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Nigel Farage of UKIP A Dishonest, Divisive, Insecure, Violent, Bully

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 31/03/2014

Nigel Farage of UKIP A Dishonest, Divisive, Insecure, Violent, Bully

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Having known & followed on a near daily basis for over 15 years I can categorically assure you that Nigel Farage of UKIP is A Dishonest, Divisive, Insecure, amoral, womanising, Violent, Bully.




I am not alone inhaving known& followed him on a near daily basis for over 15 years, I can catagorically assure you that Nigel Farage of UKIP is a fraud; he is a dishonest, Divisive, Insecure, Amoral, Womanising, Violent, Bully.

You will have noted the articles on these facts in the press and on the media, which are becoming increasingly common as the populism of UKIP raises Nigel Farage’s profile in EU politics.

UKIP is not being picked on in any way and their pathetic claims that ‘the establishment’ is picking on them because they are a threat is clearly a nonsense – UKIP’s risible results in domestic politics give the lie to their fantasy after over 20 years in modern politics and around £50Million of tax payers money, not to mention the funding of millionaire donors and its own members who have been ripped off and defrauded on a near industrial scale UKIP has never come anywhere near having an MEP elected and Farage himself came an irelevant third last time he stood and that was against the deeply unpopular little Bercow with no Labour or Lib.Dim. standing.

Let us not forget how badly UKIP has done in Local Elections where when 1,750 seats were being contested they only obtained 149 seats of whom Nigel Farage’s incompetent leadership and fear of competition has displaced around 20!

I am far from alone in presenting these facts of this sad figure of a man endlessly seeking the ‘company’ of impressionable young women who have found their way to secure employment at the tax payers’ expense! Farage’s insecurity is palpable as he hounds out those who may challenge him to his position as a strutting poppinjay on top of the farm yard dung heap he has created to give him a platform for conquest of the impressionable and the sycophancy of fools who he treats with all the dignity one knows of old amongst the ‘praise singers’ of tribal Africa!

You need only read the facts presented by the informed over the years such as myself

  • past Party Leaders including founder Alan Skedd & Roger Knappman MEP
  • UKIP MEPs like Mike Nattrass, Nikki Sinclaire, Kilroy Silk, Ashley Mote, David Bannerman, Martha Andreassen etc.
  • Past Party Chairmen including Roger Knappman MEP, John Wittacker MEP, Petrina Holdsworth
  • and many elected NEC members such as Dr. David Abbott, Richard Suchorzewski,  Dr. Eric Edmond, Ian Gillman, Del Young, and some 50+ other ex NEC members
  • together with such senior staff members as Heather Connyngham, Dr. Richard North and others.

UKIP may well ‘claim’ to have increased their membership to 35,000, which would be a g0od result were it not including many who are dead, a large number who have been given free life memberships and were it not based in an excess of ‘churning’ with far more ex, unrenewed members than have paid up for a membership.

Just follow the many commentaries on UKIP where they have made a great many enemies who have seen through their dishonest abusive, anti homosexual, anti Jewish and overtly racist policies and associates – the adverse publicity UKIP has earned under Nighel Farage’s self serving leadership is clearly well earned.

UKIP is in the classic position as they make more noise that there are those who investigate them and find it is not just noise but all too often noisesome and UKIP is learning the truth of the old truism that:
‘The higher up the tree the monkey climbs the more you see it’s Rse’
& in UKIP’s case and Farage’s in particular it is not a prety sight.

IF you find these facts hard to follow or in some way implausible then may I suggest you search through the media publicity UKIP and Farage have earned and try to identify the few articles that genuinely present UKIP in a good light, try to find articles that prese4nt UKIP’s achievements for in the 15+ years I have followed them in detail I have found at least 10 adverse articles & 20 damning them with feint praise for every one article praising them presenting an achievement they have made.

All too often the articles endeavouring to praise UKIP and Farage’s leadership turn out to be written by those seeking prefferment in the party such as the deeply suspect Patrick O’Flynn who for many months presented articles in The Express which we now know were to be rewarded by both a salaried job as Spin Doctor & press Officer and as lead candidate for a position as an MEP (High roll motivation for betrayal of his ethics as a political journalist for The Express!) or alternatively the articles are found to be either a pack of lies as with several articles Annabelle Fuller has placed by devious and suspect means or articles by directly salaried staff!
Consider the article below, which will of course have been ‘legalled’ by The Telegraph lawyers to be sufficiently accurate as to not attract litigation for inaccuracy.
I believe the investigations by the police that are underway will do much to influence the publicity UKIP & Farage receive over the next few weeks with a number of arrests more than likely!

