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Debacle Over The Tartan Curtain & UKIP Racism

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 19/05/2013

Debacle Over The Tartan Curtain & UKIP Racism

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Debacle Over The Tartan Curtain & UKIP Racism! One IS Judged by One’s Friends & as such UKIP is inescapably Racist, anti Jewish, anti homosexual and violent, having prostituted its ethics, ostensibly for cash rewards for its leader!



although I am aware that there have been and will be claims of internet hacking by the members of UKIP, a Party undeniably linked with racism, when they are caught out in racist rants or other imature & crass behaviour.

Such claims fall into the catagory of ‘they would say that wouldn’t they‘  and thus render the claims of hacking or being misquoted all too implausible.

That UKIP’s candidates who were elected are in the main both insignificant and unheard of makes the claims yet more implausible as ‘hacking’ is a complex and skilled task and there seems every likelihood that no one of significance has been able to prove, in any way, that they have been hacked. Who exactly could be bothered hacking such irelevant individuals – frankly I incline not to believe this widespread claim of hacking!

You must draw your own conclusions but note that major national media outlets have a small army of lawyers who vet material to ensure its veracity and if there is genuine doubt they would rather spike a true story than risk facing the courts in a libel case where the courts tend to award disproportionate compensation to the ranks of nebishes bringing claims, despite the fact that their case would have required around £100,000 to be paid up front to fund front end costs in the High Courts!

Let us look first at this story below and then consider the other claims:

UKIP Councillor’ racist rants:

More of Nigel Farage’s troops exposed as bigots!

18 May 2013 20:49


A Sunday Mirror investigation has discovered sickening rants on the Facebook pages of party officials

Crackdown: Nigel Farage said the party is researching candidates' backgrounds
Crackdown: Nigel Farage said the party is researching candidates’ backgrounds

Nigel Farage’s UKIP party is still riddled with racism… despite his claim of a crackdown.

A Sunday Mirror investigation has discovered sickening rants on the Facebook pages of party officials.

Details of their vitriol emerged only days after Eric Kitson quit as a councillor in Stourbridge, Worcs, after we exposed his internet slurs against Muslims and Jews.

Last month Farage claimed “a huge amount of time and money” had been spent researching the backgrounds of council candidates.

He said: “Our membership is up nearly 50 per cent, and inevitably we are going to have one or two teething problems.”

But today we can reveal his members’ latest hate-fuelled ­postings.

Chris Pain
Immigrants rant: Councillor Chris Pain

Ukip’s Chris Pain, leader of the opposition at Lincs Council and the party’s East Midlands regional chairman, wrote: “Have you noticed that if you ­rearrange the letters in ‘illegal ­immigrants’, and add just a few more letters, it spells, ‘Go home you free-loading, benefit-grabbing, resource-sucking, baby-making, non-English-speaking ********* and take those other hairy-faced, sandal-wearing, bomb-making, camel-riding, goat-********, raghead ******** with you.’”

Mr Pain has also ­objected to foreign doctors working in the NHS.

Last May he posted a story about a Hungarian medic who bungled an operation on a four-year-old boy in Manchester, and wrote: “We don’t want them taking all the jobs in the local community and we certainly don’t want them working in our hospitals!”

Peter Entwistle, party chairman in Bury, Greater Manchester, labelled President Barack Obama a Muslim, writing: “I bet he’s a closet ‘Imam’ as well!

“If I ever see him on a Greyhound bus wearing a rucksack, I’m getting off!!”

Peter Entwistle
Barack barracking: Peter Entwistle said Obama is a Muslim

The party’s deputy chairman in Scotland, Misty Thackeray, “liked” a Facebook group claiming “paedophilia is part of Islamic tradition”.

He also praised far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders, a self-­confessed “hater of Islam”.

Recommending Mr Wilders’ new book, he said: “Geert is great …(peace be upon him.. lol) ..!”

Meanwhile Tiggs Keywood-­Wainwright, a Ukip councillor in Boston, Lincs, complained about mosques being built in “quintessentially English” Cambridge. “Is nowhere sacred for the Brits in Britain any more?” she wrote.

“Bottom line is we have too many muslims in this country!”

Mr Pain said the comments on his Facebook pages were “not my original posts or writings”, claiming his ­account had been hacked.

Mr Entwistle laughed when confronted about his President Obama bus comments, saying: “I don’t think I’d be the only one getting off.”

Tiggs Keywood-Wainwright
“Too many Muslims”: Tiggs Keywood-Wainwright
Sunday Mirror

Mr Thackeray refused to comment on “this ridiculous nonsense”. He said Mr Wilders was a “legally, democratically-elected politician”.

Ms Keywood-Wainwright admitted she “probably” regretted some of her remarks.

She claimed she meant there were too many Muslims “in certain areas”, adding: “My GPs are all Muslims and I have no ­problem with them at all.

“One of them is extremely nice and very, very good at her job.”

Farage described demonstrators who besieged him in Edinburgh on Thursday as “fascist scum”.

He also slammed the phone down on a BBC interviewer questioning him about Scots issues.


