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Racism Clearly Rife In UKIP!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 26/05/2013

Racism Clearly Rife In UKIP

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Hi,This internal UKIP conversation was forwarded to me by someone seeking to expose the underlying levels of racism in UKIP, who had had it mailed to them so to protect their identity I had to leave out the next step of the conversation, but this alone goes some way to show just how deeply entrenched is the inadequacy of many senior UKIP members and just how ignorant they are of the background of many Muslims they are, not to mention how unchristian their values are amongst UKIP and how extensive their racist roots are!

On 23 May 2013, at 21:46, Brian Ransley <> wrote:
Hi Piers & colleagues,
Yesterday’s incident in Woolwich and Cameron’s pathetic claptrap today – “never give in to terrorism” – it’s been here in the UK for years and successive governments have done nothing. Surely this gives UKIP a chance: let’s get away from the widely held and spouted view of CON/LAB/LIB politicians that the vast majority of muslims are law abiding and these attacks are isolated incidents. The modus operandi is clear although it’s not in the Koran – jihad is being preached by imams in mosques up and down the country while our PC-riddled police turn a blind eye. Incitement to kill is a serious crime in this country and the perpetrators must be rounded up and punished. Many muslims have dual passports, allowing them to come and go as they please in order to visit grandma in a remote part of Pakistan etc. Anyone convicted of incitement who is found to have “dual nationality” should be deported immediately on completion of their sentences, (although British public is also tired of putting them up at their expense). No sharia law either – if they can’t abide by British laws then their welcome is ended. It’s time the police did their job – access to emails and the internet in general is easy and intelligence gathering is well within their grasp provided the politicians leave them to do the job.
 And on the subject of political control of the police: the 16% turnout and the ridicule poured down on our Kent Police Commissioner following her ridiculous appointment earlier this year stand out: time already to abolish this expensive and unnecessary layer of bureaucracy. The Home Secretary is an elected politician and to he alone should the police report. And let the police do the job they were designed to do – as Tom Windsor spelt out a few weeks ago – TO PREVENT CRIME – instead of this stupid “keeping us safe” (they don’t and can’t of course without shutting everything down).

From: John Austen <>
Date: Fri, 24 May 2013 00:19:15 +0200
Subject: Re: Policy
I think it should be made plain that the entire family of any individual who commits a terrorist are all deported. I do not believe the claims of family members that they never knew their husband, father, or brother was planning jihad. These people might think twice if while they were enjoying paradise with their 40 virgins (what do the women get?) their families are sent back to the hole they left behind in the middle and far east.
But it will never happen.
Subject: Re: Policy
Date: Fri, 24 May 2013 06:55:57 +0000

72 virgins. What happens after they’ve all been taken isn’t clear. BR
Sent from my BlackBerry® smartphone on O2
Brian Ransley
I appreciate this does not represent the views, values or opinions of all in UKIP but it is irefutable that UKIP leade rship is represented by this type of conversation or why else would they prostitute UKIP to support and assistance to their undeniably racist allies in The EU.Claims that UKIP are not racist are clearly dishonest, and as plausible as The EDL pretending they have ethics and represent anything other than the basest and most odious in our society – yet you will be aware that various senior UKIP members are closely affiliated to The EDL and some attend their vile parades and protests.

One need only read the vile incitement to hatred based on superstition and ethnicity emanating from the odious liar and UKIP MEP Gerard Batten to realise just how racist UKIP is and furthermore just how blinkered they are to their own racism and corrupt hatred and all based on stupid superstition and ignorance!

It never ceases to astonish me that UKIP members can be foolish as to reject my considered contention that UKIP led by Nigel Farage is about as much use, in terms of EUroScepticism as they are fit for purpose leading an EU withdrawalist group!




PS  05-Jun-2013:
I have REDACTED the names of those to whom distribution was made as I gather that sadly, it being UKIP, certain of the recipients of the correspondence shown were being harassed for being recipients of this correspondence where clearly they had not authored the material.

I have NOT seen rebuttal of this unpleasant racist series of UKIP eMails to date! However I am unsurprised as clearly UKIP is a fundamentally racist party, as shown by its close association with various more honest and overt racist parties and organisations!


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One Response to “Racism Clearly Rife In UKIP!”

  1. Hi,

    I received the following posting and have removed identifying material that might expose the correspondent who provided their name & eMail.
    They said:
    Submitted on 2013/06/05 at 06:50

    Morning Greg, Please would you remove the private email addresses from this post, we’re receiving hate messages!!!! Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2013 03:39:26

    I have acted as requested and as shown in the PS above.



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