Nigel Farage has a ‘violent temper’ claims female MEP

Nikki Sinclaire, a former Ukip MEP, claims Nigel Farage threatened her with his fist during an outburst

Nikki Sinclaire, who left Mr Farage's party and now sits as an independent, claimed the Ukip leader has a

Nikki Sinclaire, who left Mr Farage’s party and now sits as an independent, claimed the Ukip leader has a “violent temper”  Photo: GETTY IMAGES

A former Ukip MEP claims Nigel Farage left her trembling after putting his fist in front of her face during a furious outburst.

Nikki Sinclaire, who left Mr Farage’s party and now sits as an independent, claimed the Ukip leader has a “violent temper” and has fallen out with a string of MEPs.

The party is hostile to women and used to hold meetings in gentlemen’s clubs, Ms Sinclaire claimed.

A party spokesman declined to comment on the allegation Mr Farage had put his fist in her face during an outburst.

She told the BBC: “I’ve been a victim of violence from Nigel Farage, assault in the European Parliament.”

“It was physical and verbal that made me tremble. He didn’t hit me – that’s battery. Assault is where someone puts their fist in front of someone’s face and threatens you.”

She said the party was unwelcoming to women.

“You will not find a senior women who has been there fore more than five years. When I was on the national executive we had meetings in gentlemen’s clubs: that was there attitude towards women.”

She went on: “Nigel Farage has been an MEP for 15 years; in that time there has been 19 other UKIP MEPs and he has fallen out with 11. In this Parliament in the last five years, the 12 MEPs he brought back to Brussels, he has fallen out with six.”

She said the party had achieved nothing since it was first elected to Brussels in 1999, and the party’s allies in the EU parliament included Holocaust deniers.

She denied she had a vendetta against the party.

“My mine purpose in life is to get a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union.”

Ms Sinclaire represents the West Midlands and is currently on bail on fraud charges relating to her parliamentary expenses.

Earlier this month she used parliamentary privilege to claim Mr Farage had employed his wife and former mistress on the Brussels payroll.

To view the original article CLICK HERE


Farage has desperately sought to defend himself against the facts pertaining to his dishonesty having promised on Meridian TV never to employ members of his family and assuring the voters in the run up to election that no member of UKIP if elected would ever employ members of their families and was not only the first to break this ‘cast iron promise’ by employing his wife @ some £30K pa of tax payers’ money but went on to lie on TV in debate with Nick Clegg that he had never promised not to employ family WHICH WAS A BLATANT LIE.

We then note Farage made much of claims that Nikki Sinclaire MEP, who had resigned from the party as unwilling to support Farage’s anti homosexual stance and his overt support of racism and corruption, he has denounced her on the grounds that she is on bail whilst the police seek a way to save face having accepted dishonest allegations from UKIP that she had used her accounts fraudulently over 2 years ago and on which subject it is over 18 months since she was in any way questioned by the police! Let us not forget that on more than one occasion Nigel farage has been officially investigated and has been found guilty of fraudulent use of tax payers’ money, unlike Nikki Sinclaire who has never been investigated officially by OLAF for the EU!


Let us also note that Farage tried to imply that when Nikki Sinclaire denounced the fact that he was employing both his wife and at least one of his mistresses at the tax payers’ expense particularly in these times of austerity she had acted in some sort of inappropriate manner in doing so in The EU Parliament – let us not forget this has been the method of denunciation of many politicians whom Nigel Farage has sought to insult or berate – not least of whom was Barrott when he denounced his criminality or Barrosso for his unelected and profligate stance, or the obvious incompetence and unelected status of Mrs. Ashton etc. etc.


UKIP had an excellent and popular cause yet it has done little to promote it and has a very small following out of the some 40% of opponents to EU membership and have resoundingly failked the EUroSceoptic movement.

In fact it is impossible to name a single achievement of UKIP under Farage’s leadership that is of any consistent value to the cause of Leave_The_EU – even going so far as to try to sabotage efforts to gain sufficient signatures to ensure a House of Commons debate on membership of The EU and forcing a Referendum on David Cameron when Nikki Sinclqire’s efforts caused the largest rebelluion of Tory voters in the House – as Nigel Farage dishonestly and shamefully turned up on the day to try to pretend he and his party had had something to do with the achievement!

Indee the higher up the tree this particular monkey climbs the more one realises how unattractive the view is!





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Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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