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UKIP & The Art of Rigging Outcomes – A La EU!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 13/05/2013

UKIP & The Art of Rigging Outcomes – A  La EU!

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


UKIP & The Art of Rigging Outcomes – A  La EU!

With no strategy, no tactics and no clear plan UKIP was dependent on riding a public wave not of their making and thus their local election results were unimpressive!!



I’m given to understand that in an effort to hide the total lack of meaningful democracy within UKIP, a clever wheeze has been dreamed up!

I am reliably informed that the aim is to take a National vote as to what candidates are selected for MEP lists, which removes the influence of the better informed, on a regional basis voting for their own candidates whom they know.

The proposed system makes rigging the selection considerably easier and can be ‘passed off’ as democratic! Clearly UKIP’s leadership clique have learned from the EU that by centralising decision making and putting items to a broad, contradictory ill informed vote any decision can deliver their chosen outcome, and be claimed as democratic!

The scam is completed by making it the decision of the leader to have his puppets placed on the NEC to choose who THEY/HE wants, in terms of selection order!

Clearly this is the corruption, or if you prefer manipulation, of the outcome to suit the self serving interests of the leader and his small clique – supported by a self enriching claque of wanabes!

You will note the similarity of the scam to that of the EU, where there is a pretence of democracy based on denial of self determination by counteracting different groupings against eachother – thus no one, save the rascals rigging the scam, has any chance of receiving a democratic vote that suits them.

Thus it is clear that Farage himself can, and does, promise positions on the list to his cronies, eg. leading positions for Neil Hamilton, John Gaunt, Mike Read, etc. etc.

Just as we have seen Farage make, and fulfill, his similar corrupt methods: as with Kilroy Silk, David Bannerman, Ashley Mote, Marta Andreasen, Mark Croucher, Godfrey Bloom, Stephen Sobey, Derek Clark, Andrew Smith, Mick McGough, Annabelle Fuller and others – few of whom have proved other than corrupt, dishonest, disloyal or generally unsuitable and undesirable.

Clearly UKIP members are treated as nothing more than dummies in the process, just as I believe UKIP treats the electorate at large, except when they NEED support to keep their snouts in the troughs on the gravy train.

IF this is not a self enrichment scam perhaps someone can explain why, when an MEP is paid literally £Millions they have so few staff, pay members of their families and contribute so very little to Party funds – other than ‘investing’ in their own election or re-election!.

We are also reliably informed that this new scam will be heavily rejected by the UKIP Regional Organisers, chairmen etc. who meet this week – they go so far as to claim the system will be rejected, but having heard such claims in the past often, I fear there is little likelihood that they will be able to stick to their word or have the courage to acquit their duty – any more than the NEC has done today!

The pucilanimity of UKIP’s supposedly elected structure is not just risible but when one realises just how deliberate is the low grade caliber of ingrates in the structure it shows just how rigidly controlled and rigged this corrupt organisation is!

Little wonder that after 20 years UKIP holds less than 200 elected posts in National Governance out of around 19,500.

I appreciate that for news manipulation and particularly so that the notably left wing media could embarrass the Conservative Government and try to shake the faith of the electorate the media has made much of the fact that UKIP had 147 Councillors elected recently but they fail to tell the truth of the matter – whereby it is clear UKIP not only failed to mobilise any kind of popular revolt as they were only able, at best in ANY constituency, to manage to attract less than 8% of the electorate, due to the further collapse of electorate turnout to vote.

Evem so out of some 1,700+ candidates UKIP were only able to achieve 147 elected! Clearly only a tiny percentage of the electorate trust or choose them and the lurch to mediocrity and reduced caliber of its members and dirth of strategy, tactics or even a clear plan – let alone abject failure to clearly get across their message being just an opportunist one man band.

UKIP seems not to realise that the media are merely using them and like the electorate at large they have little respect for the party and lets face it UKIP after 20 years have in fact achieved less than 10% of the seats in which they stood after 20 years – still has not a single solitary MP, elected Mayor, Police Crime Commisioner, Assembly member or publicly recognised individual of competence or gravitas.

20 years of off the cuff rhetoric and still no intellectual rigor nor clear leadership!

UKIP, after 20 years, has failed totally to educate their own members let alone educate and influence the public at large.

After 20 years UKIP has failed totally to provide a clear exit and survival strategy for Britain, leaving the electorate wide open to the fear tactics and lies of the politicians and pro EU membership campaigners – many of whom are in the direct pay of the EU to betray Britain and our peoples – for 20 years it has been the duty of UKIP to educate and inform the electorate of the benefits we would experience when we Leave-The-EU and at that they have utterly failed.

UKIP has remained a one man band, a party of protest and complaintoffering no proper leadership and no viable solutions much beyond endless complaint and statement of the obvious – UKIP have failed for 20 years to even provide any meaningful training of its elected members, prospective candidates, staff or members, let alone the public at large.

View UKIP’s web site and you will soon realise it is all about UKIP & the interests of a small self serving clique, and an utter disinterest in detail or leadership of the peoples of Britain to Leave-The-EU. Where are the pages of Q&A, FAQs, Bullet pointed benefits when we Leave-The-EU etc. etc.

Those who are genuinely interested in the aim of Leave-The-EU may find some of the answers they require, which UKIP has failed to address for 20 years, in the >Pages< on this web site, as listed at the head of the page and also in the Left >Side Bar<, assiduous reading of this entire web log will produce many of the answers over the years and links to further details and facts, unlike UKIP and particularly the claque of anonymous cowards endlessly trying to defame those who wish to Leave-The-EU and have seen just how much damage is doene to the likelihood of that cause by the ineptitude and self interest of UKIP!




 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
Deny the self serving political clique ANY Democratic claims to legitimacy
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
to Reclaim YOUR Future 

Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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