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UKIP Falls Foul of Its Self Inflicted Racist Reputation

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 10/11/2012

UKIP Falls Foul of Its Self Inflicted Racist Reputation

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


UKIP Falls Foul of Its Self Inflicted Racist Reputation!
Clearly UKIP requires root & branches prunning to avoid widespread ‘Die Back’ & fielding a proven liar like Derek Clark as a spokesperson compounds the problem!!



Students’ union bans police candidate from session over his UKIP membership

Saturday, November 10, 2012

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THE University of Derby’s Students’ Union has banned one of the candidates vying to be voted in as the county’s first Police and Crime Commissioner.

The organisation told David Gale yesterday morning that he would not be welcomed at a Q&A session for candidates, which took place at 2pm in the afternoon.

  1. Students from the University of Derby hear from three of the candidates, Alan Charles, Rod Hutton and Simon Spencer, above and below. But the decision to ban David Gale, below centre, has infuriated UKIP leader Nigel Farage, below right.

    Students from the University of Derby hear from three of the candidates, Alan Charles, Rod Hutton and Simon Spencer, above and below. But the decision to ban David Gale, below centre, has infuriated UKIP leader Nigel Farage, below right.

In a series of e-mails sent to Mr Gale by the union, he was told he would not be allowed to attend because it had “a no platform policy for UKIP”, of which Mr Gale is a member.

The event saw the other three candidates, Rod Hutton, Simon Spencer and Alan Charles, discuss crime matters with students.

The students’ union said it had originally invited Mr Gale to speak but he said he may not be able to attend due to other commitments.

Then, yesterday morning, he was sent a policy document which said: “The University of Derby Students’ Union standing orders state clearly in that any member of the union may complain to the union president about an individual(s) who they believe to be a member of a group with racist, fascist or extremist views.

“We received several student complaints around UKIP policies on immigration that included repealing the 1998 Human Rights Act and withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms.

“The decision was taken by the Students’ Union executive to place UKIP on our no platform list in line with our values and legal documentation.

“We at the University of Derby Students’ Union are proud supporters of No Platform and we uphold the rights of our students to feel safe while studying on campus.

“Part of this is us refusing to share a platform with groups holding extremist views.”

Mr Gale did not want to comment directly about the matter but the decision brought wrath from the head of UKIP nationally.

Nigel Farage MEP said: “It is absurd that this student union feels it has the right to ban a serious national political party from its discussions.

“It is frightening that a Derby student body is so frightened of free speech and public opinion.”

The public go to the polls on Thursday to vote in the county’s first commissioner.

Whoever wins the race will replace the existing Police Authority and have the power to set the force budget.

Derek Clark, UKIP member of the European Parliament for Derbyshire, said: “I thought universities were supposed to welcome all points of view and support freedom and democracy? I would urge the students’ union to look again at their policy as a matter of urgency.”

A University of Derby Students’ Union spokesman confirmed union officials had decided a platform could not be offered to a UKIP candidate because it was not felt that UKIP political views were in line with the union’s values.

He added: “Having been made aware of Mr Gale’s concerns regarding this policy, the UDSU will review its policies and procedures in this area, to further clarify its position.”

To view the original article CLICK HERE
To which my comment on The Derby Telegraph site is:

by Greg_L_W

Saturday, November 10 2012, 2:22PM

Hi,though it is clear that UKIP are corrupt as shown by the lies and serial dishonesty of the local MEP Derek Clark and his being found guilty of missuse of public funds, which he was ordered to repay, a fact he lied about and defamed others to try to cover-up, also that UKIP is indubitably anti homosexuality, anti Muslim and  racist as shown by their own actions and their associations in thwe Pan EU Political EFD Group which Nigel Farage leads – I do believe Derby Students’ Union to be wrong in banning speakers.Derby Uni is funded from taxation and the public purse and should be teaching the values of freedom of speech.UKIP is a perfectly legal party in Britain as are their fellow travellers The BNP – surely here was an opportunity for the students of Derby to expose their corruption and very well documented racism and anti homosexual behaviour and intollerance of religions and superstitions held by others largely along racial grounds.It is my belief that in debate it would have become clear how inappropriate are the views of UKIP once beyond their core principle of campaigning to Leave-The-EU.I would contend racism, anti homosexuality, anti Judaism, Holocaust denial, authoritarian centralised control, cyber bullying and lies are inappropriate at any time – Derby Students’ Union would seem to have abrogated on its responsibility to lawfully and intellectually show that to be the case – they have sunk to the very level of undemocratic nastiness that both UKIP & The BNP currently portray.

I make these statements as a statement of my opinion as a long term supporter of the core principles of UKIP to Leave-The-EU and having researched and exposed UKIP’s corruption over many years. To ban or ignore their corruption is surely cowardice, it is the duty of every patriot to expose and confront such anti British values and not run away and hide placing ones fingers in ones ears as Derby Students’ Union has done.

Many Millions of our forebears have been willing to risk their lives and die to ensure the very freedom of speech that Derby Students’ Union has so glibly tossed asside – is this what level University Education has become debased to in this Twittering, Gaming, accusatory, rumour mongering age, at least invite UKIP and then in a civilised manner present your case and permit them their attempt at defence – research the facts to ensure you can make your case.

