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UKIP Yoof follow example of unprofessional in fighting

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 16/03/2013

UKIP Yoof follow example of unprofessional in fighting

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


UKIP Yoof follow the example of the Farage Party’s leadership style of unprofessional in fighting that renders UKIP unfit for purpose!

This unprofessionalism combined with a lack of strategy, tactics or plan goes a long way to explain why UKIP is no force to be reckoned with & have consistently failed in domestic politics where they still hold less than 30 elected seats of any value and zero MPs in 20 years!



UKIP Youth Implodes as Former Leader Slams Candidate as an ‘Antagonistic & Divisive’.


Former UKIP Youth Leader Harry Aldridge has slammed candidate for the top job, Sean Howett, “Antagonistic” and “Obstructive” force in Young Independence (YI), the UKIP Youth Wing.

Aldridge told UKIP news-site Flash of Purple“Sean became obstructive on the YI Council, preventing activity and making the council members not want to hold calls or discuss anything, and in the end, given that i was becoming increasingly stressed to to the time pressures of work and my life, I decided that I had better things to do than fight an obstructive force.

“I think Sean is simply antagonistic and divisive, and not collegiate, all of which are prerequisites for YI Chairman. I think Rob has these qualities in spades.

In response a UKIP Youth member and Sean Howlett supporter told tbg – “Ever get the feeling he doesn’t like being yesterday’s favourite? At some point he needs to move on. He backed Olly and that helped lead to a mess. He seems to be becoming YIs very own Roger Knappman, almost nearly but if were honest never really.”

“This interview has all the marks of a career that has stalled. hanging around long after his time has gone”

Young Independence (YI), the Youth Wing of UKIP, has experienced a bloody day as far as election campaigns go. Two attack ads have rocked the whole of UKIP, the second ad of the day being particularly vicious.


Exclusive: Interview with Former YI Chairman Harry Aldridge


 One of the big concerns of this campaign will be to ensure we do not get a repeat of the disgraceful scenes that played out at the start of the year. You backed Olly Neville for YI Chairman, is Rob a safer pair of hands than Neville was. How can we ensure there will not be another incident, and is Rob too close to Neville, having been appointed YI Vice Chairman by him?

I did back Olly. The thing people forget about Olly is that he was and is well liked both inside YI but also outside the party within certain parts of Conservative Future and elsewhere. Obviously there was an antagonism present on both sides which led to the Ollyshambles debacle, which was extremely unfortunate. I suspect that Olly’s politics are, however, best suited to twitter than the wearing of a party hat as an office holder and spokesman.

I think Rob is a safe pair of hands, and has demonstrated himself to be such over the last two months, when he has done a great job frankly under some very difficult circumstances. Rob found himself in the Chair largely by accident, but he had a vision for YI and set about rebuilding relations and trust with the Party meeting with the Party Chairman and Chief Executive. The Party, for its part, has been more engaged and is giving YI more attention – caused by the wrong reasons but with good results.

Rob has been clear that he sees the role of Chairman as less of a political role, but more of an organisational and managerial one. He has stated that he is not for any particular strand of views, but for all members. I think this is a good approach. I wouldn’t say Rob was too close to Olly, and I think Rob has his own clear views and ideas about what he wants for YI.
Why are you backing Rob and not his opponent Sean Howlett?
Sean has always been an antagonistic force in YI. He can have good ideas and do good things – the Gay marriage fringe debate at Birmingham conference was a great success. As chairman I tried to, and hopefully people felt that I did, treat people with an even hand. I was one of Sean’s greatest defender’s, much to the annoyance of many, because rubbing people the wrong way is not sufficient grounds for disciplinary action. As chairman one has to try and avoid cliques. I received many complaints regarding Sean, and trying to deal with these was, shall we say, a lot of effort and very difficult.
Sean became obstructive on the YI Council, preventing activity and making the council members not want to hold calls or discuss anything, and in the end, given that i was becoming increasingly stressed to to the time pressures of work and my life, I decided that I had better things to do than fight an obstructive force.
I think Sean is simply antagonistic and divisive, and not collegiate, all of which are prerequisites for YI Chairman. I think Rob has these qualities in spades.
What specific policies of Rob’s attracted you to his campaign?
Rob shares the same focus I had when Chairman – building the organisation. Regional chairmen to represent YI on the ground locally, a belief in building our University presence, and a desire for YI to organise more events. I think this is exactly the right approach, and wholeheartedly support it.
Where can Rob take YI that his opponents can’t? If Rob is elected where do you see YI being at the end of his term?
Well, I think it is all about organisation and delivering growth in Uni societies, regional structure, and in so doing being inclusive to all YI members. Being a level headed manager, leading change in YI, and being a moderate representative as the face of YI. And I will support him in any way that I am able.

Will you ever return to YI in a leadership role?
I have no plans to and have no desire to. I am far to occupied with work and life generally, and happily so. Also one of the reasons I stood down was to make way for somebody younger which I felt was necessary given the shift in the YI member age profile towards teenagers, and so I don’t see myself coming back to lead YI. That time has passed. I will remain active and help where i can though.
And finally, what are your opinions on Gay Marriage?
As i have said elsewhere previously, I believe in equality under the law for same sex couples. Personally I would see the state removed from the marriage business – it has no place determining what is and is not a marriage. If one person wants to marry another person, or multiple people, so what? Given the current situation the government simply needs to know if an individual has named another individual as a significant other for purposes of tax, benefits, etc. Then be done with it. Contracts of marriage can be left to the courts to interpret and enforce, and religious institutions can impose whatever symbolism or validation upon the contracts as they may wish. Everyone is satisfied.

