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UKIP Finances: Hypocrisy Called to Account!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 05/06/2013

UKIP Finances: Hypocrisy Called to Account!

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


UKIP Finances are clearly shabby and believed by many to be utterly corrupt with 100s of £1,000s if not £Millions having gone missing or been trousered or syphoned off into private accounts and through money laundering scams and schemes: The Staggering Hypocrisy of UKIP and its leadership is Called to Account!!!




There has always been a perception in UKIP that it is a bad idea to donate cash to the party, as it just vanishes into a black hole marked ‘Farages’s legal costs‘.

This may well be the reason that UKIP MEPs have in the main made very few donations to the party or financial contribution, other than when investing in their own personal re-election which grants them personal enrichment beyond their wildest dreams of actual personal ability!

This Black Hole of perceived corruption and inability to account for large sums of money that have seemed to vanish into the pockets of the leadership and senior officials and their puppets would seem to explain why the current largest backer, Stuart Wheeler who made his money as a professional gambler was unwilling to gamble on UKIP but linked his willingness to donate to controlling his donations by being appointed Treasurer!

On the matter of his donations when challenged on Hard Talk informed the interviewer that his donations to UKIP were but a fraction of those he made to the Tories admitted he was far less wealthy now than then!

Wheeler elsewhere has admitted that his investment skills and personal judgement, after selling out his gambling business, had proved catastrophic having halved his wealth! Perhaps another reason he was unwilling to trust his judgement of his new colleagues and insisted on being Treasurer to protect his donations and was unwilling to act honourably and investigate the apparently corrupt activities of his predecessors and new chums who seemed to have stolen, purloined, trousered or lost huge sums of public money, often criminally!

Two headlines that appeared this weekend might support that theory.

One read “Ex-FTSE chief donates five figure sum to UKIP”.

The other reads “Nigel Farage warns: Let Ukip into studio for TV election debates or I’ll take you to court”.

We guess that a five figure sum ought to cover a legal battle with the BBC. The donor in question might be a bit peeved, however, when he learns how his money is likely to be wasted.

The funny thing is that the donor prefers not to be named!

Was it explained to him that as his donation exceeds £7.5k his name will be, by law, made public? Or was this a donation channelled through Lord PearShaped’s dodgy money-laundering foundation?

Possibly OL:AF will leap into dynamic action to investigate this corruption and produce a verdict in two or three years time!

You will recall OLAF’s utter ineptitude in delivering transparent verdicts timeously as with Tom Wise, Nigel Farage, Stuart Wheeler, Derek Clark, David Bannerman, Jeffrey Titford, Mike Nattrass, Graham Booth and others – some finding themselves in prison, others having to repay large sums of public money they had misappropriated or stolen. Theser investigations took years and some are even now ongoing!

Interestingly OLAF have never shown any interest in the accounts of Nikki Sinclair as The EU Payments Office have stated they are entirely satisfied with the probity of her accounts which unlike UKIP MEPs are largely published on line in a manner more transparent than any other British MEP I know of! It is the ineptitude and fundamental dishonesty of the British Police that has led to the ongoing and seemingly completely unjustified claims regarding her accounts which seem larghely dependent on the dishonest and corrupt John Ison.

Justice delayed is Justice denied and so far the Police have set out to interfere with the democratic process for questionable reasons in the case of Nikki Sinclair for 3 years it seems!

If it was Lord Pearson’s money laundering scam that has been used for recent donations Stuart Wheeler might come in for a bit of stick for letting the cat out of the bag.

Clever money in Westminster says we will have the name of the donor by the end of the week!

So will the press.

And so will those who seek to pervert British democratic process such as Hope Not Hate and the various ‘Hate Preachers & Propagandists‘ like The BNP & EDL!

In the light of the many apparent scams in UKIP involving its leadership team and staff it is quite staggering to read the hypocrisy of the comments from Nigel Farage in the massively loss making left wing propaganda publishers The Guardian:

Ukip’s Nigel Farage Slams MP Sleaze

Ukip leader wants Britain to copy United States with stricter rules on lobbying

By Dominic Gover June 4, 2013 2:37 PM GMT

Smell something?: Nigel Farage adds voice to calls to stop Parliament sleaze
Smell something?: Nigel Farage adds his voice to calls to stop Parliament sleaze

To read the balance of the article CLICK HERE.




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