UKIP as a party has an attrocious leadership team of unprofessional self serving self enriching ne’r do wells protected by a claque of cowards & creeps angling for personal gain – use debate to expose the truth and help the true supporters of the principles of UKIP make the party fit for purpose, thus supporting democracy and protecting the less well informed and the naive.

I call on The Students’ Union to lift their ban on extremist parties that are legal and recognised for to refuse to is a slippery slope.

How about banning Labour for their dishonesty regarding The Iraq War or their crass stupidity in economic terms, or the war crimes and crimes against humanity of Blair & his cabinet or perhaps ban The LibDims for the lies and failure to uphold manifesto promises and The Tories for their unpatriotic surrender of our law making ability, our justice, our parliament and our democracy to the centralised, authoritarian, unelected bureaucrats of The EU.

Treat all men as equal but by all means expose their corruption in debate.

To follow up on the facts see




by Greg_L_W

Saturday, November 10 2012, 2:57PM


Derby Students’ Union’s unsavoury behaviour in banning legal and legitimate political parties, however odious they may be, is all too redollent of the rivalry between Hitler’s Nazi Party & The Communist Party in the early days of Hitlers abuse of democracy to democratically become Chancellor of Germany!

Stalin, Mau, Pol Pot, McCarthy et all have in their time taken the steps to ban or radically limit free speech.

What date will Derby Students’ Union be holding book burnings or do they already descriminate against publications. I presume the glaziers of Derby await the Students’ Union Crystal Nacht with glee.

Are Muslims banned by Derby Students’ Union or Jews, Mormons or other cults and superstitions.

Youth may have its enthusiasms but clearly it has a long way to go before being accused of wisdom!

I do however note, from the picture, that very few of Derby Students’ Union attended to either show interest in the farcical new tier of over paid political bureaucrats or was it that few were willing to endorse the Students’ Union’s crass behaviour?

Next time hire a bigger venue, invite all and pack the place to hear your educated and reasoned debate why extremist parties and racists, anti homosexuals and religious bigots should NOT be selected or elected – That is the way to improve our democracy – call upon the demos to show why partys like UKIP & The BNP are unfit for purpose.



by Greg_L_W

Monday, November 12 2012, 1:09AM


“by 1750000a Sunday, November 11 2012, 5:37PM”

Sorry but you are ill informed on almost every count – You are just plain wrong!

I for example am neither ex UKIP nor kicked out – I have been a long term supporter of UKIP’s core aim Leave-The-EU and seek to clean it up to try to make it fit for purpose.

UKIP IS racist, UKIP is anti homosexual, UKIP are aided by liars & cowards, UKIP would be catastrophic if put in charge of anything – just look at the bullying abusive style of centralised authoritarian behaviour of its current unprofessional and corrupt leadership.

UKIP does NOT ban extremists and has not only fielded ex BNP members as candidates but has also co-operated with BNP on its NEC to raise the party profile and concentrate power in the hands of Farage.

An ex BNP organiser was Nigel Farage’s election agent.

Nigel Farage is the declared co-leader of the extremist anti Jewish, holocaust deniers, extreme anti Islam campaigners and anti homosexual racists of The Pan EU Political EFD Group of which UKIP are members!

Winston McKenzie who you quote as some sort of display of racial tolerance is a political prostitute who has stood for most parties as a self publicist, an ideal pretence figure as he stand no chance of being elected to or for anything, thus saving UKIP further embarrassment!

I am neither right nor left and most clearly NOT anti Jewish nor anti homosexual or racist and as I said I seek a UKIP fit for purpose with competent leadership, gravitas, political common sense, tolerance of creed race and opinion in largely libertarian terms not the authoritarian centralised abuse of UKIP, with liars, cheats and thieves as a leadership!

I also would remind you that I have already made it very clear I have nothing but contempt for Derby Students’ Union and its delusional and immature denial of free speech and fear of their inability to win a debate on values and matters of principle, resorting to fascist style banning orders – Shame on the Derby Students Union that have so befouled the principles for which those we remember on Armistice Day & Remembrance Sunday gave their lives!

That I make no mention of the candidates themselves is merely a matter of contempt for yet another level of self serving , self enriching and utterly irrelevant politicians!

I shall not be spoiling my ballot paper by pandering to the concept of paying yet more political parasites, when it is training, manners and improved front line services that are required.

I shall express my own values on my ballot paper as I believe there is never a wrong time to do the right thing and will write Leave-The-EU on my ballot paper in my own small attempt to restore democracy to these United Kingdoms, liberated from the obscene and profligate behaviour of the centralised and unelected bureaucracy which makes our laws and increasingly destroys our country from The EU central committee dictatorship.

You are of course at liberty to act as your conscience sees fit within the framework of our democracy and be minded that both UKIP & The BNP are legal parties and thus it is morally reprehensible for a publicly funded organisation to BAN them in the style of the behaviour of the Nazi Party towards their chosen rivals!






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