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Ukip Does Itself No Favours With Its Lack Of Leadership Skills

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 16/11/2014

Ukip Does Itself No Favours With Its Lack Of Leadership Skills

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Ukip Does Itself No Favours With Its Lack Of Leadership Skills & endless childish antics for attention, even Ukip leading lights know not to trust them!


let us consider the truth of Nigel Farage’s long term friend, travelling chum, drinking buddy and flatmate:
‘Mr Farage is much more useful with a knife than a gun, given the number of colleagues he has stabbed in the back.’

Although Ukip would like to pretend they have sound policies and a role to play, will their corruption and infighting, lack of leadership skills and chav behaviour, stunts and ill manners and clear lack of understanding of the issues actually lose a referendum for us – a referendum of which the outcome is inevitable eventually, even if Ukip destroys our chances this time there is little or no doubt Britain will Leave_The_EU in the long run.


Sadly the longer Ukip condemns Britain to being a vassal state within the incompetent, corrupt and profligate EU the greater the damage Britain will suffer, distanced as it is from the actual global law makers and unable to negotiate for our own global interests direct with The WTO, The IMF, The WHO, CODEX, The UN and the like – distanced by the footlings of the EU as it rubber stamps the international agreements in a pretence of authority and intellect!

Posing with a gun, meet Ukip’s new secret weapon: Farage hires ‘professional wind-up merchant’ to help turn party’s poll surge into more Commons seats

Raheem Kassam has been described as ‘wildly self-important’
And ‘trained in the arts of vicious American-style attack politics’
Appointment somes as MP Mark Reckless looks set to win seat

PUBLISHED: 21:59, 15 November 2014 | UPDATED: 08:16, 16 November 2014

Screen shot 2014-11-14 at 13.42.30.jpg

This is the man Ukip leader Nigel Farage hopes will help his party win this week’s Rochester and Strood by-election – posing proudly with a real handgun.

Raheem Kassam has been hired as the Ukip leader’s new election strategist, and tasked with turning the party’s poll surge into more Commons seats.

Mr Kassam’s appointment was proving controversial even before The Mail on Sunday unearthed the gun picture, which was taken on a recent visit to America.

‘TROUBLESOME’: Ukip’s new election strategist Raheem Kassam poses with a real gun

‘We WILL win!’ UKIP’s Nigel Farage on next by-election

Critics have described Mr Kassam variously as ‘troublesome’, ‘wildly self-important’ and ‘a professional wind-up merchant’.

And last night Godfrey Bloom, the former Ukip MEP who used to share a flat with Mr Farage in Brussels, warned: ‘This typifies the triumph of style over substance in the party – hiring flash gurus purely for effect. Where are our policies? We are now as bad as all the other parties.

‘Mr Farage is much more useful with a knife than a gun, given the number of colleagues he has stabbed in the back.’

It comes as polls put former Conservative MP Mark Reckless on course to win the seat for Ukip on Thursday and become the party’s second MP, following fellow defector Douglas Carswell’s triumph in Clacton last month.

David Cameron warned yesterday that a win for Ukip would cause ‘economic instability’, because it reduced the chances of a Tory General Election win. He urged voters not to give Mr Farage cause to have another celebratory pint.

‘If they vote Ukip… it’ll be another sort of notch for them,’ the Prime Minister said at the G20 summit in Brisbane. ‘They will all celebrate with a pint in the pub and there will be a greater danger of insecurity and instability in our economy.’

Although Tory strategists initially pledged to ‘throw the kitchen sink’ at Rochester to try to deprive Mr Farage of another scalp, they now privately concede that a Conservative victory is unlikely.

Instead, the town will be flooded with heavyweight Cabinet Ministers in ‘one last heave’ this week in an effort to limit Mr Reckless’s majority and to deter further Tory MPs from defecting. They remain confident of reclaiming the seat at the General Election in May.

Labour is also watching the result nervously, with a poor result likely to pile the pressure on Ed Miliband’s strained leadership.

Mr Kassam has courted controversy throughout his career. He is a former manager of the Student Rights organisation, which claims to ‘ensure freedom of speech and freedom from political oppression for students’. In February, he helped to establish a London outpost of Breitbart, a Right-wing US-based news and opinion website.

