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The Higher Up The Tree UKIP Leadership Climb …

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 06/03/2013

The Higher Up The Tree UKIP Leadership Climb …

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


The Higher Up The Tree UKIP Leadership Climb …!
IF UKIP refuses to ‘clean-up’ its act it has no future and no place in British politics, whaterver its cheap and dishonest populism may garner!


as I have repeatedly said and published for several years as soon as UKIP shows any signs of any kind of significance they would be exposed for what they really are.Increasingly UKIP are being exposed as political lightweights and extremist of no ethical substance. A cult rather than a party controlled, managed and manipulated by one man, whose finger prints will never be found on any concrete evidence of corruption, dishonesty or extremism but with a claque of followers willing to be used and manipulated as his puppets to act for him to keep him on the gravy train!The amounts of money that have appeared to go ‘walk about’ are staggering the odd £1/4Million here and a further £1/4Million there and it soon adds up to £Millions – as Nigel Farage notoriously boasted to the ex Labour EU minister later shown to have defrauded the public purse himself, Farage boasted at a Press lunch that he had received around £2Million in expenses over and above his actual expenses in the EU.

That of course was no admission of involvement in the apparent £Millions that have seemingly gone missing fr4om EU funding and UKIP direct funds including via call centers.

Perhaps the information in the report, if a little hysterical somewhat untrustworthy and clearly pedantic, that follows the press article below will give the measure of the outrage some members feel at the corruption of UKIP by its leader4ship.However do consider the source, which was a thwarted individual who had great ambitions through UKIP and may well be embittered by his failure as a manipulator, in political terms, when measured against the likes of Nigel Farage!First consider the press report below which I can attest has involved a considerable amount of research so far and is ongoing not only by this paper but by other press journalists and in other media.

Similarly we know that UKIP and many of its remaining senior members are under investigation by OLAF and by areas of the British Police.Again I reiterate the belief that UKIP is at greatest danger of destruction by the exposure of its own corruption should it ever be considered of any real significance – hence the current interest follow its apparent success at Eastleigh, despite the fact that their performance was a mere 14% of the electorate’s vote shadowing the failure of politicians in gene4ral to be considered of much significance in Britain now we are so clearly subject of direct rule by The EU.You may feel the claim we are directly ruled by The EU is untrue or at best an exageration yet this very day the EU voted 26 to 1 against the direct financial interests of these United Kingdoms.

This is not a one off! You will of course be aware that on the pretext that British meat was infected with Foot and Mouth the EU market was largely closed to us yet imports continued from many countries where the disease was endemic and indeed it will be remembered that in France the disease was nicknamed ‘JCB disease’ as farmers killed their own cattle with symptoms and buried them whilst immediately sending any other cattle to slaughter!

Furtjher be minded that no aspirant politician in Britain has set out for election without stating that the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) of The EC, EEC, Common Market, EU, call it what you will, was unfair, hugely costly and must be changed yet in 40 years no British Government nor minister had managed to change a single detail nor a phrase or comma!

Why one may ask would one wish to be a member of an organisation that not only costs some £50Million a day but clearly acted against one’s National intertests and it is a valid question that increasingly politicians will not answer with integrity or honesty and the electorate are now by a majority seeking to Leave-The-EU yet with 60%+ of Conservative voters wanting a fair and honest Referendum, which David Cameron has now for the second time claimed he will hold to appease his members yet UKIP have so lost sight of their ‘Raison d’être‘ that they can only garner 14% of the electorate in their best ever domestic by election!Consider my oft stated truth, when thinking of UKIP and its leadership, ‘The higher up the tree the monkey climbs the more you see its Rs’, increasingly you will note the media pointing this out, example after example!

Special Report: What voters should know about Ukip

Is there more to the party than an obsession with immigration and getting Britain out of the European Union?

