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UKIP Hypocrisy Over Its Racist Behaviour

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 04/04/2013

UKIP Hypocrisy Over Its Racist Behaviour

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UKIP Hypocrisy Over Its Racist Behaviour!!


Ex-National Front man stands as UKIP candidate in Kent

The Chairman of UKIP Thanet South branch, the ex Prison Officer Martyn Heale, was a former National Front branch organiser in Hammersmith in the late 1970s and a NF candidate in the London borough of Hammersmith in the 1979 local elections. Heale later resigned from the National Front and became Chairman of the West London branch of the extreme far-Right, anti-immigration New Britain Party. HEALE was also election agent for Nigel Farage.

UKIP claims to debar all former members of extreme right wing groups from holding any office and standing as candidates. UKIP has not always stood by this ruling. One man who was at the forefront of a previous political scandal is again standing for UKIP. Nigel Farage can not claim ignorance twice!

Martyn Heale is chairman of UKIP South Thanet and is standing as a UKIP candidate in the upcoming Kent County Council on May 2nd 2013. He is also the former organiser of the Hammersmith branch of the National Front in the late 1970s, standing as a National Front candidate in the local elections of 1979.

In the 2005 General Election, Martyn Heale was Nigel Farage’s election agent! Having previously acted for the discreditted ex Tory criminal Jonathan Aitken.

HEALE, Martyn - Thanet Times 12-Oct-2004

Thanet Times 12-Oct-2004

HEALE, Martyn - Thanet Times 114-Sep-2004

Thanet Times 14-Sep-2004

HEALE, Martyn - Thanet Times 17-Sep-2004

Thanet Times 17-Sep-2004

This brings into question the ethics and sincerity of UKIP and the pretence that UKIP is squeaky clean regarding racism and allowing former members of extreme right wing parties, including the National Front and the British National Party, into UKIP as office holders and candidates.
UKIP has made much of banning ex members of extremist parties yet has in its own ranks many such extremists! Including, not just, BNP & National Front Members but members of such organisations as New Britain and senior members who have colluded with extremist and racist organisations as with UKIP’s MEP Gerard Batten who has spoken in support of race hatred against Islam and published hate pamphlets in his capacity as a UKIP MEP in support of his own superstitions!
Other placements in UKIP can be noticed as in that of Mike Read who used, some years ago, to be a radio DJ and children’s presenter who is to be placed as a leading candidate in the EU elections as an MEP, also the sometime DJ and ‘shock jock’ John Gaunt who is to be the lead MEP candidate in the West Midlands having just joined UKIP, a position he has been angling for for some time as a career change.
Then of course there is the discreditted Tory sleaze symbol Neil Hamilton.
All of these are well aware of the racism of UKIP and their support for extremists through their shameful membership of the EFD Group which harbours some of the most sordid and extreme politicians in The EU and politicians with a track record of criminality, extreme racism, anti homosexuality, anti Judaism, Muslim race hatred and violence as a policy.
UKIP’s endless protestations of not being racist are just not born out by the facts though it seems it has duped many less well informed individuals often with outright lies and one wonders how militant anti racist and politically correct organisations like ‘Hate Not Hope’ have been duped!
UKIP’s pretence at blocking racists is further undermined when one notes they include in their list of organisations barred from UKIP (which is NOT enforced!) the organisation The UKFirstParty who were neither extreme nor racist and seem only to be banned for having the core aim of a more purist withdrawal stance than UKIP’s participation in the EU scam and efforts to reform it!

More a matter of petty spite than political judgement even when UKIP honours its own pretences. UKIP’s stance is hypocricy writ large with its endless list of racist positions and a track record of aiding racists consider:

Tory MEP sparks UKIP outrage by “dragging up patent rubbish” of Farage’s alleged racist outburst

3 April 2013 | By Asa BennettNigel Farage

 A Tory MEP has come under vicious attack from UKIP for posting “patent rubbish” on Facebook in repeating alleged racist statements made by UKIP leader Nigel Farage.

Writing on his Facebook page on Tuesday morning, Tory MEP Sajjad Karim quoted remarks allegedly made by Farage when speaking to UKIP founder Dr Alan Sked. Karim posted: “More relevations. ‘We will never win the nigger vote, the nig-nogs will never vote for us’ – Nigel Farage to UKIP founder Alan Sked, who abandoned the party over its adoption of far-right ideologies”.

Sajjad Karim MEP's Facebook post on Tuesday 2nd April

Source: Facebook

Sajjad Karim MEP’s Facebook post on Tuesday 2nd April

UKIP founder Dr Sked reported Farage’s alleged statements in 2005, when speaking to the Mail on Sunday, adding that the party was “racist” and “infected by the far right”.

A UKIP spokesperson told that Karim was “dragging up patent rubbish”.

“These allegations, from a very bitter man, about a non-existent conversation that didn’t happen many years ago, have been comprehensively denied many, many times. I wonder why a Tory MEP, likely to lose his seat next year, is dragging up such patent rubbish? Anybody who knows Mr. Farage at all knows that this is ludicrous, arrant tosh,” he said.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Karim refused to be drawn on the Tory MEP’s reasoning behind posting Farage’s reported remarks, but said that it was “part of a cross-party agenda to expose UKIP for what they actually are”.

“They are committing a fraud on the British people in that they have representatives democratically elected into the European Parliament but they’re not there to do the job they’re elected to, because they want to see an end to the EU,” she added.

In response to UKIP’s attack, Karim took to Facebook to write: “oh really………!!! LOL!….Bring it on Farage – we’re ready for you in the north west.”

Sajjad Karim MEP's UKIP response

Source: Facebook

Sajjad Karim MEP’s UKIP response

To read the original article CLICK HERE

It is unfortunate that for all the bluster UKIP are in no position to silence such criticism and some may recal Farage’s outburst in a bar in Strasbourg captured on video by Mr. Sajjad Karim MEP, we were told at the time, when Farage was forcibly removed by his own hangers on! 




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    • Hi,

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  3. […] UKIP Hypocrisy Over Its Racist Behaviour […]


    • Hi,

      it is good to see Tim Congdon is currently supporting the EUroSceptic cause in the guise of a UKIP member as he has so often attacked UKIP and its incompetent leadership. He does tend to be something of a fair weather friend of UKIP members rather more for his own gain than for that of the cause.

      You may find the regular output of his corporate economic think tank of more interest!

      Even the example you quote listed him as an economist etc. yet made no reference to UKIP even on an EU topic!



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