David Cameron warned yesterday that a win for Ukip would cause ‘economic instability’, because it reduced the chances of a Tory General Election win
David Cameron warned yesterday that a win for Ukip would cause ‘economic instability’, because it reduced the chances of a Tory General Election win

The picture is understood to show Mr Kassam on a visit to a ‘gun roadshow’ in America. The 28-year-old – said by one political commentator to have been ‘trained in the arts of vicious American-style attack politics’ – agreed in 2010 to set up a British wing of the Tea Party, the ultra-conservative American movement which advocates low taxes and a small state.

Ironically, given the picture, Mr Kassam insisted that although the British Tea Party shared its American counterpart’s libertarianism, it was ‘less concerned with God, guns and gays’. On one occasion, he outraged members of the ethnic minority community by backing racial profiling, saying the Security Services should be allowed to single out those who look as if they might follow Islam, on the grounds they are statistically more likely to be involved in terrorism.

In an article, he said: ‘Once people who look like me stop blowing themselves up, then I’ll get upset at being profiled. Not before.’ On another occasion, after being accused on social media of ‘flirting with anti-Muslim bigotry’, he responded: ‘I’m a flirtatious kind of guy.’

Mr Kassam, who has reputation for ‘trolling’ Left-wing writers by leaving critical remarks under their internet articles, has also been described by the Right-wing Spectator magazine as being ‘a troublesome… wildly self-important figure who flits about on the internet Right’.

The picture of Mr Kassam emerged just a few months after Mr Farage criticised former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s decision to criminalise the carrying of handguns, saying: ‘If you criminalise handguns then only the criminals carry the guns.

‘It’s really interesting that since Blair brought in that piece of law, gun crime doubled. I think the ban on handguns is ludicrous.’

When asked to comment yesterday on the gun pose and explain the circumstances, a Ukip spokesman said: ‘We all think he makes rather a dashing James Bond.’

To view the original article CLICK HERE
Minded of just how untrustworthy Ukip are as allies of friends and how Nigel Farage has personally been responsible for hatchet jobs on so many in Ukip, including many who thought he was their friend, just what reasons are there to trust Ukip in any position of authority – particularly when it see4ms more than clear that Ukip are all too willing to ‘fit up’ associates and friends as with Jasna Badzak (for details CLICK HERE), John West, Nikki Sinclaire, myself – all of whom have been lied about in efforts to use corruption of the British Justice System and bent coppers for the odious aims of Ukip’s undeniably corrupt leadership team.
Then you will clearly recall that Ukip despite their ‘claims’ of wishing to Leave_The_EU took absolutely no action to oppose the EU’s New Constitution Lisbon Treaty, aftyer 21 years has absolutely no vestige of a responsible honourable EU exit & survival strategy and actively campaigned against efforts to implement a Referendum for an IN / OUT vote on the EU.
With the constant bullying, dishonesty, corruption and lies of Ukip’s leadership its clique and its claque of self interested sychofants hoping for preferment one has to ask just how stupid are the British public in willfully voting for such odious ingrates?
I do note Ukip’s target market nowadays would seem to be any gutter filled with malcontents and failures, much the same as the anti British target market of both Plaid and The SNP seeking to break up our stable, if faulty, political structure and the unity of these United Kingdoms, for their own vain glory and malign ends, rather than seeking to build and improve they seek power through destruction.
Ukip are not without well known examples they follow:
Adolf Hitler, Francisco Franco, Che Guevara, Hugo Chavez, Vladimir Lenin, Fidel Castro, Benitto Mussolini and others who pandered to the under belly of society, in their day in their respective countries, in their over arching ambition for publicity and ‘power’ and its trappings – regardless of the damage done to their societies and the catastrophic outcomes in all but a tiny tiny minority of cases!
For a better understanding of just how corrupt Ukip leadership is do not take my word alone for it – may I suggest you read the comments of a few of their elected insiders CLICK HERE and HERE, also HERE plus HERE and HERE and HERE also HERE to start out on the trail of learning the facts.
There is a huge amount more detail and facts CLICK HERE




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