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So The EU wants more British VAT to fund their scam!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 09/06/2013

So The EU wants more British VAT to fund their scam!

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


So The EU wants to Tax us with more British VAT to fund their scam!
And clearly UKIP has failed in its duty for lack of education & training!!



there have even been claims that David Cameron has so much lost the trust of his party and the electorate that his New World Order masters have summoned him to a secretive meeting of The Bilderbergers at of all places, embarrassingly, Watford!It is unclear amongst the rumour mongers whether this is to receive a dressing down for his bungling of the EU Referendum issue or to receive new orders on how to ensure he continues the sell out of Britain to the forces of evil!

Euro VAT prats

EU wants tax hike on gas, oil, kids’ clothes.. and dying

MEDDLING EU chiefs are demanding crippling VAT hikes on everyday goods.

They threaten to send energy bills soaring with a FOUR-FOLD rise in tax on gas, electricity and heating oil.

The cost of all reduced or zero-rated goods — including water supplies, kids’ clothes and even funerals — could rocket under plans to end VAT-free sales.

Eurocrats want us to impose a single rate on all goods to wipe £3billion off national debt.

The move comes just two years after Brussels arm-twisted ministers into raising the standard rate to 20p in the pound.

The European Commission’s recommendation of the UK’s national reform programme demands action to guarantee work or training for youngsters, more childcare and better transport.

The document says: “In order to raise revenue, make greater use of the standard rate of VAT.”

West Midlands MEP Nikki Sinclaire has tabled a formal question to the Commission demanding an explanation.

But David Cameron will be under pressure to back the plan at a European Council meeting in Brussels later this month.


Last night Chancellor George Osborne was said to be furious and has told aides there is “no chance” he will let it happen.

A senior Treasury source said: “Our plans are based on spending reductions, not more tax rises.”

But a European Commission spokesman said: “The UK needs to reduce debt without new taxes on labour, which hit jobs.”

To view the original article CLICK HERE
for more on this issue watch:

Sadly there is no sign of comment or contribution from UKIP on this issue, but then again the media only USE UKIP as a foil to the Government to provoke stories and as George Osborn spoke out against the EU aims and interfernce to support the EUro!

Britain will clearly be better off when we Leave-The-EU.

That UKIP was not asked to comment speaks volumes and it is notable how they are gaining a great deal of publicity when USED for the media’s goals – yet still being highlighted as the lazies politicians in Britain’s team feeding in the EU troughs as with:

Bangers and cash for Nigel Farage’s Brussels blow-out


igel Farage may be no fan of Brussels, but he is less Eurosceptic about the EU stronghold’s food.

The UKIP leader was a guest at biotech investor Jim Mellon’s recent birthday lunch at the Brussels brasserie La Taverne du Passage, alongside Richard Reed, the millionaire founder of Innocent Drinks, and Denham Eke, the managing director of Mellon’s Burnbrae investment vehicle.

Farage befriended the gang through Mellon’s brother-in-law, the wealth manager Tim Price although there is one snag.

As a resident of the Isle of Man, Mellon is unable to donate to Farage’s party, so is looking to contribute to UKIP’s cause “in other ways”.

Treating Farage to a slap-up Belgian lunch in an eatery known for its “superb” wine list seems a good start. Even the speciality sausage dish is “AAAAA grillée”.

That said, it is clear that UKIP MEPs are, it seems, in it for their own end, so to speak. Talking of ends perhaps it is worth noting that the end seems to have come for Mike Nattrass and any chance or re-election as an MEP, but he is no longer desperate for the money it seems, as he has seemingly no longer has a need to fund an expensive divorce to continue to live with his mistress and fund his lifestyle and villa in Portugal – it seems his long suffering wife has taken him back, no doubt chalking  up her claims for security and belittling his stupidity, if in private, on the grounds of ‘there is no greater fool than an old fool’!

I feel setting up a flat with his EU mistress in Birmingham and tyhen paying her off may well have been a costly excercise for Nattrass! Interestingly under UKIP policy of banning EU citizens from living in Britain without a work permit would Nattrass have had to actually employ her as a paid concubine or is there to be an exception made for the mistresses of UKIP MEPs 😉

Clearly Mike Nattrass’s income as a UKIP MEP, all be it for a short time acting with integrity outside of the vile EFD Group of racists and anti homosexual extremists, must have worked wonders in the eyes of his mistress!

