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UKIP A Centralised Dictatorship WITHOUT Liberty

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 08/01/2013

UKIP A Centralised Dictatorship WITHOUT Liberty




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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


UKIP A Centralised Dictatorship WITHOUT Liberty or principles, bereft of intellect, gravitas or savoir fair!

Yet again UKIP shows it utterly inept and amateur approach to forcing central control as in any insecure ‘One Man Band’!



it is astonishing just howmany people UKIP has lied to betrayed and cheated.We have shown for a number of years and provided example after example, documented and corroborated, just how corrupt UKIP is.A number of years ago we cautioned against this corrupt and centralised party with its dishonest methods, its rigging of internal elections and its vile racism, xenophobia and anti homosexual extremism.UKIP’s pretence at being Libertarian is a complete sham, a lie or at very best a misunderstanding of the language having confused the political irresponsibility of Libertarianism with the venal self interest of being libertine.

UKIP has shown time and again that it is a party without ethics or any understanding of morality.

Full details of the rigging of elections, near institutionalised endemic theft of public money apparent as a means of self enrichment have been clearly shown in the terms as presented.

We have recently published details of how UKIP’s leader Nigel Farage will personally rig the selection process of MEP candidates to suit his personal needs.

This has been endorsed and substantiated by copies of the ‘e’Mail exchanges between the liar, cheat & utterly dishonest Marta Andreassen who was fired/suspended by her employer The OECD a minor detail she overlooked in her CV when she applied for a job as an accountant in one of The EU departments where she failed to complete the job she was hired to do – subsequently pretending she was The EU Chief Accountant rather than just yet another accountant and also reinventing herself with some fantasy of being a whistle blower when she lost her Court case!
The spat with the utterly discreditted and openly corrupt Neil Hamilton.
To see the facts of these two ferrets fighting in the UKIP sack CLICK HERE

Now we see, as a part of the corruption Nigel Farage, who approves every appointment in UKIP selecting who will be placed and in what order on selection lists and who gets elected or employed.

Yet again we see this in action as clearly Steve Crowther has no say without Farage’s approval, as with all other staff he is just a puppet expected to do what he is told and ensure Farage does not have his fingerprints on any ‘damaging’ actions.

Why Farage thinks anyone of any calliber respects him as other than tjhe party’s performing monkey it is hard to tell.

Here is the latest example of the central control of the UKIP dictyatorship, very clearly overturning the choice of the electorate as it was abundantly clear to those who elected Olly to lead the tiny UKIP Yooof group – a group which has never even got off the ground in 20 years due to the central control and interference that has ousted anyone of any ability and used it as a reward for puppets & muppets Farage believes will make him seem to have ability, who will praise his every ineptitude.

To view a readable version of this screen shot below enlarge enough to show just how centrally controlled UKIP is by its one man band:

Olly Neville retorted on his Twitter account:

YI elections were cancelled after I won the vote due to opposition to me. I won 62% of the 117 votes.

UKIP, the democratic party!

I also have emails of NEC members insulting my intelligence due to what seems to be my support of Equal Marriage

And on the 07-Jan-2013 he said:

Farage wants a UKIP of free thinkers and prefers interesting eccentrics to the bland and boring. Excellent. …

Then we have the seedy and dishonest figure of the inept specialist in foot in mouth spin Gawain Towler who is obviously not in the confidence of UKIP inadequate leadership as he proves:

@OllyNeville removed as YI Interim Chair for misrepresenting UKIP policy (not marriage views)

Astonishingly UKIP lays claim to being the third party in British politics based on very selective mid term polls, when clearly their domestic achievements aare catastrophic with an average vote from the electorate of around 3% and not a single MP, nor even being anywhere likely to have an MP elected on present showing when everything is playing in their favour – other than their inept actions!

A measure of UKIP’s complete inadequacy in political terms is actually shown by the fact that for all the puff and all the bloated claims a sum total of 117 people voted in their internal election that elected young Mr. Olly Neville.

Could anyone of any intelligence think that UKIP’s amateur behaviour childish and insecure antics of Nigel Farage to seem like Jack The Lad & the endless squabbling like ferrets in a sack might indicate a role of any serious nature in adult politics and/or the governance of these United Kingdoms other than sucking at the witches tit for reward obliging the needs of The EU to see EUroScepticism endlessly betrayed and demeaned!

UKIP is clearly ‘Much ado about nothing




We note that there is much scrabbling around in UKIP to try to hide their trail of anti homosexuality, but let us not forget thqat Olly Neville is not the only member of the executive of the party to be abused by UKIP senior members with regard to the anti homosexual stance of the party.Nigel Farage, Godfrey Bloom and UKIP itself were found guilty of anti homosexuality by a Court in their treatment of Nikki Sinclaire who was at the time a UKIP elected MEP and long term servant of the members, who had won a previous similar case against Nigel Farage’s and his puppets.You will also note that Godfrey Bloom a prominent if particularly distasteful UKIP MEP was censured for his anti homosexual behaviour by the EU Parliament where both he and Nigel Farage have from time to time aided their extremism and ill mannered braggadocio though an excess of alcohol when speaking in representation of their electorater in these United Kingdoms.

