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The Lib Lab Ukip Con’s failure to Plan For Liberty

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 03/01/2015

The Lib Lab Ukip Con’s failure to Plan For Liberty

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


The LibLabUkipCon’s failure to Plan For Liberty as they grow ever more alike The Conservatives, Labour & Liberal Democrats seem to share a Rizla whilst Ukip is barely a fag paper away!



I take the liberty of basing this post on a blog written by Richard North which reads as follows:

UK politics: a brighter future?

Richard North, 02/01/2015  

“As for Ukip”, says David Cameron, writing for the Daily Telegraph, “all they can deliver is Ed Miliband into Downing Street“. He goes on to say:

A vote for Ukip is a vote to prop up a failing Labour government – a government that would refuse to give people a referendum on Europe and that would take us back to the days of open-door immigration, an out-of-control welfare budget and a something-for-nothing society …

Then up pops an oft-repeated promise: Labour’s Human Rights Act would be scrapped, and thence for emphasis, Mr Cameron again tells us that: “an in-out referendum on Europe [will be] delivered”.

Needless to say, there is no reason to trust that Mr Cameron will keep his promises. But then trust is not an issue. Our best judgement is that, if he again reneged on a promise of a referendum, the Conservative party would rebel, and he would quickly be deposed as a leader.

Furthermore, come the 2020 general election, with no referendum having been delivered, the Conservative Party would be unelectable. Mr Cameron would have wiped out any chance of a further Conservative government for the foreseeable future.

But then, if you want to quibble, is Mr Cameron’s statement any more or less credible than this from Mr Farage?

Ukip is no longer seen as the “protest vote”, but rather as an opportunity to look outside the Westminster bubble for real solutions, devised by real people, with real life experience. We will fight the upcoming elections believing that our potential is still underestimated, and that the balance of power is within our grasp.

If you believe that, frankly, you will believe anything. But, of the two, I’m more prepared to take Mr Cameron at his word – not because I trust him, but because he’s boxed himself into a corner, and has no realistic option other than to deliver, if he again becomes prime minister after this year’s general election.

That notwithstanding, sooner of later, we are going to have a referendum. And the better prepared we are to fight the campaign, the better our chances are of winning it. Thus, whether or not Mr Cameron delivers on his promise, we should still be preparing for a referendum campaign.

And, with even greater emphasis, that’s what we’re going to be doing on this blog.

and even more specifically in response to his comment on his Forum:

All too often, the eurosceptics offer what amount to “lies” (i.e., untruths), which means that we end up trading lie with lie. It would be helpful if we could isolate the truth and then spread it.

  • Hi,

    perhaps lie is a little strong, as Enoch Powell made clear in his speech in the HoC, the EU was telling the truth but it’s sales force, in the form of paid hirelings like MEPs, MPs, broadcasters & Civil Servants were all too willing to obfuscate the truth with spin.

    Currently we have Cameron promising a referendum IF the Tories are returned with a majority and offering to resign IF he then does not deliver a referendum – an easy out from his promise, based not on lies but on obfuscation.

    I note that there seems no clarity of such a promise from any other political leader of consequence and Cameron’s promise seems in isolation in that none of the front runners for his job should he stumble and fall has either endorsed his promise or promised an EU IN/OUT Referendum of any clarity. In fact none of the front runners for the governance of OUR Country would seem to wish to hold a fair, informed and balanced referendum – each feeding the mill with grit rather than grain!

    Alternatively we have the spin and obfuscation of Ukip who after 22 years of ‘claiming’ to wish to Leave_The_EU are milking the tax payers for all they are worth through the EU bribe system and delivering nothing – not even aresponsible, honourable, clear EU eXit & survival strategy, in fact no strategy or plan whatsoever after 22 years!

