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Ukip Still Rigging & Buying Selection & Candidacy!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 04/01/2015

Ukip Still Rigging & Buying Selection & Candidacy!

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Ukip Still Rigging & Buying Selection & Candidacy – Whether one buys ones position with sex, by renting HMS Belfast or funding a conference for Ukip or by other corrupt means this is a strange way to seek the confidence of voters!



Ukip has a long track record of cheats, liars and self serving scoundrels forming their leadership team and staff.

Whether it was the corrupt and duplicitous Douglas Denny obfuscating on behalf of his puppet master Nigel Farage, whom he claims to have clear evidence and proof positive of material that would lead to his prosecution; or the style of obscenities and dishonesty of Annabelle Fuller Nigel Farage’s long term intimate or, for that matter, the boerish and dishonest Mick McGough or Nigel’s sewer rat Mark Croucher or the corrupt and underhand Tory reject Christopher Gill or even the dishonest and corrupt extreme racist Malcolm Pearson – corruption is clearly endemic amongst the ranks of Ukip leadership clique and its claque.

We all experienced the self serving lies of Teflon Tony during the 13 unlucky years of Labour misrule and economic illiteracy – which clearly hasn’t changed, just look at the debacle in the Welsh NHS that outstrips any other of the British EU Regions and which is the only one of the EU’s Mickey Mouse Regions that is under Labour control and you wuill realise just how awesomely catastrophic Ed Milliband and Ed Balls would be in Drowning Street propped up by the odious Alex Salmond and even perhaps Clegg’s motley crew, if it was the only way they felt they could enhance their incomes.

Just why would people want to vote for the equally corrupt overtly racist and undeniably anti homosexual and anti jewish Ukip, to judge by comments of their members and their associates chosen by their leadership!
There is no shortage of proof of the corruption within the self seeking ranks of Ukip and yet again a National newspaper has put its name to a clear act of corruption of any concept of democratic selection as a position is sold to the highest bidder!

A brief look through this web site will give dozens of examples many specific examples can be found if you CLICK HERE or HERE

UKIP wants disgraced Tory MP Neil Hamilton to stand in General Election

Getty UKIP supporters Neil and Christine Hamilton
UKIP supporters Neil and Christine Hamilton

UKIP has hatched a new plot to parachute in disgraced former Tory MP Neil Hamilton to stand for them at the General Election.

He was forced to quit politics 17 years ago after a cash-for-questions probe heard he had taken £25,000 in brown envelopes to lobby Parliament for the then Harrods owner Mohamed al-Fayed.

A leaked top-level report to UKIP’s ruling national executive committee – seen by the Sunday Mirror – recommends he should fight the target marginal seat of Portsmouth South in May.

It is the third potential seat Mr Hamilton has been lined up for. Bids last year to stand in Boston and Skegness, and Basildon were shelved after claims of quarrels over strategy within the party.

He also had to defend himself against allegations of ­questionable expenses claims involving an overnight stay in a flat owned by his wife Christine.

Portsmouth South is held by former Lib Dem Mike Hancock, who was forced to quit his party and become an ­independent after a sex scandal.

A UKIP source claims leader Nigel Farage does not want Mr Hamilton as an MP – but the party’s second biggest donor, spread-betting tycoon Stuart Wheeler, believes he is good for their prospects and has ­threatened to withdraw support if he is not given a seat to fight.

“They have got themselves into a real mess over it,” said the source. “Hamilton is seen by most in the party as ­yesterday’s man, tainted by sleaze.

“Many see him as a reason not to vote UKIP. But Stuart Wheeler is a close friend and that’s where a large chunk of the party’s money comes from.”

In November, UKIP’s head of candidate selection wrote to senior party figures: “It is my recommendation that the National Executive Committee appoint Neil Hamilton as ­Candidate for Portsmouth South. His personal connections with the seat and clear standing in the party make him ideal, and a person who will be welcomed.”

Mr Hamilton, who has labelled the claims about his expenses a “dirty tricks campaign”, said: “It is not appropriate for me to comment.”

The report also says UKIP MEP Janice Atkinson should not be re-selected after calling a Thai constituent “a ting tong”.

Would you vote for Hamilton?

  • YES 14%

  • NO   86%

To view the original of this article CLICK HERE





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