To view the original article CLICK HERE

That Nigel Farage found himself the4 victim of some of the abusive low life inadequates that seem all too prevalent in Scotland comes as no surprise to me having personally been dishonestly and corruptly abused in efforts to defame the facts I have published by some of the all too similar scum such as Matt Quinn, George McKendrick and a host of other vile Scottish ne’er do wells and failed personalities with their inadequacies writ large in bile in the manner they bear chips on both shoulders! Just look on the internet and you will find their cyber bullying and dishonest abuse all to readily!

That Nigel Farage played right into the hand of these cowardly parasites is indisputable with the overt racism, anti homosexuality, xenophobia and misogyny of the partners he chose for UKIP as its allies in The EU and increasingly it seems he chose as candidates within his own party as shown by the recent resignations amongst his all too small group of recently elected Councillors (a mere 147 out of the 1,700+ which he fielded!). None in Scotland you may note!

Consider the claims of being misquoted by Anne-Marie Crampton on this blog, when recently she claimed the media deliberately lied about her CLICK HERE

OR consider the following entry from another blogger:


Scots have been accused of being racist and fascist by Nigel Farage. 
Does he know the meaning of the words? Does his colleague Mr Northcott?
What does Farage think of the tweets shown above (click to enlarge) from Mr Northcott?
Farage accused Thursday’s small crowd, some estimates said 20 people (Nigel had it at 50), of being anti-English because they told him they didn’t want to see the union jack in Scotland again. 
Does he know what the flag of England is? 
Did he know that one of the organisers of the protest is English?
Nigel was launching his party’s bid to take the by election seat in Donside.
Does he have any idea how far away from Edinburgh Donside is? (AsBella Caledonia said, can you imagine him launching an election bid for Leeds from  Birmingham?)
Farage and Thatcher. She’s the one ON the mug
Farage was outraged that in a democracy he wasn’t even allowed to make his point before being shouted down. I’d concede him a point there. We should have let him tell us what his policies were: policies like repatriating powers to Westminster, getting rid of women’s and gay rights, abolishing our fairer system of elections, adopting English policies on education (£9,000 a year) and health (selling off the health service) and public services, before we told him we didn’t want any of it. 
But Farage wasn’t so keen to make his point when he was asked, politely, about his party’s dismal showings in Scotland. BBC Scotland’s telephone interview was relatively easy going compared with what SNP ministers have to handle. There were no hard hitting questions on some of the dodgier UKIP members, who earned the party the reputation for being clowns; no questions about Farage and his mates in Brussels and Strasbourg allegedly missing vital committee meetings where British fishing interests were in question, because they were allegedly drunk. (Interesting that Northcott above seemed to find it strange that a “jock” would be sober enough to string a sentence together. 
This is Mr Northcott. The one with the red nose
In his answers he conflated anti UK sentiments with anti English sentiments. And complained that he had been surrounded by people who wanted to take Scotland out of the UK. How on earth can he criticise an independence movement when his own party’s name is the UK INDEPENDENCE Party.
But for all that, given his chance to put his point, he put down the phone in the huff because he sensed hatred.  Jeez, the man needs to get out more.
Can you imagine how Alex Salmond would have dealt with that?
To view the original article CLICK HERE albeit an openly stated and obviously partisan commentator!

Clearly FaceBook particularly is an irresponsible host of ‘social media’ and its lack of discernment is self evident from the clear fact that any Tom, Dick, Harry or McTavish who is listed as a follower is glibly described as a friend and all too often Scots seem grossly ill informed of their own history but all too well versed in its mythology believing there is more than a shred of truth in ‘Brave Heart’ a work of pure fiction based on fantasy which puts butts on seats in cinemas!

I well remeber some years ago when Nigel Farage stations one of hs very scarce intelligent staff in Scotland for an election where sshe (Heather Conyngham) was tasked with finding out how politics in Scotland functioned and recruiting candidates to exploit it with her guidance and a very meagre purse! UKIP knew little of politics then and seemingly have forgotten most of what they may have know since!

There is no one of notable abil;ity in UKIP’s team in Scotland bar some fool of a pretend member of The House of Lords and perhaps one could count Malcolm Lord Pearson of Rannoch who not only proved utterly inept as Nigel Farage’s pupopet leaderr during the ‘Berkow’ debacle where Farage did so badlt but also Pearson was exposed as both disloyal and a liar!

Then of course there is the ex army Corporal who takes center stage to make UKIP Scotland a figure of farce with his idiotic misrepresentation of law as a so called ‘freeman of the Land’ of which there is no such legal entity and as a gullible gutter scraper with his utterly corrupt claims of veracity in the fantasies of Anne Greig & Robert Green regarding the febrile tissue of lies they have built around the sad figure of Hollie Greig (for facts and details CLICK HERE) – actions by which he clearly brings UKIP into disrepute on both sides of the Tartan Curtain!

With so little understanding of Scotland and its politics, much of which is based on Scotland’s own fantasy history and a warped understanding of both politics and international commerce; which has driven a bitter wedge of folly and hatred based on envy between Scotland and her allies Farage stood little chance of coming out of his recent misguided foray North unscathed.

I write as one who has both lived and worked in Scotland, where my parental home for over 20 years was Wester Ross!

In future Nigel Farage may care to consider the backdrop to his activities before parading his enactment of a Tory Boy and City slicker on behalf of UKIP north of The Tartan Curtain!
FARAGE, Nigel 75





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Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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