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UKIP In Yet Another Muddle on Peter Reeves’ Patch!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 07/03/2013

UKIP In Yet Another Muddle Peter Reeves’ patch!


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UKIP In Yet Another Muddle on Peter Reeves’ Patch!
Little wonder that the duplicitous Gollom is stirring the pot!


it is just this sort of utterly idiotic article that UKIP attracts that not only gives them the well earned reputation as cranks, closet racists and gadflies but shows just how unprofessional they are.

As for ‘paying their own membership fees’ many will remember the Conservative reject who UKIP laid claim to who did not pay his own membership fee and subsequently denied ever having been a member of UKIP!

Also worthy of note are the large percentage of UKIP members who were given free membership in an attempt to boost membership levels in an effort to fudge an appearance of success and achievement, growth and credibility!

Make of the article what you will!! Minded that both The Telegraph and Guardian have articles showing just how unbprofessional and bulluying UKIP is and its anti female stance can be, lined up for tomorrow and I’m told the Guardian will be front page!

UKIP top brass fuming over self appointed ‘Cambs Media Liaison Officer’ responsible for immigration protest who is not even a party member

By John Elworthy Thursday, March 7, 2013
3:57 PM

Sharon Jardine, UKIP.

 A WOMAN who claims to be “UKIP Cambs Media Liaison Officer” is self appointed and not even a member of the party, it was revealed today

Sharon Jardine is nothing to do with UKIP, said the party’s eastern region press officer Stuart Gulleford, who doubles as adviser to UKIP MEP Stuart Agnew.

Mrs Jardine suddenly sprung to the fore when she began organising a Facebook page entitled ‘Wisbech Immigration Issues’ which plans a protest in Wisbech Park in May.

Mrs Jardine, of Tydd Gote, said she planned to stand for UKIP in May’s county council elections and was organising a protest to allow people to voice the view that “immigration is out of control.”

She said: “I started to learn more about UKIP but I’m not someone who is political. I just believe that immigration is out of control and it needs to be sorted”

But Mr Gulleford said today: “Her title is unofficial. This is people who have gotten a bit carried away with themselves.”

He was “pretty annoyed” with Mrs Jardine since no one had accredited her with any title connected to UKIP.

“We have nothing to do with the protest march- and I knew nothing of it until newspaper cuttings were brought to my attention,” he said.

“People seem to be adopting titles that don’t exist.”

Mr Gulleford said UKIP did not have a separate NE Cambs branch and he would be asking why Ken Perrin of Chatteris describes himself as “UKIP organiser NE Cambs” in letters to the press.

Mr Gulleford said: “Mr Perrin has no authority to give people job titles and Mrs Jardine certainly does not speak for the whole of Cambridgeshire, as the title I see on her email suggests.

“I have now spoken to Regional Organiser, Councillor Peter Reeve, who is going to sort all this out. “

Mrs Jardine said today: “My membership is being processed as we speak through another member Chris Pain as he is paying the membership fee for me.

“Alan Lay (a declared UKIP candidate for this month’s Fenland by election at Wisbech St Mary) has only just received his membership to and we actually discussed that last night as I was concerned I had not received it all through yet!”

She said her title “was appointed by Ken Perrin who took my UKIP membership form and passed it to the head office so not sure why they are upset”.

Mr Gulleford said later, in an email, that “there is a membership application for Ms Jardine in the pipeline but, at the time of writing, she is not a member.

“I spoke with head office today and they have no record of her membership.

“I am mystified as to the reason for her Party membership – £30- allegedly being paid for by someone from another region.

“The rest of us pay our own membership fees.”





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3 Responses to “UKIP In Yet Another Muddle on Peter Reeves’ Patch!”

  1. Hi,

    sadly it seems Malcolm at ‘Inquiring Minds’ is somewhat loosing the plot as he has made two consecutive links to unrelated items on his blog!

    He even goes so far as to promote the batty, paranoid & totally dishonest self publicist Brian Gerrish giving him airspace to promote his fantasies surrounding Hollie Greig, it has long since been proven thge entire ‘STORY’ is a contrived hoax.

    Malcolm surely has not joined the tin foil hat brigade!



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  3. […] UKIP In Yet Another Muddle on Peter Reeves’ Patch! […]


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