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Mike Nattrass Exposes The Corrupt Core of UKIP

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 30/04/2013

Mike Nattrass Exposes The Corrupt Core of UKIP

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass Exposes The Corrupt Core of UKIP in a series of ‘e’Mail exchanges!!



here are a couple more of the ‘e’Mails that have been sent to me over the years in an effort by senior members of UKIP to try to help to clean-up the party and expose the corruption which has rendered it unfit for purpose as a realistic political party that could help these United Kingdoms Leave-The-EU – Not just act as an enrichment system for a small group of corrupt people and the sweepings of gutter politics across the EU.A clique of self serving and unprofessional rascals aided by cowards too ashamed of their behaviouir to use their own names and others seeking preferment in one form or another and yet others so ignorant and beguiled as not to learn the facts and to act on spin alone!

Below you will note the response of Stuart Wheeler UKIP’s largest visible backer and party treasurer who admits he wishes to remain ignorant of the facts yet who withdrew his support for UKIP to stand against them in the last General Election!

It is clearly understood that he did not trust UKIP under its present leadership to act responsibly with his donations after the election and only returned to support them on condition he could control his own donations as Party Treasurer with a position on UKIP’s MEC!

It seems to me to be morally reprehensible that this man who made his fortune as a professional gambler out of spread betting insists he controls the purse strings of his donations but cares not a jot for facts or the transparency and probity of the party in respect of other people’s money – including the funds of the public purse!

You will note that Mike Nattrass exposes a a number of clear areas of corruption and dishonesty or at least very inappropriate behaviour within the ranks of UKIP’s leadership and as a one time deputy leader of UKIP and a long term UKIP MEP let us remember Mike Nattrass – weak, unreliable, foul mouthed, far from bright or professional and himself from a background of extremist politics in The New Britain Party – a man seemingly with as little loyalty or control of either his zip or his temper does on occasion speak out to tell the truth – many will remember Mike Nattrass’ letter exposes Nigel Farage, do see his contribution in the article at CLICK HERE

Do consider the following ‘s’Mail exchange:


Subject: RE: Nikki
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2011 13:46:36 +0100

Dear Stuart,

It depends where the money is being spent and why there is a shortfall. A little history is indeed very relevant.

If it is because I am under the impression that Nigel was historically using money to fight legal cases against people I support, that I stopped funding UKIP and therefore you can guess my reply if money is sought for court cases.

It is very sad that you do not know a little history, as the same events keep turning up.

UKIP MEPs historically do not know where money goes because we see no accounts and this applies both in Brussels and at HQ, so many of them wonder if Nigel is taking them to the cleaners. This should be an easy matter to rectify …. but it is not.

On “current affairs” (rather than history) You will know who Annebelle Fuller is and I trust you are aware of her relationship with Nigel.  You will also be aware (papers this week) of what appears to be a “Cry rape” case involving Andrew Bridgen MP, Conservative and Miss Fuller! If not please be aware as it will be relevant. (CLICK HERE)


We MEPs all thought Annebelle (his lover) was barred off Nigel’s payroll, yet now we hear she may be still there hiding behind a Limited Company and still taking money from Nigel. Will we ever know how our finances are used?


This is why my money went into specific projects which were clearly financially reported.


There is so much more to understand, but if you do not like history then the future will be a great surprise.


Best wishes and I know that you do your best.




Stuart Wheeler

Subject: Nikki
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2011 18:39:51 +0100

Dear Mike

Nikki Sinclaire

Your e-mail to me of 14:19 today does say a bit about Nikki Sinclaire.  As I think you know I did not become a member of UKIP or treasurer until March of this year and I made the point, when it was suggested that I might be treasurer, that I wanted to take it on only on the basis that I did not have to investigate the past unless required to do so or asked by the Electoral Commission or something like that.  I do not know the facts about Nikki Sinclaire and I do not think it is for the treasurer to deal with what is obviously an extremely difficult matter.  I have no particular expertise in this area either.


Yours Ever,


Stuart Wheeler

Penthouse A

21 Davies Street

London   W1K 3DE

Tel:    0207 499 1630

Fax:   0207 499 1808 

It is abundantly clear to anyone of ANY ethicality must be aware that UKIP in its present manifestation is indisputably unfit for purpose.

You will also note that subsequent to these ‘e’Mail exchanges recently Mike Nattrass has prostituted his brief evidence of some integrity when he exposed UKIP and refused to sit as a member of the racist, corrupt, anti homosexual, anti Jewish extremist group with UKIP in the EU – he briefly supported the Nikki Sinclaire team initiative which obtained a debate in The House of Commons on an IN / OUT Referendum relative to the fundamental human right of self determination concerning membership of the pernicious and damaging EU scam.

Sadly Mike Nattrass’ brief moment of integrity did not last long and he rejoined Nigel Farage and UKIP in the extremist and racist Pan EU EFD Political Group – it is believed he rejoined out of personal need for economic reward and re-election to the gravy train to fund the damage expected by his lack of fidelity which is, we understand, leading to a very costly divorce at a time when his business interests are failing!




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