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Yet Another Example Of Ukip Racism

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 08/02/2015

Yet Another Example Of Ukip Racism

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Yet Another Example Of Ukip Racism from an individual in a position of responsibility

000a ukip-025 count.png

all too typical of Ukip:

Besides The Sun pointing out that as a result of the apparent rise of Ukip there is all too great a likelihood that The Tories will fail to get a clear majority, making it a clear risk that after the General election we will have a minority Labour Government propped up by The SNP.

This would clearly risk not only the removal of any chance of a referendum on IN / OUT re the EU but also of the catastrophic ineptitude of Labour and the bungling incompetence of Ed Miliband and Ed Balls under the controlling blackmail of the SNP trying to destroy these United Kingdoms.

The consider just how endemically racist Ukip is, which will give rise to widespread racial and religious hatred, disorder and damage to our society, eith endless low grade race hatred, which will inevitably escalate.

Consider Ukip’s latest example:
Ukip has come under fire for a now-deleted tweet from the  Plymouth branch which said:

“South Yorkshire police says PC Hassan Ali who was under investigation in relation to child abuse in Rotherham has died in a car crash KARMA!”

Just how ‘British’ is the concept of Karma & note how clearly they discriminate against against someone with the name ‘Hassan Ali’, who is innocent until proven guilty – that they rejoice in his death is an unforgivable obscenity!

Ali, 44, died in hospital on Friday, nine days after being struck by a car in Sheffield.

A spokesman for Ukip said the person who sent the tweet had been “disciplined”, any civilised party would have immediately removed ANYONE involved in such an outrageous and unforgivable comment – just how do such vile people have open access to Ukip web sites!.

The @plymouthukip account has been deleted.

This all clearly indicates just how unfit Ukip are for any public office – least of all in Governance in any shape manner or form.

Perhaps one could be forgiven for ignoring such racism were it an isolated incident but not only does it happen time and again but all too often it is covered by a bland claim of disciplin from Ukip’s utterly incompetent press office and their staff and elected officers.

It is hardly surprising in a cult that is so clearly racist that it tolerates the excrecence Gerard Batten and his vile attacks on Muslims in support of his own bronze age superstitions or the low grade racism of Nigel farage who doesn’t even realise it is racist to parade people based upon their race, colour, ethnicity and chosen superstitions as some sort of token to camouflage the endemic racism of the cult he leads.

Are wer too expect Ukip to hold ‘Coon Carnivals’ once elected to show they have no problems with race and colour!




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One Response to “Yet Another Example Of Ukip Racism”

  1. geoffbastin said

    Once again all these comments are very wide of the mark. When stating that UKIP parade people based on their skin colour, ethnicity or race you are deliberately ignoring what the other parties do also, and if that is such a crime then why not criticise all the parties and not just one.
    The other incident to which you refer in Plymouth was dealt with swiftly and concisely so what is the problem. Just because you chose to comment in some ridiculous way does not mean the whole of the human race is guilty of reporting nonsense. This stupid individual has been dealt with and I’m sure you are as relieved with the result as I am.
    If your comments were fair and reasonable you would probably get a much larger following. As it is you simply pour forth a dialogue of spiteful innuendo that impresses no one. I like well constructed debate but your irrational approach is of no consequence.


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