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Farage & UKIP Forget Spin Is Based on Facts!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 26/10/2012

Farage & UKIP Forget Spin Is Based on Facts!

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Farage & UKIP Forget Spin Is Based on Facts!

Let us look at the crass and largely dishonest witterings from UKIP irresponsibly published in The Sun presumably by some low grade and over paid staffer in UKIP for to realise that UKIP’s leader would be so crass would compound the damage done by UKIP and the realisation that not only is Farage utterly incompetent as a leader but is bereft of political nouse – reliant only on low cunning to perpetuate his self enrichment!!


having alluded to a particularly dishonest article published in The Sun on Sunday in the name of Nigel Farage in a blog regarding the idiotic comments made on his behalf to an Iranian media organisation, pressumably by one of his low grade staff – I have been contacted by a couple of people (possibly both of the people who read this blog, within minutes of new material being posted 😉 and have been asked why I claimed The Sun article was such dishonest and crass spin!

In searching for the article on The Sun’s web site I came across a couple of other relevant articles which were of some consequence rather than the light weight self promoting and fanciful spin from UKIP.

  •  YouGov/Sun poll today: Labour lead extended to 13 points; Lab 45%, Con 32%, LDs and UKIP tied on 8%. Cameron’s #Gategate slump.
    by Sun_politics via twitter 7:47 AM yesterday
    Based upon their irrelevance and the stupidity of its leadership it is clear that The LibDim results have collapsed, in that in polls they have sunk to the risible level of UKIP!
  •  William Hague in EU walkout hint
    by Sun_politics via twitter 6:55 AM yesterday
    This seems to have firmed up a bit since and although it is not to be trusted it does seem that the faction considering leaving The EU is higher on the agenda than ever before – thanks largely to the ineptitude of The EU and the well publicised achievements of Katie Hopkins & Nikki Sinclaire & their team – particularly the 250,000 signatures for an IN/OUT Referendum Nikki Sinclaire’s team had achieved and the full de3bate in the House of Commons she managed to force the Government into, which led to a consequential rebellion and resignations in the ranks of The Tory Party.
Let us consider the entire article attributed to Nigel Farage, in The Sun, and which I have fisked below:

 NIGEL FARAGE: David Cameron’s Euro pledge is a load of Brussels spouts

Nigel Farage and David Cameron

Caricature … Nigel Farage and David Cameron
>What a foolish cartoon with neither protagonist being portrayed in a manner that looks like them though I am glad that Farage is still using the emblem of the £ logo which I launched originally by having 10,000 made and distributed – clearly to good effect as it is still in use and the only emblem of UKIP recognisable to the public at large.

Some may remember that the emblem was also adopted by the Tories for a short time when William Hague was leader.

This was about the time Carys Pugh, Betty Bowen and I launched the ‘Just Say NO’ campaign that was so narrowly and dishonestly defeated in the Welsh devolution scam – a campaign slogan adopted and sold to UKIP by Dick Morris as some may recall.

By NIGEL FARAGE, Guest Columnist
Published: 21st October 2012

CABINET-rank ministers, in an unprecedented revolt against the official party line, are daring to suggest Britain might walk out of Europe.

NO  this is NOT an unprecedented action there have been Cabinet Ministers in the governments of Anthony Eden, Harold MacMillan, Harold Wilson, Ted Heath, Jim Callaghan, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair/Brown and now Cameron who have had the patriotic integrity to uphold the British Constitution and advocate leaving The EU.

Meanwhile Tory MPs with marginal seats are squealing in alarm

I hear no squealing and clearly Farage’s party can not have it both ways! On the one hand their proud boast is that they take votes from both main parties and now they seek to pretend they have a significant effect on only The Tories!

at polls showing UKIP’s campaign for an IN-or-OUT referendum has won huge public support.

This is a particularly distasteful lie as UKIP has absolutely ZERO campaign for an IN/OUT Referendum in fact they have absolutely ZERO visible campaign on anything – campaigning being something they have proved spectacularly incompetent at!

Let us not forget that they even lacked a domestic campaign on the EU Constitution which was passed as The Lisbon Treaty with barely a murmur from UKIP until AFTER the event in Britain!

Presumably Farage is alluding to the very successful campaign that Nikki Sinclaire and her team managed and are still running despite the serial efforts of Farage’s Party to sabotage it!

Could the two developments by any chance be related?

The only tie between the two developements would seem to be the fantasies Farage’s party wish to dupe people into believing!

UKIP don’t even have a viable policy as an Exit and Survival Strategy – They would seem to have no understanding of strategy and little comprehension of tactics, no skill at team building and no interest or ability in terms of man management, loyalty building or basic political training.

Conservatives have suddenly woken up to the increasingly probability that my party will win the 2014 European elections.

And as Farage’s Party, as he has here defined it!, may possibly do well in the EU elections where the huge majority of the British peoples have no idea of who their MEP is and absolutely no idea of how the structure works. UKIP have shown, better than anyone, the utter irrelevance of election to The EU where Britain were the voice of its politicians be united as ONE would have only an 8% influence.

