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Chris PAIN & UKIP’s Dilema Based on Racist Track Record!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 23/05/2013

Chris PAIN & UKIP’s Dilema Based on Racist Track Record!

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Chris PAIN & UKIP’s Dilema Based on Both His & UKIP’s Apparent Racist Track Record!
That UKIP Chooses to be allied and support racist bigots and extremists as partners leaves them absolutely no plausible way to deny their racist extremism!!



having started a thread on a Forum regarding UKIP NEC member and recently elected Councillor Chris PainBarbara Booker’s comments:


Trusted Member

Join Date

Mar 2007



Chris Pain

Under the headline ‘Racist rants of the UKIP councillors’, the Sunday Mirror writes:


Ukip’s Chris Pain, leader of the opposition at Lincs Council and the party’s East Midlands regional chairman, wrote: “Have you noticed that if you *rearrange the letters in ‘illegal *immigrants’, and add just a few more letters, it spells, ‘Go home you free-loading, benefit-grabbing, resource-sucking, baby-making, non-English-speaking ********* and take those other hairy-faced, sandal-wearing, bomb-making, camel-riding, goat-********, raghead ******** with you.’”

Mr Pain said the comments on his Facebook pages were “not my original posts or writings”, claiming his *account had been hacked.


What exactly is Chris Pain saying? The so-called joke about rearranging the letters of the words ‘illegal immigrants’ has been around for several years, so the question is not whether it originated from him but whether he has ever posted it to Facebook? Or is he claiming that someone else, having “hacked” his account, posted it to his Facebook page without his knowledge or consent?…s-more-1897414

This gave rise to the following response from ex UKIP NEC member Ian Gillman who resigned from the NEC as her was unwilling to be party to the corruption, oaffish behaviour and risk of joint and several liability in the risk of stolen public money and abuse, foul language, lies and bullying!:

Yesterday, 10:59 AM #42

Ian Gillman


Join Date

Aug 2010



Barboo in # 1 above kindly draws to our attention to alledged writings by UKIP Councillor, Mr Chris Pain of Skegness who also appears to be the East Midlands Regional Chairman and an N.E.C. member.

Mr Pain, it appears; claims that it is ” not my original posts or writings “.

Certain very nasty e-mails written by Mr Pain with numerous contact details for him provided, are in circulation, wherein he denigrates a range of persons. They are all destined for ‘Junius’ as explained and urged by Mr Pain.
There does appear to be a parallel here.

Interestingly a Mr Gwain Towler who is a UKIP paid official I think put out a public statement about certain matters ,appears within one of those nasty e-mails written by Chris Pain. He was certainly given the special Pain treatment, as was Derek Clark MEP, whilst Mr Nigel Farage was described as watching Mr Pain and his activities very closely as Mr Pain describes his intent to deceive.

It does appear that a discliplinary case file that has already been prepared for Mr Pain will have even more to consider now.

Or, would Mr Pain like to deny herein writing nasty e-mails and circulating them ?

Mr Pain sought legal advice from a Mr Don Ransome, the East Midlands Regional Organiser/Press Officer.
Mr Ransome is not qualified to offer legal advice , but never mind that, he offered it.

Would it not be best for Mr Pain to resign as a County Councillor, Regional Chairman , NEC member and from UKIP itself ?
Then, he should write a sincerely apologetic letter to Mr Anthony Ellwood the 15 year serving treasurer ( including a short spell as national treasurer during an interregnum) who during an attempt to reconcile the national accounts uncovered 95% and perhaps even more movements from the account as conversions into cash that went to unknown places. ?
Mr Pain has ( along with his friend Mr Ransome) treated Mr Ellwood shoddily, denigrating him . For what reason we can but ask ?

Gillman’s somewhat obsessive and tediouson the public forum were I gather, seen as libellous as he could not supply the provenance he claimed he had and would not retract his claims relative to Chris Pain!

This led, I had believed, to a lifetime ban for Gillman, though it seems he is still posting as at 22-May!

Also having made a perfectly civil and proper posting in a Private Message to on of the moderators which read as follows:

Quote Originally Posted by Geoffrey Collier
Dear Mr Allen,

You told me originally that my request would be forwarded to Anthony Butcher, while now you seem to have decided the matter yourself. I have just finished a telephone conversation with a barrister who knows much about UKIP, and she said that you cannot deliberately destroy published information, or deny a harmed party access to it for their legal purposes. You are certainly doing the latter of those things. Are you saying quite categorically that Mr Butcher has made this decison, and you are merely communicationg it to me?