Those who follow this blog assiduously will also recall that UKIP’s own incestuous in house Forum was closed down recently due to the strident and outspoken anti homosexual rantings of their long term corrupt village idiot, fantasist and NEC member Douglas Denny.

It was not just that the fool had made his comments that led to the closure but that it was clear that many in UKIP supported him!

Perhaps this extract from the dead tree media will put this in some perspective and do note that the story has exposed UKIP in most papers of any note and on main stream broadcast media.

As their Chairman Steve Crowther, appointed by Nigel Farage and seemingly prostituting whatever principles he may have had for a secure placement by Farage on his list for election as MEPs, has made abundantly clear in his eMail already shown above – UKIP has no principles and is merely seeking electoral rewards as he shows they are choosing policies with the cynical intention of election and self enrichment of Farage’s chosen clique and demand unquestioning suppression of values, opinions, views and ethics from their claque of fools – Olly Neville has clearly been dumped for failure to follow the rigid central discipline of Farage.

Here is the email confirming Mr Neville’s sacking:

Subject: NEC

Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2013 19:11:07 +0000

From: Steve Crowther

To: Olly Neville

Dear Olly
This is to let you know that the NEC has resolved that you should not continue to act as interim chairman of YI, owing to the problems regarding party policy and public statements about which we have corresponded over the past week. The General Secretary will send you the specific resolution.
I suggest that your Vice Chairman take over the coordination of YI activities in the interim, while the rules for the election are finalised and approved by NEC. Perhaps you could ask the VC to make contact with me.
Yours, Steve

So Mr Neville has discovered a very painful fact –

UKIP is a centrally controlled One-Man-Band dictatorship where individualism and the right to disagree with the leader are forbidden, where Libertarian has been corrupted to mean libertine & authoritarian.
UKIP is a party where Nigel Farage’s word is law & as so many have found to their cost they MUST subsume their ethics, morality & values to suit Farage’s personal ambitions and The NEC and all staff & selection processes are dominated and dictated by Farage and his placements.


UKIP removes youth chairman from office for supporting gay rights

Olly Neville has been removed as chairman of UKIP's youth wing
Olly Neville has been removed
as chairman of UKIP’s youth wing

UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) has removed the chairman of its youth wing, Young Independence, in part due to his support for same-sex marriage. It has not however removed officials before for stating that gay couples adopting is “child abuse” or that people who read PinkNews should be sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

Olly Neville, who was last year elected as chairman of Young Independence tweeted last night: “YI elections were cancelled after I won the vote due to opposition to me. I won 62% of the 117 votes.”

In an email from the party’s national chairman Steve Crowther, Mr Neville was told that he was being removed from office by the party’s national executive for stating that European elections were a “sideshow”, that the real political action is in Westminster (where the party has no MPs) and that he supports same-sex marriage.

The email, now deleted from Mr Neville’s Twitter stream states: “Your stated position on Gay Marriage is quite simply completely at odds with the Party’s policy.

“Our policy on Gay Marriage is extremely important to us at this time. We have said specifically and repeatedly that we are opposed to the government’s proposals on this, and that the Prime Minister has got it spectacularly wrong.

“For you to say precisely the opposite, on national radio, as the representative of YI, is absolutely unacceptable, and risks seriously setting back the party’s current growth.”
While UKIP removes officials from office for supporting same-sex marriage, it doesn’t remove officials for spreading homophobic views.

Its candidate in the Croydon North by-election and official spokesperson for the policies carried out by the Department of Culture, Media, Sport and the Office, that includes the Government Office for Equalities, Winston McKenzie, said that same-sex adoption is child abuse. He added: “It is a violation of a child’s human rights because that child has no opportunity to grow up under normal circumstance.”

Although the party distanced itself from Mr McKenzie’s comments, it did not remove him from office. Its London chairman, David Coburn, an openly gay man who opposes same-sex marriage equality said: “We entirely, wholeheartedly support equal rights for couples regardless of their sexuality.”

Last year, UKIP candidate Dr Julia Gasper argued that the readers of PinkNews should be “sectioned” for mental health problems after we exposed her statements calling for gay people to express “gratitude” to straight people, on whom they are reliant to be born. While UKIP distanced itself from her comments, it left her in post.

The party also refused to discipline UKIP candidate Geoffrey Clark who called for the compulsory abortion of foetuses with Down’s syndrome or spina bifida.

UKIP is the only political party in England and Wales to officially oppose same-sex marriage other than the far right BNP (British National Party). Its leader Nigel Farage flagged his party’s plans to put this issue at the heart of its 2014 campaign for the European Parliamentary election. Last year he said: “David Cameron’s proposal has the potential to rip apart the traditional rural Tory vote.

“While UKIP wholly respects the rights of gay people to have civil partnerships, we feel the prime minister’s proposals will present an affront to millions of people in this country for whom this will be the final straw.

“The division between city and rural is absolutely huge. In my village pub in Kent they are just completely against.”

To view the original article CLICK HERE

You may also wish to note some of the other actions of the squalid and extremist largely anti homosexual party. However homosexuals should not feel selectively victimised ;-( UKIP also supports racism anti Judaism & holoucaust deniers as they aid their group both morally and financially in their EFD Group.

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Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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