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Seems Ukip Are Of No Substance & Less Reliability

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 06/01/2015

Seems Ukip Are Of No Substance & Less Reliability


UPDATE: 09:00hrs. 07-Jan-2015


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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Seems Ukip Are Of No Substance & Less Reliability for as we note the higher up the tree the monkey climbs the more you see its @rse!


clearly more and more people are seeing through Nigel Farage and his cult followers in Ukip
One wag has put the cat amongst the ferretts as they squabble in their sack, minded that Mark Daniels wrote the various self congratulatory books about Nigel for him and we are all the worse off for his untimely demise he seems not to have an imaginitive ghost writter any more and you may find the details of the latest book about him on Amazon more accurate than any before:

Clint in not happy that Amazon will not remove a perfectly innocuous book about the UKIP leader detailing his wit and wisdom

Here is the problem

Here is the problem

It seems the book is completely full of blank pages and some Kippers have been duped

The acclaimed reviews

The acclaimed reviews

Some readers really liked the book and left five start reviews

The critical reviews

The critical reviews

To view the original of the article above CLICK HERE
FARAGE, Nigel  104
You only need to read just a short way further on that page to realise just what an unpleasant, vituperative and humourless group has gathered in Nigel Farage’s cult following.
Just imagine if Ukip held any position of responsibility let alone influence in Government!Seems they are either unable to pay for their web site or just too busy squabbling to get around to it!Just imagine if one of their two bit City failures was given a job in the Treasury they might well forget to pay the money due to The NHS or Pensions or Benefits – Politics isn’t just about showboating down at the pub you know!Clearly Nigel Farage doesn’t know that nor Paul Nuttall his sidekick as the very first policy announcement made for Ukip by Nigel Farage in this election year was that he was going to give up beer during January – well I guess rather than be his normal gurning self slightly befuddled and hiding in a pub before, being so drunk, going back to the flat of some local prostitute, as he did with Lega Howells who sold her body and her reputation to The News of The World!
Are we to assume little Nigel intends to revert to his favoured tipple and down copious quantities of expensive claret?

When challenged on this point he found himself in the embarrassing position of having to forawear alchohol in any form for January – presumably that will be orange juice, which so easily masks Vodka so as to maintain his body sugar levels!

Ukip WEB SITE 06-Jan-2014 01Ukip’s Web Site Screen Capture 06-Jan-2015

I was amused to be sent this receipt for the purchase of from a third party ;-))

Ukip WEB SITE 06-Jan-2015 02It reminds me of a number of years ago when Ukip were too stupid to protect their own name on the internet and I registered all the available permutations of Ukip web site to stop enemies of the Ukip concept and aim to Leave_The_EU, which Mark Oliver then transferred to Nigel Farage for me – seems they have learned very little in the last 15 years, probably too engrossed with squabbling like ferrets in a sack, stuffing their pockets, womanising and abusing the trust of their supporters for their own gain!

Either that or they have spent just too many hours building their reputations a drunks never far from their booze!

Sad isn’t it that the Ukip potential to lead these United Kingdoms out of The EU has been prostituted to the gain of a small clique of self seeking scoundrels and ne’r do wells!

There is however no truth in the rumour that some Ukip supporters are claiming that the web site was not working due to overcrowding on the internet due to immigrants and that the web site did not crash due to the legalisation of same sex marriage – nor was it due as Gertard Batten may well claim that it was because Muslims did not sign his undertaking not to crash Ukip’s web site!

UPDATE: 09:00hrs. 07-Jan-2015

UKIP website back online after brief outage


The domain name reportedly expired, although UKIP denied it forgot to renew it

UKIP’s website is back up and running after a glitch meant the homepage was forwarding to a domain provider’s hosting page for a number of hours yesterday.

Although the domain registration doesn’t expire until March 2016, according to registration records freely available on the internet, users were invited to purchase via GoDaddy when they headed to the website.

However, 123-reg, which registered to Nigel Farage’s party confirmed the party didn’t forget to renew it, nor did it expire at all and UKIP technical experts were able to get the site up and running within a few hours.

A 123-reg spokesperson told The Register: “UKIP did not fail to renew its domain name and in fact has a long term registration with 123-reg. This morning we have helped UKIP to restore its website to normal service. As UKIP has stated, there was a technical problem overnight and this is no fault of 123-reg.”

While the opportunity was there, one prankster decided to buy the domain for the advertised price of £200, although shortly after confirming the purchase on social media, Alcopop! Records reported that they did not legitimately own the address, nor was GoDaddy willing to hand over a refund.

The company posted on its Facebook page: “Sorry guys – the internet has let us down. This morning we legitimately purchased the UKIP website for £200 (confirmation here). However, Go Daddy seem to have given it back to those fascist b*stards, and no sign of a refund. Genuinely gutted. We’ll be back Farage….”

Further delving into the domain registration records, it would appear something changed on its servers on Sunday, suggesting someone may have been fiddling with the hosting.

To view the original of this article CLICK HERE

You will note the article above which tried to assist Ukip at this embarrassing time clearly states that there is absolutely no fault on behalf of the supplier – however it is notable that there is no consideration of the fact that the supplier of the hosting may have terminated the web site due to a failure to pay for the funding of the hosting!
This is of course just a bit of frippery on my part following this latest example of poor management by Ukip and its omnipresent utter incompetence when it comes to PR and the failures of the serially incompetent Press Office of Ukip & The EFDD Group (in its various incarnations)  over many years.





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