Who wins the EU elections is a complete irrelevance and of no material influence save to those able to enrich themselves from the public purse as with UKIP who have had and squandered £50 Million of tax payers’ money yet mouth meaningless mantras about how political parties should not be funded from taxation yet are utterly dependent on that source of income for personal gain!

More to the point, they are terrified Mr Cameron will be robbed again of outright victory in 2015 as Tory voters choose us or stay home.

The Tories were not ‘robbed’ of an outright victory they failed abysmally to earn one and as for UKIP influencing the situation it was only the lies and dishonesty of Mark Croucher, Nigel Farage and a handful of utterly dishonest members of their clique that capuitalised on the protest vote that came about relative to secondary allowances for MPs and arguably UKIP actions underpinned the election of their chums in The BNP whose profile they hugely elevated with lies about Dr. David Abbott, Dr, Eric Edmonds, Buster Motram and Martin Hasslam!

In any case, can we believe a word “Cast Iron Dave” says about a referendum after his previous broken promise?

Another lie! David Cameron gave a cast iron promise that he would hold a referendum IF The Lisbon Treaty had NOT been ratified by the time he came to power – that he did this in the knowledge that the chances of it NOT being ratified was indeed miniscule but he did NOT lie. Unlike Nigel Farage and his party who have been shown and proven to be serial liars of very low morality and less integrity.

The Prime Minister and his Foreign Secretary, William Hague, are rattling sabres at Brussels and demanding the return of sovereign power over welfare, immigration and justice.

Well that is at least a start and when they fail, as The EU is NOT a smorgas board where you can choose what you take on your plate and leave that which you find inedible, they will then be in a position to live up to their threats or live down to our expectations!

But what, as Michael Gove asks, do we do if they say NO?

A strange question in the light of the fact even Farage took heed of Michael Gove’s response!

The Eurosceptic Education Secretary says we can walk out.

But that is not what Mr Cameron thinks or says.

Yet we note that Cameron has NOT castigated his education secretary or others for speaking out and let us hope he, unlike Farage, has some understanding of  strategy and a tactical plan!

He is on the record insisting categorically that he will never lead a campaign for Britain to leave Europe.

I believe that you will find the legislation already determines that a political party can not take such a role be that for or against in a referendum!

So say Labour’s Ed Miliband and the Lib Dems’ Nick Clegg.

That Ed Milliband has made such comments is as clear a statement of support for membership of The EU as is the overt promotion of membership we see from Nick Clegg and about as significant!

Which means all this referendum talk is hot air.

E$ven hot air would prove an increase of activity towards leaving the EU than UKIP has provided for the tax payers’ £50 Million over the last 19 years!

If they do try and bring back hundreds of important powers ceded to Brussels over the years, Brussels will certainly say NO.

Yet it is the fools in UKIP who advocate a quick fix repeal of the ECA and immediate withdrawal – you will note the Judas Goats and plastic EUroSceptics are all too willing to promote this proposal by UKIP – clearly aware of what a catastrophic debacle UKIP would achieve for the patriotic cause of EUroRealism when they lost, as they most certainly would.

With the Euro in flames, why would they turn a drama into an existential crisis by allowing Britain to unravel their carefully tied Gordian knot?

Largely, in my opinion, because it would seem that it is only the British public who are speaking out and consistently showing the failure of The EUro, the idiocy of a centralised currency and the odious undemocratic nature of the EU and its aims and methods.

Our relationship with the EU underpins almost everything that happens in Britain today, from how our doctors are trained and how they work, to whether the WI and Red Cross volunteers can sell jam at their fundraising fetes.

And it is unarguable that UKIP has done almost nothing to raise that level of knowledge by anywhere approaching value for money the £50 Million or so of tax payers’ money they have squandered. They have lived high on the hog on a self enrichment scheme, should I say scam, with their snouts in the troughs on the EU gravy train.

It tells us what to grow, how to fish, it tells us who we can trade with and how we should employ people.

Where is the web site or published documents of UKIP with the errors and abuses of The EU – where is their index of crass regulations – what number can one call locally where UKIP would or could help expose the excesses of The EU for UKIP was far too busy engorging itself in those excesses!

It decides on our holidays, on our lightbulbs, it regulates how to use ladders and whether we can kick out terrorists through the European Court of Human Rights, now an integral part of the European Union.

And UKIP has for several years proved just how irrelevant they are in altering this or influencing this as they are so embroilled and subsumed in The EU parliament, structure and pocket as to have achieved not one single solitary achievement in their 20 years, that has brought these United Kingdoms one inch closer to the exit!

They know a victorious Cameron negotiation would lead inevitably to other member states demanding similar or different concessions.

There are few Countries that could afford to leave as they have become so dependent on the bribes and handouts as to be drug dependent on the hand outs!

There is even a fear put about by corrupt politicians that Britain would be hugely damaged were it to leave and that even though this can be disproved – it is then sabre rattled that in the decades ahead we would be marginalised!!

