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Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 10/11/2012


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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


A Snippet of FACTUAL COMMENT on UKIP, made on a public Forum controlled by UKIP, by Geoffrey Collier!!


in reading this snippet of factual comment, let us remember that Geoffrey Collier is one of UKIP’s many long standing members who wage a long drawn out battle to clean up UKIP, eradicate the endemic corruption, seek to introduce ethics and professionalism and generally make UKIP fit for purpose.What is important to remember is that not only is he still a member of UKIP, (which I have NEVER been) though there is little doubt this is based on hope over experience, he was one of UKIP’s most successful Branch Chairmen EVER – both in the gain in size of his branch, the size and the income generated by his branch.

It must be with some embarrassment and a great deal of sadness that he comments as he does – seeing his hopes for an independent Britain so exploited and befouled by UKIP’s leadership clique and their claque of liars, cowards & fools at and close to the top.

“It may be wise for Mr McGough to remember that it was his friend Andrew Smith who provided evidence to the Electoral Commission which assisted their case against UKIP in obtaining a conviction for accepting impermissible donations.

That same Mr Smith considers that he has the necessary qualities to become a Police Commissioner. Sadly, this is the background against (which) we labour for our cause.

The EU budget debate has collapsed; and we have candidates in police commissioner and parliamentary by-elections next Thursday.

Does the level of debate which we have on this thread suggest that important matters are afoot? If Mr McGough is a sound example of the NEC members, can we expect to remain a serious source of talent to extricate this nation from the E.U.?

People have worked hard for years against the consequences of ‘being in Europe’, only to see corruption, stupidity and ignorance frustrate their efforts from the very same NEC which supposed to be offering leadership.

UKIP has a good case; a good membership, but moral and intellectual poverty among the leadership. That cannot be seriously doubted”.

Geoffrey Collier is far from alone in his sadness at such an unprincipled and self serving betrayal by the scoundrels who have taken control of the party that so many of us had high hopes of. It is that dishonesty, self serving self enrichment and total lack of honour or ability amongst UKIP’s leadership and its claque that drives many of us to STILL try to clean up UKIP and effect a root and branches prunning of the dead and corrupt matter in the party.Even in forest management to TRY to control die back harsh remedial action and constant copicing is required – Politics is no different as disease and corruption are prone to become endemic in pursuit of the favoured places at the troughs on the gravy train and like rats in a corner those feeding at the troughs will take any dishonest, corrupt, sordid and dispicable action to keep their snouts in the trough it would seem.

Farage makes much of his desire to see Denis McShane in prison for his corruption of the public purse but let us consider the extent of self enrichment Farage has indulged himself in from that same purse be it paying his wife £30K a year, travelling widely for pleasure whilst6 failing to acquit his duties of leadership, transparency and professionalism.

Let us not forget Farage wittingly borrowed stolen money from Tom Wise to settle his own debts and it was not repaid. Let us not forget that Nigel Farage has never been able to show where over 85% of the monies raised by Ashford vanished (UKIP’s most successful fund raiser HE called it!), nor has Farage ever shown where over £1/4Million vanished, seemingly trousered, obtained from the public purse for a petition that was never carried out.

Let us also note that Nigel Farage was, like Denis McShane, found guilty of obtaining money from the public purse and using it for unacceptable purposes – Farage himself was ordered to repay some £11,000 thus purloined!

More recently Derek Clark lied, cheated and abused the system to the tune of over £30,000 which he was forced to repay – Farage has failed to censure this theft or the lies surrounding it nor has he issued an apology for the behaviour of the liar and low life Derek Clark or UKIP staff for the lies about myself, my blog or that of other UKIP supporters making efforts to expose the corruption & make UKIP fit for purpose.





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