Sunday 03 March 2013

Suddenly, the UK Independence Party is the wild card of British politics. It left the Conservative Party bruised and traumatised by beating it in the Eastleigh by-election. It is tipped to win a large share of the vote in next year’s European elections, may well cost David Cameron’s party victory at the next general election, and is the force whose electoral magnetism many say will pull the Tories ever rightward. It is also the party – its programme and personalities – that has so far escaped scrutiny. Until now.

If Ukip had a name that truly reflected its priorities, it might be called the UK Immigrationphobe Party. Ostensibly the anti-EU party, an obsession with immigration and exit from Europe as a means to close Britain’s doors is its prevailing motive. The word immigration runs through its policy statements like red lettering in seaside rock, and its proposed five-year ban on entries to the UK is the message it rams home on every doorstep.

That is far from all. It is deeply sceptical of global warming, wants to abolish inheritance tax, employers’ National Insurance contributions, aims to partially reverse the recent hunting and smoking bans, and would increase defence spending by some 40 per cent. It is, in thought if not yet in personnel, the extreme right-wing of the Conservative Party in exile; a party run in the main by self-made businessmen with an agenda to match. And it has a record of defections, internecine squabbles and acrimony, plus scandals that have led two of its former MEPs to jail.

Founded in 1991 as the Anti-Federalist League by Dr Alan Sked of the London School of Economics (it became Ukip two years later), it has had, in the past 20 years, no fewer than eight leaders. And the upper reaches of its 22,000 members are fed – and depleted – at regular intervals by defectors coming in and going out, among them its founder. Two of the people elected as Ukip MEPs have since defected to the Conservative Party, and Nikki Sinclaire, elected a Ukip MEP in 2009, was expelled from Ukip for refusing to be part of the right-wing Europe of Freedom and Democracy grouping in the European Parliament.

On the other side of the account, two of its three peers sitting in the Lords were defections from the Conservative Party; its one Member of the Legislative Assembly in Northern Ireland is David McNarry, who was expelled from the Ulster Unionists; and the only person ever to represent the party in the Commons was Robert Spink, who defected from the Conservatives in 2008.

All these comings and goings mean its headquarters must at times resemble a tourist hotel at the height of the season. The party is, in fact, run out of an office on a business park in Newton Abbot, Devon. Its latest available accounts, for 2011, reveal it has 12 employees, made up of four party officers and eight administrative staff – four fewer than in the previous year. The Ukip leadership has managed to turn around an £18,000 deficit and posted a profit of almost £100,000.

Its MEPs have been criticised for a less-than-stellar attendance record at the European Parliament. The latest data from says that Nigel Farage’s attendance in plenary has been 141 days out of 196, placing him 708 out of 754 MEPs, and his deputy Paul Nuttall managed 123 days out of 195, ranking him 742nd. More embarrassing for the party was the jailing of two of its former MEPs. In 2007, Ashley Mote, who represented South-east England, was jailed on 21 counts of benefit fraud, totalling £65,000. In 2009, Tom Wise, former MEP for East of England, was jailed for two years after falsely claiming thousands in expenses.

Mr Farage has carved out a niche for himself as a political maverick who, with a nice line in good humour, plays well on Question Time. Insiders, however, say he is somewhat shy when it comes to detail. One former Ukip member said the party had attempted to put together a co-ordinated policy platform before the last election with 18 separate policy groups charged with contributing to the Ukip manifesto. But he added: “The whole thing was eventually binned. The Ukip leadership doesn’t seem to be interested in details; it’s a very successful single-issue pressure group. Nigel was very uncomfortable with a manifesto which stated that ‘A Ukip government would do this or that’.”

Marta Andreasen, the former Ukip MEP who joined the Conservatives during the Eastleigh by-election campaign, said the party was, in effect, a pressure group. “Ukip says it has policies on things other than Europe, but none of them have been properly costed. It is very easy to use immigration as a threat to the population of this country, because people are losing their jobs and the welfare state is being reduced. I agree that there should be proper controls on immigration, but Ukip’s position on this – warning that millions of Bulgarians and Romanians would come to this country – was one of the things that contributed to my leaving the party. We were coming too close to the BNP. We were on the margins of the racists.”

