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Nikki Sinclaire highlights French antipathy for EUro

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 02/01/2013

Nikki Sinclaire highlights French antipathy for EUro

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Nikki Sinclaire highlights French antipathy for EUro!
AND a clearer understanding of why UKIP leadership clique and its calque are unfit for purpose and thus clearly failing EUroScepticism!



as we enter a new year and see EUroScepticism growing apace and sadly UKIP entering a very dangerous phase where having raised their profile in some polls they have failed to achieve the same results in domestic elections where they still have no one of any worth or significance in an elected position of any note and seem, on average, to be performing at about 3% in ballot boxes when they can find a candidate to stand.

However there have been notable results from others in the EUroSceptic movement – leading amongst these is the former UKIP MEP Nikki Sinclaire who Farage & his clique and their claque forced out of UKIP firstly by a pack of lies from amongst others Malcolm Pearson the stand in leader, whilst Farage made a fool of himself & the party in Buckingham.

However, despite the judgement of anti homosexuality in Court, Nigel Farage, Godfrey Bloom & UKIP leadership clique continued their attack on Nikki Sinclaire for having exposed the overt racism, the xenophobia, the anti Judaism and holocaust denial of the extremist EFD Pan EU Group led by Nigel Farage and of which the morally degenerate UKIP MEPs are members and supporters.

Nikki Sinclaire also embarrassed UKIP leadership clique and its claque by being a major donor to UKIP from her personal income and performing a workload which showed the indolence and self indulgence of UKIP members for what it was. The fact that Nikki Sincliare presented her accounts in detail on line, on a regular basis also proved embarrassing for the scoundrels in office in UKIP who seem to have made little or no denoation to the party and nor have they published other than brief outlines and obfuscations of their accounts.

It is good to see that despite the almost endless attacks on her by UKIP leadership, its claque and its sock puppets and shills her work output and achievements are undeminished.

Here is a summary of one of her latest press releases, the Let The People Decide Campaign for a Referendum is ongoing and also I gather her ‘Debt Initiative’ for her constituents and others is due to be launched through selected ASDA stores and online shortly.

6 out of 10 of the French regret the loss of the French Franc to join the Eurozone.

In a poll published by French website Atlantico, it was found that 62% of French people now regretted the loss of the French Franc. In 2002, just 39% regretted the loss of the French Franc.
Much of the dissatisfaction at the changeover to the Euro lies in the belief that it caused prices to skyrocket, and the feelings of discontent only grew during the economic downturn which has plagued Europe.
The new results are further proof of Eurosceptic feelings spreading across the Eurozone.
Nikki Sinclaire, who is the We Demand a Referendum MEP for the West Midlands said,
“The Euro is a failed political project which has been pushed upon the people of Europe with disastrous consequences.
The Euro simply does not work, but time and time again the EU chooses to put its head in the sand
It is telling that a country like France is now seeing a rise in Eurosceptic feeling”.
In a poll commissioned by the We Demand a Referendum Party, 56% of people said they wanted a referendum on the UK’s EU membership, while over 60% of Conservative voters now want David Cameron to call a referendum on this vital issue.
Nikki Sinclaire added, “2013 will see the EU discuss bailouts for further Eurozone countries. How telling it is that the UK, a country from outside the Eurozone, is ridiculed and threatened yet we are expected to contribute to bailout payments because of this failing currency.
It is time for the UK to take a stand and to ask its people once and for all whether they want to be a part of the European Union at all. Let the people decide”.
UKIP has clearly proved itself unfit for purpose with its risible election results in dometic elections but clearly Nikki Sinclaire is ploughing on regardless of the odious behaviour of UKIP leadership and their sock puppets and claque.




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