May I suggest to UKIP MEPs who do not wish to have their private lives discussed then it is unwise to live as parasites on the public purse funded by EU bribes!

Clearly his position as lead candidate for UKIP in the EU’s West Midlands Region is severely challenged not just by Farage’s likely parachuting in of an outside candidate less problematic and with some intelligence, all be it a sycophantic drinking buddy, is more than likely and he has alrteady earmarked John Gaunt and at least one other as more likely to top the list and that still leaves Jill Seymore’s ambitions to satiate, though Farage has only ever ‘used’ her as something of a dupe for her money!

An even greater reason that Mike Nattrass is unlikely to fall out of the running order is that Joyce Nattrass, his long suffering wife, has made it very clear that she wants her husband to retire – whether to avoid making a fool of himself in the fleshpots of Brussels and Strasbourg or for exclusive use of the villa in Portugal is hardly of consequence to the rest of us!

I must say I was impressed by the consumate competence of Nigel Farage’s handling of the Labour Party louts at Hove recently as they sheltered behind their so called UAF (United Against Fascism), Anti Fascist League in a display of Fascist denial of freedom of speech and outright yobbery supported by various prominent Labour MPs, MEPs and backers under the chairmanship of the odious Ken Livingstone!

Whilst on the subject of Farage’s abilities surely no one would claim he was anything but competent as a speaker having used UKIP to speak at over 1,000 public meetings and been virtually the only approved media spokesman for the party consistently over some 15 years!

Farage’s pitch at his Frimley meeting was another competent, if very stereotype, presentation and there is no doubt audience figures are rising but without a massive leap forward this still places UKIP as also rans in dometic politics, however you may wish to egg the cake!

The spin of how well they did in the recent local; elections is clearly only spin and by cleverly selected facts can be made to look like a brieakthrough to the simpler minded thinkers. However lets face the facts UKIP stood over 1,700 candidates and less than 150 were elected and from amongst this meager number several have already resigned over various issues from racism to stealing from shops!

Having seen what fools many make of themselves on what is EUphemistically called ‘Social Media’ but surely should be more readily called ‘Anti Social Media’ as many in UKIP are so ashamed of their own actions that they hide in cowardice behind anonymity to distort and lie for their own gain – none more so than the creepy crowd of anonymous stalkers on the UKIP controlled Forum of Anthony Butcher!

That said – there is no doubt that as UKIP’s spokesman and visibly only competent public speaker Nigel Farage has developed his style over the last 20 years and with 14 years ridibg high on the hog from the public purse – though as a leader he still quite clearly has no strategy, no tactics and no real vision for the future much beyond ‘ambition’. To pretend one leads a party when one does not even have a clear ‘Exit & Survival Strategy’ and have absolutely no meaningful training schedule and the party has no structural organogram or ladder to work is to misrepresent the term leadership!

That the entire party is clearly dependent on one man is indisputable, and that he has consistently fallen out with 1/3rd of his elected fellows and hand picks all the staff himself shows just how vulnerable the party is and how obviously unfit for purpose they are!

It is unfair to claim that UKIP is a One-Man-Band but it does make clear their plight, in that there is only one figure of any authority or consequence, a position he controls by turning a blind eye to the odious behaviour of many of his staff and so called supporters! The lies and distortions, abuse and cyber bullying needed to keep Farage in power indicates just how unpleasant Britain would be if UKIP ever gained any meaningful authority in Britain and we all know that acting the fool in EUrope seems the only real role UKIP has.

Sadly in 20 years UKIP has abjectly failed to educate themselves, let alone educate the public as to the benefits of Leaving -The-EU for Britain and as a result, as the torch bearer for the more naive and less informed EUroSceptics UKIP has failed our Country and by jumping, belatedly, on the EU Referendum band wagon without having educated the public they would seem, despite riding on a natural wave of resentment, to be likely to doom Britain to a further generation of ensnarement in The EU which will eventually lead to liberation, not from UKIP’s inept actions but as a result of the impending disaster of the EU’s own collapse!





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Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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