To the accusations that his party is covertly racist, Mr Farage highlights the fact that the Ukip candidate in the Croydon North by-election was the Jamaican-born former boxer Winston McKenzie. However, Mr McKenzie provoked protests when he claimed that allowing gay couples to adopt was “unhealthy”.

Ukip’s deputy leader, Paul Nuttall, uses his blog to vent his spleen against political correctness. In one post, he supported the Bristol hoteliers who faced court action after refusing to let a gay couple sleep in the same bed, and the football pundits Andy Gray and Richard Keys, sacked by Sky over their “sexist” remarks about a female referee’s assistant. He wrote: “Firstly, Christian hoteliers Peter and Rosemary Bull lost a court case in Bristol, which was brought by two homosexual men who took exception because the couple refused to allow them to sleep in the same bed. What a complete joke. Aren’t people allowed to live by their religious beliefs in the country any more? … Gray was partaking in something we call ‘banter’ in football circles … It’s not as if he said it live on air, but, then again, so what if he had?”

A Ukip spokesman denied the party was obsessed with migration and insisted that it had a policy platform which “reflected all the real concerns of the British people”. He added: “We have policies on the economy, public services, Europe … everything. During the Eastleigh campaign, we expected to talk a lot about Europe, but when we knocked on doors people wanted to ask about immigration. Other people have analysed the election since and said immigration was the main concern of 55 per cent of the people who voted, so we were very much in touch with the people of that area. Ukip, of course, repudiates all types of racism and sectarianism. BNP former members are barred from joining Ukip.”

Additional reporting by Jemma Crew and Katie Grant

Ukip policies

Lower taxes

“Abolish the tax on work – employers’ National Insurance [NI].” This would lose around £50bn a year in revenue, at a stroke, reversing all progress in cutting the deficit since 2010.

“Take 4.5 million of low incomes out of tax with a simple, flat rate income tax … Merge 20 per cent basic income tax with 11 per cent NI to create a 31 per cent flat tax on all earned incomes over £11,500.” This would create another vast hole in public finances, and mean tax cuts for all higher-rate taxpayers.

“Ukip have a long-standing policy to abolish inheritance tax.” This would cost about £3bn a year.

“Global warming is not proven – wind power is futile. Scrap all green taxes, wind-turbine subsidies, adopt nuclear power to free us from dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil and gas.”

“Cut taxes on small businesses.” Unspecified.

Lower public spending

“Public spending is increasing and the coalition’s cuts do not scratch the surface of Labour’s deficit. We must cut down government if we are to return to a sound economy.”

Quangos: “Bring them under Parliament’s control and cut the cost substantially”. No definition of “substantial”.

“Make real and rigorous cuts in foreign aid.” The aid budget is about £10bn a year.

“By leaving the EU we save over £45m a day plus £60bn a year due to EU trade barriers, business regulation, waste, fraud.” £60bn a year is equivalent to the annual spending of the entire Education Department.

Higher public spending

“Spend an extra 40 per cent on defence annually.” A cost of £19bn pa.

“Double prison places to enforce zero tolerance on crime.” Cost about £4bn pa.

“Roll all state pensions and benefits into a simple, substantial citizen’s pension.” Uncosted.

Restore student grants, but abandon target of 50 per cent of young people going to university. Uncosted.

A better yesterday

“Only by leaving the EU can we regain control of our borders.”

“Life must mean life.”

“Our traditional values have been undermined. Children are taught to be ashamed of our past. Multiculturalism has split our society. Political correctness is stifling free speech.”

“Support grammar schools.”

“End the ban on smoking in allocated rooms in public houses, clubs and hotels.”

