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Ukip & The Demise Of Democracy Into Enmity!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 06/02/2015

Ukip & The Demise Of Democracy Into Enmity!

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Ukip’s lack of ethics and integrity risk The Demise Of Democracy turning it Into Enmity with their self serving prostitution of principles and pursuit of polulism of the lowest common denominators!

000a ukip-025 count.png

I believe you will find this interesting! it should be named ‘Making enemies with democracy, however it bends’.

One man one vote is a fairly catastrophic concept to selecting one’s Governance, with all the risks of rule by the fool! but disruption of that principle to favour denial of democracy is potentially far worse!

It is unfortunate that the leadership low lifes and other self serving parasites of Ukip have earned so very many enemies in their pursuit of self that they have destroyed any concept of ethics, integrity or principles and offer no viable vision nor any semblance of a responsible, ethical EU eXit & survival strategy.

In understanding Ukip may I commend:
To understand the responsible and ethical means to Leave_The_EU may I commend:

Sadly Ukip have become the greatest tool for the betrtayal of Britain and never managing to Leave_The_EU but to await the inevitable collapse and the resultant destruction, powvert and misery that will bring with it both in the wars of disassociation and the collapse itself.

The veneer of civilisation is both fragile and thin see Ukraine, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, Palestine – all destroyed by greed & failure!

I wish you peace but doubt you will find it in the disruption of democracy nor in the self serving style of corruption within Ukip,





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2 Responses to “Ukip & The Demise Of Democracy Into Enmity!”

  1. Who would have thought that friends of the Tory or Labour parties would have gone to all that trouble to try and denigrate UKIP. This rather silly video claims that UKIP has failed to do so many things that are the responsibility of government without mentioning that UKIP has never been in government. It is also anonymous which places it in the gutter of political comment. All that and Greg Lance Watkins sees fit to put it on his webpage which must also tell everyone just what a stupid fool he is. He always claims to present facts and then promotes garbage like this that only uses lies and distortions under an anonymous banner. I think most of use have already judged him and his naïve contributions to political debate in the context it is presented. It is strange how so much time is given to UKIP that according to the pollsters is only a minority party as the General Election approaches. I wonder why everyone if so edgy or is it they are fearful that real change is on the way and a large number of the electorate will support the UKIP cause. That must be it because all those with privileged positions at Westminster are under threat and we will inevitably see those about to lose their jobs kick like wounded tigers. Despite all the lies, distortions and insinuations I have no doubt UKIP will endure and eventually triumph.


    • Hi,

      I do appreciate you have some difficulty grasping facts and your level of endless assumption with your sneering style does fit well with the blinkered batiness of the Ukip cult but do actually read the posting I made, rather than make a fool of yourself with comments that are just unrelated mantras and propaganda YET AGAIN!

      Most who read my blogs, I am pleased to say, will have had the perspicacity to notice that this was a condemnation of the assault on the principles of democracy by the video makers – but I guess what is the point in talking of principles, ethics, democracy or integrity with knee jerk Ukip cult followers or their false messiahs!

      Thank you once again for the opportunity to expand on and clarify the facts for those not quite bright enough to follow what is going on around them!

      As to Ukip garnering a large number of votes, I do not doubt for a moment they will do so – as I pointed out one man one vote has the inherent danger of rule by the fool. In this case it also puts at risk the possibility of a referendum which Ukip & Nigel Farage particularly did so much to suppress the chances of.

      No doubt he was flushed with his and his cult followers success in suppressing opposition to The Lisbon Treaty – what next do they plan to damage in OUR British democracy along with their pan EU EFDD Group of low lifes, extremists and racist gutter sweepings!



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