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Background info to the long term failure of UKIP

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 17/03/2013

Background info to the long term failure of UKIP

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Background information that helps to explain the long term failure of UKIP with its present inadequate self serving leadership and the unpatriotic low lifes trying to capitalise on the EU gravy train!
At the expense of EUroScepticism and Britain!


it is interesting to note the following exchange on a UKIP controlled public forum which openly endorses the lies and dishonesty of UKIP supporters in their efforts to hide the truth about the state of the party under its present corrupt and self serving unprofessional and incompetent leadership.
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    I’m always respectful I hope, I will await a reply from Michael.

  2. Today, 09:27 AM #24

    mick mcgough is offline(G.L-W.: Mick McGough is a proven liar, petty criminal, self seeker & cheat, for details & examples CLICK HERE)

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    Dustbin Lid,I regret I am unable to translate the mutterings of the senile chap in the coffee shop.I regret that I fear dementia has befallen Geoffrey as he posts a series of unrelated words.He joins Greg Liar-Wotsit in the waiting room as all the anti-UKIP Nutters are recalled to base.

    (G.L-W.: that was an example of the low grade style of a UKIP NEC member who has consistently befouled the cause with his childish posturings & general tasteless sneerings and dishonesty)
  3. Today, 11:34 AM #25

    Geoffrey Collier is online now(G.L-W. has been a dedicated member and supporter of UKIP for approaching 20 years. A retired CFollege Lecturer of some standing. Geoffrey Collier has not only officially represented UKIP on matters pertaining to the countryside & National Parks but also was a founder and chairman of UKIP’s largest branch and chaired the branch when it was the largest revenue donator of any branch in Britain.
    Geoffrey Collier has been a relentless toiler for the partyy and has worked relentlessly to try to instigate integrity, ethics, probity and honesty in an effort to try to clean up the party to make it fit for purpose.
    Geoffrey Collier, like many who aim to control the dishonest and the corrupt has received constant attacks from those who see their income stream, perks or root to the gravy train thwarted by his actions!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dustbin Lid View Post
    I’m always respectful I hope, I will await a reply from Michael.
    Geoffrey Collier’s informed response:

    Dustbin Lid: Now can you see better the problems which we have in UKIP?
    Michael used to counter-sign UKIP cheques from the national account, which were agreed with UKIP’s national Treasurer Andrew Smith.
    Elected members to the NEC, who have asked to peruse those accounts, have been systematically dismissed from the NEC for making such requests.

    (G.L-W: Andrew Smith, as treasurer, was asked around 25 basic questions about the UKIP accounts, for which he was responsible, by members of the NEC – He was unable to answer the questions and to avoid facing up to his responsibilities he quit the job without notice, leaving the accounts in complete disarray – this was the man wyho eMailed individuals to lay out his plan as to how to deceive the Electoral Commision!

    At the moment there are no less than two television companies investigating UKIP’s financial affairs;

    (G.L-W: There are more!)

    no doubt there are national newspapers doing likewise.

    (G.L-W: There are numerous!)

    It is easy for people like Michael to try and dismiss these things, but the evidence is to the contrary.

    OLAF have required UKIP MEPs’ to return impermissible financial allocations.

    (G.L-W: Tom Wise, a UKIP MEP was sentenced to 2 years in prison for his fraud and Derek Clar UKIP MEP, after boasting of his defrauding the tax payers was subsequently found guilty and ordered to repay a similar sum to that which Tom Wise embezzled!
    Nigel Farage, Jeffrey Titford and Graham Booth as UKIP MEPs were also found guilty of misappropriation of tax payer’s money and ordered to repay money they had taken)

    Others, such as Stuart Agnew, admitted that he has been doing likewise.

    (G.L-W: Mike Nattrass was investigated by OLAF also and having read the conclusion/report it was clear OLAF opted to take no further action!
    Stuart Agnew & David Bannerman are both still under investigation by OLAF for fraudulent misuse of tax payers money as admitted to on camera to The Sunday Times.)

    At a time when we should be making real progress, newspapers are giving UKIP banner headlines, knowing that for UKIP, soon will dawn that day of nemesis. We are warned of ‘Greeks bearing gifts’, I say be more beware of national newspapers deliberately building you up, for the delight of knocking you down.

    (G.L-W: Many will be aware, or may even have seen, the evicerating comments of Andrew Neal with regard to Farage & UKIP, since the somewhat febrile achievements at Eastleigh!)

    In UKIP the cause has been impeccable; while the membership has given of their time, efforts and generosity year-on-year, unstintingly. But it would be foolish to say that they have been given the leadership which they deserve.

    NEC member Mr Mcgough makes inane comments, for that is the best that he can do.

    You know that I am right, don’t you Michael?

    If you analyse the composition of the leadership, it comprises two distinct parts.

    There are one or two whom we can trust, but there is a cluster of genuine ignoramuses; for a good salary they would say anything.

    The other group is comprised of those with damaged reputations ( e.g. Neil Hamilton) and Lord Monckton, who had to be advised that he is not an ‘honorary member of the House of Lords, and to inform American Senators that he is, has no basis in fact.

    These people make the management of the Party more manageable than the talented people, who are seen as an immediate threat to the existing status-quo. Surely that cannot be seriously denied?

    We have survived the years, and for some decades, of espousing a message that was not popular. Now that our time has come, we are to be harmed by internal corruption which has existed unabated for years.

    We had an opportunity to deal with our own problems, and unsavoury people, but we chose to do nothing.

    Now that our cause has genuine political capital, there will be others who will embrace it as their own, and UKIP’s past misdeeds shall return to haunt them.

    That is sad; but it must be what is awaiting UKIP.

    Last edited by Geoffrey Collier; Today at 11:39 AM.

  4. Today, 11:38 AM #26

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    Oh dear, it seems there has been some rather disappointing behavior from some.

It is interesting to note the endless lies of Mick McGough as he and others in UKIP’s corrupt leadership by self serving ne’er do wells desperately try to hide their corruption by seeking to denigrate and defame people like Geoffrey Collier, Niall Warry, The Junius Team, Nikki Sinclaire, myself and others.

The endless claims of my misleading people and claims that I have lied on my blog are risible – in well over 2,000 blog postings and probably the same number of Forum entries, YouTube contributions, Twitters, eMails and the like NOT ONCE have UKIP their lawyers, sock puppets, leadership, NEC members nor even their claque of cowardly anonymous supporters EVER been able to identify a single consequential fact which I have got wrong, with regard to UKIP & its people, let alone any sign of a deliberate lie – would that the same could be said of UKIP & its leadership.

Were UKIP able to show, in like manner, their ethical behaviour, integrity and probity perhaps they would not have been such an abject failure in representing the EUroSceptic cause and just might have attracted not just support of consequence, some gravitas, a flicker of leadership, an iota of professionalism and even perhaps someone elected to an office of consequence in a domestic election!




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