This is precisely contrary to everything those gravy-train Eurocrats have been beavering away for over the last four decades.

It is widely talked of that much of the beavering is carried out by UKIP and its staff!!

They have not gathered enormous and continually expanding power to the centre in order to give it back, ever.

And UKIP has totally failed to make this point clear to other politicians, organisations and the public at large – despite some £50 Million paid from the public purse, despite the funding UKIP still has not a single valid item of material to promote the cost benefits of leaving The EU – Nor any strategy or tactics towards a viable or plausible exit and survival strategy!

Perhaps Mr Cameron secretly hopes to encourage a slap in the face from EU Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso as a pretext for a proper IN-OUT referendum.

Meanwhile UKIP fiddles and faffs around sponsoring apparent incitement to racial hatred.

Perhaps he is more of a Eurosceptic than anyone had previously believed.

Let us hope Cameron has the ability to acquit his duty in a patriotic manner.

If so, his bluff will certainly be called.

Let us hope his bluff is a part of a strategy, though I personally am inclined to doubt it!

Mr Barroso has learned nothing and forgotten nothing since his days as a firebrand Maoist agitator.

WRONG – clearly Barroso has learned much about stealth and bribery and like Farage ensuring he has a claque of over funded weak but ambitious scoundrels!

Just last month he confirmed what was long suspected but always denied — that the EU can only survive as a full-blown federal superstate.

It has been shown clearly that despite these claims The EU central power group have always openly stated their aims – one need only read the speeches and articles of the likes of Spinnelli, Monet and their ilk!

If you prefer read Dr. Richard North and Christopher Booker’s publications, the speeches of Enoch Powell or the white papers on the subject of 1948 & 1949 (the earlies British involvement I have personally found).

Anyone who gets in the way of this Grand Project will be cast aside or crushed.

Let us not forget many of us have actively campaigned for Britain to be cast aside and many also voted UKIP MEPs into positions to ensure our membership of the EU is crushed!

Under a new EU Treaty, Brussels will demand absolute loyalty from member states — one country, one army, one treasury, one flag, one anthem, one loyalty and one future.

If studied closely you will find they have already put this in place in The Lisbon Treaty and the only viable exit within the law, under The Vienna Treaty on International Treaties is under Article #50.

Some sceptics, such as Open Europe, oppose a referendum because they are nervous voters might lock us in forever because they are too fearful of being outside.

Open EUrope is little more than a cats paw of the pro EU membership faction of the government and its role is duplicitous in many aspects!

Quite the reverse.

With the Euro disintegrating, unemployment soaring, pensions and prosperity in freefall, there is more likely to be a stampede for the exit, with others in hot pursuit.

This clearly lacks the clarification that it relates to OTHER EU member regions other than these United Kingdoms, part of The EUroZone.

Once out we would be free to float and flourish.

There would be an immediate bounce and indeed not just a mini boom but an increase of jobs – to sustain this will take many years of careful analysis and revocation of such laws as Britain may have adopted through membership of the EU.

To reassure business and also to gain the co-operation of our own civil servants and assistance in disentanglement it would be essential to block adopt ALL the laws and regulations we currently hold by way and result of our current membership.

To undertake and reassure that we would line by line analyse the issues and then if decided dismantle the alien laws thus imposed one by one in co-operation with our EUropean and global partners as we rebuild and repatriate justice, and our sovereignty on terms of self determination.

With a population soon set to exceed Germany’s, Britain would be too big a market to ignore, still less punish.

The EU would not for one moment ‘ignore’ these United kingdoms as a trading partner any more than would India, China, South America or the Anglosphere!

Europe is an outdated economic and political union which, as it stands, cannot compete in a fast-changing world economy.

How true but sadly UKIP has expended most of its energies not on informing the public but in jockeying and back stabbing to stay on the gravy train enriching themselves from the liberal dollops from the troughs yet doing little or nothing for Britain.

Britain would not simply survive outside, we would flourish.

This is just words when stated by the Farage Party who have achieved nothing of gravitas or plausible and sound material towards an exit and survival strategy!

And the sooner we have that chance, the better.

One is left with the realisation that when Farage (or his script writers) are not telling lies, distorting or outright self servingly acting in their own personal interest their criticisms of The EU cut no ice and lack readily available documentary provenance and cross referncing giving the impression they just aren’t up to the job!

To read the original article ‘un-fisked’ CLICK HERE
I trust my diagnosis helps and ensures a widert audience of people who will investigate in detail just how we should go about leaving the EU rather than the simplistic and undocumented and very costly hot air from UKIP.
On route may I commend consideration of A Royal Commission, The Harrogate Agenda, the ‘We Demand A Referendum’ campaign, adoption of EU law as being the laws and regulations of these United Kingdoms when we leave the EU and then a schedule of ratification or revocation of each and every law and regulation one by one ensuring the best interests of the British peoples are concerned.

Join in the discussions, argue your view and let us all work towards a better future with self determination and democratically established sovereignty on the global stage.

YOU can make life better for your children and the grand children of these United Kingdoms in a free, competitive and independent sovereign nation.




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