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UKIP’s Dishonourable Dishonesty is Omni Present!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 10/11/2012

UKIP’s Dishonourable Dishonesty is Omni Present!

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UKIP’s Dishonourable Dishonesty is Omni Present!
As shown by the re-emergence of details of UKIP’s sordid behaviour years after the even on Google Alerts & searches!!


It is interesting to note that this article from The Junius Blog came up on a Google Alert recently:

26 March 2010

UKIP: Mark Croucher/UKIP and the Court Judgement against them

We have already published some of the facts behind the Croucher/Nuttall/UKIP attempt to bankrupt Greg Lance-Watkins and thus silence his blog. See: LINK & LINK

That Croucher or Nuttall were too cowardly to attend the court is an established fact.

That this was a UKIP action is also an established fact. The odious Paul ‘Benito’ Nuttall had provided evidence to support Croucher’s copyright ownership of the photos in question. This was done in his capacity as UKIP Chairman.

That the Junius Team is still celebrating Croucher’s humiliating defeat is also an established fact.

The Mark ‘Friar Tuck’ Croucher is putting on weight and has lost even more hair due to stress is also an established fact. But where is UKIP’s leadership when you need them for support? The poor little lad!

His copyright case against the BNP is also pending. At this rate Croucher will be bankrupt within weeks.

We are now pleased to publish the judgement against Croucher/ UKIP in full:

Note of Judgment

His Honour Judge W Gaskell stated that this was an application by the defendant to strike out the claim. He stated that today was the trial date and that the claimant was not in attendance.

The first question which the Judge had to address was whether he could be confident that the claimant was aware of the hearing date.

He stated that the matter had previously been listed for trial on 27th January 2010. This had been vacated and directions were given, including a new trial window. Notice was given on 15th February 2010 stating that the trial had been listed on 18th March 2010.

The Judge had also heard that the defendant’s solicitor had spoken to the claimant the previous Friday and mention was made of today’s hearing date during the call. The Judge stated that an email had also been sent to the claimant setting out the various matters which needed to be resolved prior to the trial.

That email was in the bundle at page 139 and carried the date 15th March 2010.

The Judge had also heard evidence that the claimant was currently active on the internet and clearly there was an overwhelming likelihood that he had access to his emails.

The Judge then set out the background to the claim. He stated that the claimant alleged that monies were due to him in respect of the use of 3 photographs used by the defendant on his internet blog.

The 3 photos were of head and shoulders of UKIP members (IJ later corrected the fact that one of the photos was a full body photograph of Nigel Ferrage).

The first issue was whether the claimant was the owner of the copyright and the photographs. The Judge noted that Mr Croucher would have to overcome the fact that it seemed that the photographs had been taken by him in his capacity as an employee or at least as an agent employed by UKIP.

The Judge then turned to the issue of quantum. If the claimant managed to overcome the issue of appropriate ownership the issue of quantum arises. The Judge noted that the claimant claims £8,000. On the material provided to the Judge, and he noted that he had not heard evidence from the claimant, he stated that it appeared to be grossly excessive.

The Judge referred to the freelance fee guides and specifically to the online prices. The Judge noted that newspapers charge £625 for one year’s use and that business use was £850 for one year.

However, he noted that the use in question was by a not for profit website and stated that he was entitled on the basis of the material before him to conclude that it was highly unlikely that the claimant would achieve anything near that which he claimed. However, the Judge noted that those issues could be put to one side for the moment.

The Judge stated that the fact was that the . claimant had failed to file a pre trial checklist and the filing fee. He had also failed to pay the hearing fee. In accordance with the previous order made on 24th February 2010, the claim should be struck out due to this.

The claimant had now failed to attend Court also.

The Judge stated that he was wholly satisfied that the claimant was aware of proceedings and had failed to take necessary steps in proceedings. He had also failed to attend Court. Had he attended Court and paid the money the Court would have heard the claimant’s claim.

The Judge stated that taking in to consideration the claimant’s breach of procedural requirements and his failure to attend Court and the difficulties he faced in relation to proving liability and quantum, it seemed appropriate to strike out the claim. The Judge therefore struck out the claim.

Having heard submissions by the defendant’s counsel on costs, the Judge ordered the claimant to pay the defendant’s costs assessed at £8,448.50 within 28 days.

Rhodri Jones (Solicitor),
Messrs. Hugh James Solicitors,

Also see: LINK

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1 comment:

evision said…
i have gone through this blog. nowadays im working from my home as a online businessman. and the above blog is really helpful.

To view the original article CLICK HERE

it is interesting to note that as at today’s date Nov-2012 neither UKIP nor Mark Croucher have had the integrity, or respect for the British Justice system, to honour their debts in this matter which now account for some £13,000+ due to additional legitimate costs incurred in the defence of the rejected case and also further monies spent on seeking to obtain legal redress and settlement of the debt.

It is disingenuous to claim UKIP bear no liability as the dishonest and overblown claims; fronted by the clearly duplicitous and untrustworthy Mark Croucher, personally selected by Nigel Farage who has ‘previous’ for seeking to renege on his debts; were made and conducted in the period of his employment by UKIP in various forms and were supported by one time deputy leader of UKIP and standing UKIP MEP Paul Nuttall and also UKIP Press Officer Clive Page (a convicted sometime benefits fraudster!).

UKIP has made it very clear by their actions conducted at the top of the party that they do not respect British values, nor British Justice and hold The British Courts in contempt.

UKIP and their staff and agents have also given us all an insight as to their dishonesty and unarguably inappropriate lack of ethics, integrity and morality – inappropriate to their aspiration to live off the public purse whilst supporting various corrupt Pan EU political Groups of racists, criminals and low lifes.

Clearly UKIP is unfit for purpose as leaders of The EUroSceptic movement with their vile anti homosexuality, racist, cyber bullying and serial dishonesty.

The abject lack of ehics and professionalism is clearly endemic within UKIP and as such they are clearly unfit for purpose and have massively damaged the EUroSceptic movement in their corruption, lack of honour, unprofessionalism and seeming determination to self enrich their leadership clique supported at public expense by a claque of ne’r do wells salaried or seeking gain from supporting the low caliber and untrustworthy leadership clique, of serial philanderers, drunks and louche parasites seeking to pass themselves off, despite their undemocratic central absolute control, as Libertarian!!

Risibly you will note that UKIP seem to believe their unpleasant and dishonourable behaviour should be a model for the election of Police Crime Commissioners! Many can show undeniable evidence of Crimes Commissioned by UKIP – perhaps they misunderstood the job spec!

For more facts regarding UKIP see both Junius blog and my own wherein despite every form of underhand behaviour UKIP leadership & its claque have never once been able to show a single consequential inaccuracy or consequentially misleading statement.

I stand by the facts in every material detail in my blog, as shown at CLICK HERE despite the fantasies and speculation of the low lifes in UKIP such as Mick McGough Derek Clark & the cowards too ashamed to use their own names!, and as UKIP has shown they are quick to litigate to try to suppress the truth about them leaking out!

To date NO ONE has identified a single dishonest statement or claim that I have made in any of the 1,000s of blogs regarding UKIP or its leadership clique, the claque of parasites around them or related facts. The same would seem to be true of the UKIP insiders, and others, who publish under the collective of ‘Junius’ most of whom would seek to work in The EU in one place or another and regularly receive factual information from senior and concerned UKIPpers..




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