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The UKIP Circus Rolls On!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 26/05/2013

The UKIP Circus Rolls On!

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
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is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


The UKIP Circus Rolls On! As Roger Helmer provides an excellent example of just why UKIP MEP’s are largely a waste of space!
An issue addressed by its founder Prof. Alan Sked at CLICK HERE further clarified HERE!



Let’s hear it for the Circus!

Here's one for Ken Clarke -- Send in the clowns!

Here’s one for Ken Clarke –
Send in the clowns!

Last Tuesday I visited the Arlette Gruss Circus, in the pretty Alsace town of Colmar, an hour’s drive from Strasbourg.  I was a guest of  the Association for the Promotion of Traditional Circus Arts, APTCA.

It is decades since I attended a proper circus, so it was an exciting opportunity to revisit an important cultural tradition.  But the main reason for going was to get some context on the on-going debate on the use of animals in circus (and indeed in zoos).  So appropriately enough we started with the animals, which between shows are kept in zoo-type conditions, with cages but also with small exercise areas.  This facility operates between shows as a zoo, and is visited as such by the public, for entertainment and edification.  There were of course horses.  I spend much of my time around horses, having a couple at home, and to my untutored eye these beasts seemed to be in good condition, and entirely relaxed.

I reflected that keeping and training horses for dressage is regarded as a wholly excellent activity.  Yet when similar training and performance is undertaken for the circus, it seems to get the strident animal rights lobby hot under the collar.

To read more of this article which has absolutely no meaningful connection with Roger Helmer Tory turncoat UKIP MEP’s hugely over paid job as a salesman for the EU CLICK HERE

Perhaps someone can explain how this sort of jolly can be justified as a part of his chosen duty to work for Britain to Leave-The-EU – any more than his vociferous support for fraud in the case of Tom Wise’s embezzling of public funds for his own use!

Just how can UKIP MEPs be seen as either value for money or even fit for purpose when this is the sort of activity they indulge in – How does this progress the cause of EUroScepticism?

I do concede it is an improvement on much of their iresponsible racist, anti homosexual anti Jewish libertine behaviour, that has done such harm to the EUroSceptic cause as they persue their own indulgence and prop themselves up with a claque of largely useless and over paid hirelings funded by the public purse.




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  1. Litonlife said

    Yikes! 🎭

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