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Major National Papers have clearly seen through UKIP

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 06/01/2013

Major National Papers have clearly seen through UKIP

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Major National Papers have clearly seen through UKIP!

And it is gratifying to note they are regularly sourcing facts from this blog & from team Junius!

Clearly they have learned that they can trust the facts presented on our blogs as accurate!



it seems the mainstream media, who have been aware of the criminality of UKIP MEPs all along, are now starting to speak out and present the truth about this corrupt and distasteful little clique and their self enriching & self serving support for the EU.

It will be noted that UKIP due to incompetent leadership and their personal interests are indirectly aiding the proven criminal Mario Berlesconi to get re-elected via UKIP support for extremists and racists in their EFD Group where the low life extremists and criminals of Italian politics fall under Farage’s leadership!

‘Totalitarian’ Ukip in furious row involving Neil and Christine Hamilton

Marta Andreasen, the Ukip MEP, says it ‘resembles a totalitarian party’ after she is accused of spreading ‘false rumours’ about Neil Hamilton and his wife, Christine.

'Totalitarian’ Ukip in furious row involving Neil and Christine Hamilton

The dispute centres on Andreasen’s allegation that the Hamiltons, left, are being lined up for seats in the European Parliament Photo: Julian Simmonds/PA

By Richard Eden

7:26AM GMT 06 Jan 2013

Riding high in the opinion polls, the UK Independence Party trumpets itself as the new third force in British politics. Some of its most prominent members are, however, struggling to avoid living up to David Cameron’s description of Ukip as a hotbed of squabbling “fruitcakes”.

Mandrake can disclose that one of Ukip’s members of the European Parliament has become involved in an extraordinary row with Neil and Christine Hamilton, who joined the party amid much fanfare in 2011.

Neil Hamilton, who was elected to Ukip’s national executive committee, has threatened to sue Marta Andreasen for spreading “false rumours” about him and his wife.

Andreasen, a Spanish accountant, who became one of the party’s 12 MEPs in 2009, has refused to apologise. Adding insult to injury, the former European Commission whistleblower has forwarded Hamilton’s furious email to every constituency chairman in the south of England.

The dispute centres on Andreasen’s allegation that the Hamiltons are being lined up for seats in the European Parliament, thanks to manipulation of the selection process for candidates.

“While we learn about this selection procedure, we are also hearing rumours about … the Hamiltons having already been given top positions on the list in  … the South West,” she said.

Hamilton, who lost the fourth safest Tory seat in Britain after the “cash-for-questions affair”, thunders: “As you may know, I am a barrister by profession and a very experienced libel litigant. Your email is defamatory and damaging to Christine and my reputations. We require you to send an apology and retraction.”

In her email to the chairmen, Andreasen says: “Neil’s email is an attempt to deflect from the points that I was making. He has [not] attempted to rebuff the claim that the now highly centralised NEC and the party leader have taken over the placement of candidates on the list in something that I have to say really resembles a totalitarian party.”

She adds: “It is disgraceful that, as an elected representative of the British people, I am threatened in such a way following a communication to my voters. Ukip executive should not tolerate this behaviour, but I only get silence from that corner.”

To view the original article CLICK HERE

If you go to the newspaper site you can read the comments which show a huge % opposed to UKIP.

If you want more factual details and wish to read the original correspondence CLICK HERE

Hardly surprising as the paper has a fairly patriotic and responsible readership who appreciate thaqt it is likely the 3 or 4% of votes UKIP are likely to get at the ballot boxes for domestic elections will strengthen Labour and leave us even more committed and embroiled in The EU.

Continued membership of The EU clearly serves the self enriching leadership clique of UKIP and their claque of self serving parasites & dishonest & corrupt ne’r do wells.





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