If you believe that I have lied on the thread, which I certainly dispute, would you like to identify those lies, and confirm that you are permitted to punish me in the way that you have decided? Mr Fear made a statement on the thread which was wholly false. He seems unable to identify any supporting evidence on Junius. Your claim that I have a history of obfuscation, dishonesty and lying, yet I claim that is untrue, and I have not even a ‘parking ticket’ to blemish my good name. Yours is not a fair description of my reputation. You are protecting Mr Pain, an NEC member, who has used information gleaned by two UKIP employees in the course of their employment, to harm others. There can be no doubt about that.

I get the impression that you are deliberatlely protecting Mr Pain for reasons which have little to do with the interests of BDF. I would like the precise name of the person who finally decides to obstruct my request, if that is what they choose to do. Could I also have the legal status of the BDF; private limited company, etc.
Should it make things easier for you, can we ignore Mr Gillman’s postings, and confine ourselves to those affecting me, and my other witness Mr Ellwood? (1) Mr Fear’s original statement. (2) Mr Pain’s #373 and the ones involving the UKIP HQ manager. (3) Mr Ransome’s statement. If protecting named persons from libellous statements is important to you, I am sure that you will welcome my request.

Geoffrey Collier.

It is self evident that this eMail is at no stage any kind of threat against the Forum but rather a friendly warning from a long term and trustworthy member of both UKIP and the Forum, which UKIP has from time to time had totally dishonest co0ntrol over through, amongst others, the weak, self serving, dishonest and dublicitous Anthony Butcher who has proved time and again to be untrustworthy and only too willing to provide a platform for dishonesty and lies, abuse and libellous fantasies, as long as it suits UKIP and himself.

It is, in my opinion, dishonestly claimed that Geoffrey Collier, in giving friendly advice privately to a moderator has in some way threatened the forum and this has been at best misguidedly but based upon the Forum track record, more likely, dishonestly used to gag a critic of the corruption in UKIP – Geoffrey Collier has been dishonestly banned from posting on the forum for life (as was I( for having made a statement of FACT and provided provenance of the fact!).

Barbara Booker has gone on helpfully to plead Geoffrey’s case as has Niall Warry, another unstinting campaigner for probity, transparency and an end to corruption in UKIP to make it fit for purpose – not just as a one man band being exploited for the benefit of a small clique and supported by their corrupt claque!

Barbara Booker has summarised various facts, pertaining to Chris Pain and his apparent racist outbursts, as follows:

Be careful what you wish for!

The Skegness Standard reported on 20 May:

UKIP has said it will be forced to eject the party’s newly elected Lincolnshire group leader if allegations he has made ‘racist rants’ on Facebook prove true. Party spokesman Gawain Towler said: “They are serious allegations and if proven true there is no way Chris Pain could remain a councillor with UKIP. However we don’t hang a man until he’s proven guilty and at the moment Chris is saying that his account was hacked.”

If UKIP decides that Chris Pain’s Facebook account was indeed hacked as he says (and it’s now also being claimed on the ‘Lincoln immigration issues’ site that it too has been hacked), then someone will have to explain why he allowed potentially damaging posts that he didn’t make to remain in place for so many months. If, on the other hand, UKIP decides that he did make the posts himself, and takes action against him as suggested by Gawain Towler, then it will only succeed in making UKIP a political laughing stock. Consider these facts:

Despite the impression created by the Sunday Mirror, which described the ‘illegal immigrants’ post as being among “racist rants of the UKIP councillors”, and Hope not Hate which calls it “the most disgusting racist outburst”, Chris Pain was not the author of the piece. It’s a supposed joke which seems to have originated in America in about 2009 and turns up, with slight variations, on numerous websites in the USA, Australia and here. The Chris Pain version is similar to that found on:…-lesson-i.html

‘Asylum’, which also appeared on Chris Pain’s Facebook in August 2012, dates back to at least 2001:…cil-house.html

So, if UKIP decides that Chris Pain did post these items, he will be guilty not of having written them himself but of having forwarded them from elsewhere on the internet.

