the parents and few viable working members  has surrende3red control of how much pocket money the majority of the least responsible children get is defined by those very children that would benefit – all too like the Labour Party economic illiteracy we saw in the 13 unlucky years of their catastrophic rule, where the Governance was controlled by a collection of criminal scoundrels seeking their own enrichment and aggrandisement all be it by bankrupting the country and undeniable war crimes and crimes against humanity!

Skype: gregl-w
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I never post anonymously on the internet.
For details & declaration of accuracy please see:

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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 22/11/2014





At the moment this web site and others will be publishing all relevant postings from Dr. Richard North’s web site as it is currently experiencing a malicious and cowardly criminal Denial Of Service Attack. His web master Peter is currently doing all he can to get and keep the site running.

I will be posting all such posts with the prefix:

showing it is a GUEST POST by Richard North

You may wish to do likewise when you copy the postings from this site.

I would appreciate it if you would consider copying all these postings with links back to this web site, on your web site or any you can control or encourage others to help on.

It is important to all of us that efforts are not made to deny free speech in the political arena and to ensure cowards and low lifes in politics are given no quarter when they try to silence opinion and comment even if it is by their critics.

Thank You to Team Junius who although no longer posting have agreed to host Richard North’s posting during this attack and will be copying them from here.

Thanks – any queries call me on 01594 – 528 337
(sorry no calls accepted from >number witheld< and calls are recorded)

For the record – despite the obfuscation, dissembling and outright lies of those trying to hide the truth about UKIP, as it is – It is of absolutely no consequence how many read this blog or this web site or my Twitter or my postings around the internet and elsewhere, just like UKIP membership numbers are of no consequence just as it is irrelevant how many watch a UKIP video in America, China or even France – it is a matter of the caliber of those who read the entries NOT numbers.
This web site and all its entries are posted as an archive and if ONE person of influence reads it whether media, politician or individual and it leads to cleaning up & professionalising UKIP & giving it some ethical gravitas and consequence thus making it fit for purpose as a party, which British citizens would be proud to join to Leave-The-EU, it has served its purpose.
This blog is an archive available to all and made as accurate as possible, clearly differentiating between my opinions and values and factual reportage of UKIP.
As is clear: Any error of fact is always corrected, if brought to my attention, and comments are always published – for as long as they are compliant with the terms clearly stated as follows:

We welcome comments but reserve the right to moderate & refuse libelous or offensive comments and those we choose to delete when written by unidentifiable individuals hidden in anonymity in a cowardly manner to defame or abuse.

No comment has EVER been barred or deleted, which is genuine & clearly authored by a named & identifiable individual.

You will note many comments made have been commented on and even corrected by the blog owner.

We welcome genuine comments.

With Regard To JUNIUS

From my conversations with Team Junius:

I gather their aims were largely similar to mine, as was their aim to inform and provide an archive of facts in support of UKIP becoming fit for purpose, to lead to Leave-The-EU, which clearly it currently is not, as it tends to represent its own personal ambitions rather than British self determination, values and ethics.

At the moment Junius team have largely stopped addressing UKIP’s problems, in the belief that it is unlikely that UKIP will have any consequential influence on domestic politics after their failure in the local elections of 2013 when out of over 1,700 seats in which they stood candidates a mere 147 were elected and already they are falling by the wayside and or resigning due in part to lack of vetting, lack of professionalism and in some cases over racism, inappropriate behaviour and convictions for theft etc.

UKIP’s achievements are so clearly the product of a single individual that Junius has stood back from their role exposing UKIP’s ineptitude and dishonesty as unfit for purpose as to continue putting their own jobs at risk is no longer of sufficient consequence in the light of UKIP’s failure to obtain MPs, Police Crime Commissioners, Mayors or any other role of any gravitas or significance in domestic politics in 20 years.

Team Junius, I am told, will possibly re-enter the position of political commentary if the situation alters and UKIP becomes of greater relevance in UK domestic policy rather than self serving also rans!

Although I have heard from members of Team Junius they and others have passed on the UKIP lies that it is claimed that actions and threats of prosecution by UKIP forced Junius to cease posting.

I can assure readers that the UKIP spin is a pack of lies particularly as they have absolutely no idea who the members of Team Junius are nor are UKIP able to identify a single solitary member of the team. It is therefore abundantly clear that no member of the team has in any way been threatened with prosecution, nor contacted by anyone threatening to prosecute nor has any member EVER been cautioned by any lawyer or the police with regard to their publication of facts and views they publish about UKIP and its clique or claque or even members or policy.

May I also add that the ONLY three threats I have EVER received were founded first on the inept misunderstanding of the law by Michael Zucherman when I used the title ‘catterpillars & butterflies thereby bringing into derision the subsequent utilisation of the imagery used by UKIP subsequently.

The second instance was based on lies presented by Mark Croucher, Clive Page & Paul Nuttall for UKIP, in an attempt to bankrupt me to shut down the flow of facts about UKIP which I present. They lost their case in Court and to date have failed to act honourably and pay the some £13,000 they owe me.

The third instance was based on a pack of lies presented by Gerard Batten regarding which the police were misguidedly duped into interviewing me under caution for some 3 hours. The police decision was there was absolutely no case to answer and that I had not acted in any breech of the law and Gerard Batten was shown to have lied to try to build a case.

Let us be certain – I can unequivocally state that any claim by UKIP that they have intimidated those who publish under the name Junius into giving up is untrue and like so many other stories that emanate from UKIP and its placemen is just a pack of lies.

For more FACTS regarding the accuracy of this site and my postings elsewhere read CLICK HERE
For more FACTS & information about me, including contact data, IF it will help you understand the FACTS this web site and my many other postings cover CLICK HERE

I NEVER post in cowardly anonymity, nor obfuscate my identity as I believe it is an ethical matter of integrity to stand by ones comments. If unsure or deliberately misleading one should NOT demean oneself by dishonesty hiding one’s identity as a coward or a traitor would.

For the record I have NEVER had personal aspirations politically, nor have I ever stood for office; further I have NEVER joined or been a member or been funded by any political party, faction or similar organisation.

I trust these facts help clarify details for the ill informed and the outright liars who seek to defame me, my blogs, postings and web sites.




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Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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