    Ukip’s devotion to populism without proper policy is so well a trodden path it is risible. Consider Adolf Hitler, Oswald Moseley, both of whom sought to blame outsiders and to thus sweep the gutters of politics choosing unsavoury allies and ill informed supporters over responsible researched policies of substance and gravitas and they like Nigel Farage were also pronounced man of the year, in 1938 & 1934 respectively.

    That The SNP, Plaid and the Greens are trolling the same pool dependent on ignorance for their support and transient achievements casts a sad light on the body politic, where Ukip’s good fortune has been enhanced by gathering in the support of BNP members, even their deposed leader Nick Griffin, and supporters now they have collapsed leaving Ukip as the most clearly racist party left with which to protest. Much as Hitler’s early battle was with the Communist Party in Bavaria, a battle he won by denouncing the Jews, Gypsies and disabled – just as Ukip do regarding Romanians, Bulgarians, Roma and other immigrants!

    The difficulty faced by those of us seeking to Leave_The_EU is that it is an immensely complex process and FUD can be all too easily used by those who have incrementally forced upon us the EU scam, with salami slicing of our fundamental human right of self determination and its obscene costs and down side risks.

    The EU has woven a complex quilt of regulation, by the use of a massive unelected bureaucracy that includes the Civil Servants of all its vassal states aided by their police, politicians and much of their military whilst the tax payers have been left unrepresented and poorly, led mostly by opportunists unwilling to put in the hard slog of research and fine tuning as they expend their energy and our cash seeking selection and election so as to feed on the gravy train they claim to reject!

    Indubitably FleXcit offers a way forward, even perhaps the way forward, but already it extends to some 370 pages, well researched as it is and clearly striving for joined up thinking, will enough people read it. More importantly will enough members of the electorate understand it or will it continue to be run away from by the LibLabUkipCon herd mentality?

    The LibLabUkipCon seem not to wish to lie but clearly they have no desire to tell the truth with clarity and integrity or we would have left the outmoded, obfuscating, self serving bureaucrats of the un democratic EU long ago, even assuming we had been duped into its clutches originally, as we unarguably were; then as now based on spin, unbalanced funding, corrupt publicity and FUD – little changes!

    We have a long and arduous road ahead to repatriate our democracy and salvage our right to self determination and justice. Without education of the electorate in at least some of the details of FleXcit our aim of EU eXit is likely to fail, as the EUroPhiles have no need to lie merely to obfuscate and employ FUD to rattle the ill informed into the ballot box with a ‘stay in’ vote cast in fear and ignorance.

    Ignorance that comes of never having had explained to them the clear benefits of Britain resuming its independent status as a Global trading nation, with a reputation of integrity and justice, though the latter has been much tarnished by what were indubitably lies that emanated from the likes of Edward Heath, Geoffrey Rippon and latterly the indisputable corruption of Blair & Brown’s 13 unlucky years of self enriching misgovernment and economic illiteracy.

    Whenever the referendum comes, as it surely will, the hard work starts here and now and must be relentless if we are to have any hope of restoring our democracy in any meaningful terms.

    How about starting out with the relatively simple task of explaining how the EU works by promoting Richard North’s excellent book ‘The Great Deception’; followeed by the simple fact that the EU makes very few laws, it merely rewrites the laws of The WTO, Codex, The WHO, The IMF, The UN and the like with the seal of approval and wording of The Enarcs and the imprimatur of the EU.

    It will be long, it will be hard and it may well be bloody but we must work for freedom rather than be distracted by the obfuscation of the so called wars to grant freedom to many who as a majority wish to live by other standards be they Islam or the centralised dictator committees of Russia or The EU.

    If we are ever again asked if we wish to be governed by a centralised foreign and very alien power and the choice is that or the open sea and restoration of our global trading role and spheres of influence in the Anglosphere and beyond clearly we should, as an island Nation of United Kingdoms choose the open sea with control of our own trade, our own laws and freedoms and our own borders.

    Sadly one is forced to ponder whether Nigel farage has merely adopted the role of being yet another Judas Goat!


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