Those with long enough memories may recall an almost identical case in 2006 when a town councillor from Calne in Wiltshire, Conservative Ellie Bland, was suspended by her party for circulating an email containing the ‘Illegal Immigrants Poem’. She told the Wiltshire Gazette & Herald: “The e-mail is a joke email . . . . I didn’t write it I just forwarded it”, though later claiming that “someone else” had sent the email from her address.…racist_e_mail/

Contrast Gawain Towler’s statement above about Chris Pain, with UKIP’s reaction to Cllr Bland and her ‘racist email’. Two months after the story broke, Bland resigned from the Conservatives and was welcomed into UKIP, visited by Nigel Farage, and selected as UKIP candidate for the district council elections. “The support I’m getting is absolutely wonderful”, she gushed, “It’s heart-warming to know a leader will come and visit. If I ring him he answers the phone, talks to me. With David Cameron you could go to a meeting and be lucky to get him to shake your hand.”…fects_to_UKIP/

UKIP put out an enthusiastic statement, ‘Then there were four’ (26.1.07): “Graham Booth the local MEP said, This is brilliant news”, and even Nigel Farage’s assistant, Annabelle Fuller, had a dig at the LibDems over it on her blog (29.4.2007): “This is the party who caused a huge lot of bother for Councillor Ellie Bland when her husband forwarded an e-mail which was, I think, rather amusing, and accused her of being a ‘racist’.”

UKIP cannot, in all seriousness, now turn against Chris Pain for exactly the same behaviour as resulted in Ellie Bland’s joining them and receiving such a joyful welcome!

Chris Pain does little to help himself and continue wityh outspoken racist views and values that lead one to believe he is just the sort of individual who would have made the comments on Facebook etc but has actually invoked not just the name of UKIP but his position of responsibility on behalf of UKIP and particularly its electorate in Lincolnshire, as the following article shows:

UKIP members of Lincolnshire County Council refuse to back anti-racism pledge

Friday, May 17, 2013

Profile image for PWhitelam_LE


All 16 UKIP councillors on Lincolnshire County Council have refused to sign an anti-racism declaration.

Labour’s Rob Parker presented the document to ensure all Lincolnshire residents are treated equality and have access to the same services.

But Chris Pain, leader of the county council’s UKIP group, the official opposition, told today’s annual meeting of the council: “I cannot support this document.

“It actually pushes forward the chance of multiculturalism, one of the fundamental things that’s wrong with our society.

“UKIP’s stance is not racist.

“Our stance is on space and space alone.”

The motion was passed by 60 councillors who voted for it, with 16 abstentions from UKIP.

The party’s own motion to reduce the council newspaper County News to a single yearly issue to cut costsfailed.

Cllr Pain had earlier pressed the council to reduce the amount of money spent on translators in Lincolnshire.

Saxilby ward member Councillor Jackie Brockway, Conservative, said: “I’m very concerned that there’s a theme developing that seems to be attacking the vulnerable and we need to careful about that.”

Cllr Hill said costs had already reduced from £54,000 to £43,000 and that translators performimportant roles in schools and law courts.

Liberal Democrat John Marriott said: “I would hope our colleagues from UKIP come up with some more practical solutionsas to how local government will survive.”

The meeting officially saw council leader Cllr Hill, his executive and committee heads appointed.

After last month’s election, the Conservatives lost overall control. Thirty-six Tories are now in a coalition with three independents and three Lib Dems.

UKIP has 16 seats, there are seven independents in opposition and 12 Labour councilors.

To view the original article CLICK HERE

Barbara Booker recently also pointed out:
Chris Pain has told the Boston Standard (20.5.13): 


Coun Pain told The Standard that his account had been hacked and that he had not made the post himself. He said he does not agree with the words written and would never use them himself.
He told The Standard: “At the moment I am changing passwords like crazy and putting locks on.”


What I do not at all understand is, since the post in question was apparently made on 4 November 2012, see…?utm_hp_ref=uk , why Chris Pain didn’t remove it and take action to safeguard his facebook account straight away? Why wait until now, when a post made in his name by someone else has been splashed all over the Sunday Mirror, before changing passwords and putting locks on?

Likewise with the earlier ‘asylum’ post, made 13 August 2012. 

Was he the victim of yet another hacker with that one?
I trust that helps to pull together some of the strands in this ongoing saga regarding UKIP Racism and the part in it which UKIP NEC member and former assistant to UKIP PPC Dick Horsnell from the Isle of Man, who laid the groundwork for much of UKIP’s achievements in the area with his substantial capital injection and committed campaigning via market stalls and carrier bags etc.




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Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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