The state should not be trying to achieve equality by defining marriage more widely, it should be trying to achieve equality by un-defining marriage and getting out the way.

As far as the legislative proposals on the table are concerned, I do not believe that the word “marriage” has an inflexible definition, nor that the use of it by same sex couples in any way diminishes the value of the word for opposite-sex couples or people of faith, so I don’t accept the argument that just because some religious people believe marriage to be a particular union of man and woman that is therefore a reason not to allow same sex couple to marry equally.

I do think there is a legitimate concern over the uncertainty of future ECHR rulings once the law is in place, but I think it unlikely. And if churches were compelled to marry same sex couples against their faith it would be a travesty and wholly unjust.

The UKIP position is essentially that legal equality has been achieved with civil partnerships, and given the uncertainty over future ECHR interpretation or hate crime laws, that it is best left to lie rather than wage a battle unnecessarily. I think it is a legitimate position, albeit I don’t share the same level of concern over the legal uncertainty.


EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Youth Election Hots up With Savage Attack Ad.


tbg can exclusively reveal the Young Independence (YI) election first attack ad. The ad rips into Sean Howlett’s opponent for the top job of YI Leader, Rob Comley, pleading with the UKIP Youth electorate not to ‘Rob’ YI of its future.

One YI source told tbg“Having done a lot of research for the YI elections I can see that Sean Howlett is a smart, hardworking and well liked and respected guy, however it has become apparent that Rob Comley is only running to raise his profile so he can become an MEP or MP or defect to the Tories.”

Another YI source revealed to tbg that Comley has apparently called for the creation of a UKIP Youth Scottish branch, however seemingly – “Unaware that a functioning one already exists”. YI Scots Chairman Oluf Marshall is said to be – “Not happy.”

[YI Election Campaign Attack Ad]


YI Embroiled With Further Attack Ads


The YI election campaign has taken a further negative turn after Flash of Purple was alerted to this attack ad that has been circulating amongst YI members. The crude ad mock YI Chairman Candidate Sean Howlett’s pledge to run a clean campaign, emphasising the hypocricy between that statement and his previous behaviour, as YI officials alerted us to previously. The Ad is the first one to attack Howlett after Rob Comley was subject to a brutal attack ad earlier today.

My thanks to &
both are exposing the unprofessional ineptitude of The Farage Party Yoooof wing, as they emulate the crass behaviour of UKIP leadership clique and its claque of cowards, creeps and anonymous obsessives as they seek to curry favour and stab eachother in the back for prefferment and greater chances of advancement to/or on the gravy train!
Astonishingly UKIP still believe they are of political significance in British domestic politics just as the media have latched onto their naivety as a way to stir up the weaker sisters on the back benches of British politics whilst Farage is an irritant to the front benches his party is seen as a threat to  back benchers with a tenuous hold on their seats.

You may find this post of interest:

found on a blog on the internet (not mine or Junius 😉

Another excellent post, this time by Mr Alan Wood.

Although “I am UKIP”, we’ve never met, more’s the pity.

Well, they say you can judge a man by the quality of his enemies (or by the company he keeps), and judging by the standard of intellect and bearing, he has some quiet extraordinary enemies indeed. There is currently a debate – well, no, petty-minded bickering exchange raging on the British Democracy Forum, and apart from 1 or 2 posts by a ‘Geoffrey Collier’, it is the most illiterate and cretinous dross ever sent over the internet. They who post from anonymous false names do indeed bring the party into deep disrepute.

If only some of the people outside the party were running it….

UKIP’s membership has collapsed in calibre over the period of Farage’s leadership, though it has gained from the original collapse under Farage by firstly offering free membership and then pandering to the lowest common denominator in terms of simplistic populism and unworkable promises.


The claque of vociferous and ill-informed cowards sheltering their odious personalities and bullying oafishness behind anonymity is plain to see on forums and blogs, you tube and general behaviour across the internet and political spectrum as the correspondent quoted above makes clear.


The crass behaviour of the Farage claque and the clear criminality of some as they scrabble for preferment and the chance to climb on Farage’s untrustworthy clique of ne’er do wells in his so called leadership clique  of self serving petty crooks who will clearly leap into any gutter to gain promotion to the salaries and authority Farage offers and the direct feed lines from the gravy train utterly de3means UKIP and ensures they will for ever remain on the fringes as little more than the dustbin of protest votes and failed politicians dumped or on the skids in other parties.


Yes of course UKIP will gain the dustbin vote with populist clap trap but this will only occur, as has been proven, in irrelevant elections where historically the British people have an increasingly diminioshing turnout, making way for extremist policies like UKIP.


As soon as real events kick in in a consequential election the inate sense of survival kicks in and the overwhelming majority of voters who do turn out will vote for the more responsible two mainstream parties – however incompetent they clearly are.


Farage is to be congratulated having picked up a percentage of the protest vote, which seems significant, rivalling other duplicitous or/& failed politicians as have The Bonham Carters, Thorpe, Rogers, Jenkins, Heath, Rippon, Ashdown, Clark, Huhne, Williams, Salmond, Brown, Clegg, Owen, Balls, Millibands, Kinnock and their ilk who gathered protest votes based on their utterly irresponsible self-interested agendas.


Politicians who did and are doing so very much to aid the conquest of Britain by The EU.


Clearly The Enemy Within.





May I commend you to consider yet another informed view CLICK HERE




 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
Deny the self serving political clique ANY Democratic claims to legitimacy
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
to Reclaim YOUR Future 

Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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