“Hold county-wide referenda on the hunting ban.”

John Rentoul

Sources: ‘What We Stand For, A Ukip Statement of Principles’, 28 November 2011, and other documents on the Ukip website

To view the original of this article CLICK HERE
As promised, in the preamble to the article above you may find this published article from a UKIP public forum that follows and ask yourself if it was only 25% accurate surely this would so far see more than 2 UKIP MEPs sentenced to prison!


Join Date
Aug 2010



The 2005 Parliamentary Election for the constituency of Louth and Horncastle where Chris Pain represented UKIP, received two cheques to the value of £500 each, the said UKIP branch were only entitled to one cheque of £500 from the East Midlands Committee A second cheque was issued at the request of Chris Pain who was not an elected member of the UKIP East Midlands Committee at the time,claiming the first cheque had not been received.

As a result of this it was assumed the cheque had been lost in the post, a replacement cheque was issued. Our long serving treasurer came to the next meeting and reported that the first cheque had been presented for payment at the bank within days of being issued. The second cheque posted directly to Chris was also presented for payment despite requests from our treasurer and the RO for the cheque to be returned. The £500 was never returned despite repeated requests,.

Mr Pain an NEC member supported and recommended by the ‘Junius’ team has indicated that thr Regional Organiser ( Press Secretary, or whatever legal designation now satisfies O.L.A.F. ) Mr Donald Ransome, is to return from a holiday on Thursday and produce a report on matters. Excellant.

Cyprus is loverly at this time of year I am told, but this report may be less than sunny.He must indeed recall those words from Exodus, not to bare false witness.

A copy of this report must then be forwarded to Detective Inspector Postins of Birmingham, West Midlands Police. Failure to do just that may raise more than eyebrows, as we saw in Nottingham with a police raid, arrest and heavy questioning. More of that later though.

Mr Ransome needs to ascertain from Mr Pain, who; exactly are the ‘Junius’ team. ?

Does Mr Pain control ‘Junius’ or vica versa ?

Has Mr Pain, over the years transgressed NEC election rules by having a world wide web site promote his cause ?

How have other candidates coped with this matter, were they given similar and equal treatment ?

Has any form of favouritism occurred here with Mr Pain having internet endorsements ?

Mr Pain denegrates people including in writing, perhaps using a computer system. Some of it came to the fore only last week. There is, sadly; more.

Given Mr Pain’s denegration of others, that may have caused much upset ( Mr Clark I am told has been much hurt by ‘Junius’ cartoons of him that appear to match descriptions of him written by Mr Pain ) , has Mr Pain’s computer been criminally interferred with in order to see just what exactly is going on ( as has mine, and others too) albeit for entirely different reasons in my case including perhaps attempting to pervert the course of justice and witness intimidation ) .

Has his computer been hacked or entered in any way. I can with pleasure assist Mr Pain with this matter, and partly this is why he needs to take his computer to West Midlands Police and the live police enquiry into matters UKIP various and any intellegence that he or ‘Junius’ may possess .

Michael McGough, his senior NEC colleague urged just that of all and sundry upon this very forum.

The report by Mr Ransome must follow a natural path, chronologically.

Assisting with the Trimdon by-election with Mr Ransome during a very long day , I brought to his attention as the correct officer for members to turn to and in the proper civilised way; financial matters that were causing great concern to members, including:

The Ashford Call Centre raised money, Ashford Employment Ltd. and matters pertaining to legal requirements and the banking of our donated money.

UIKIP Wine World and the aparent disappearence of all of our money. The lack of HMRC VAT compliance. Failure of any documentation with evidently imported wine from The Lebanon being sold at UKIP events, having destroyed the proper and legal UKIP Wine World approved by the NEC.

Up to six years of national prize draws, perhaps 13 in total where monies appear not to be banked within the UKIP national accounts .

The draws under the Lotteries Acts were illegal, no licence, indeed evidently previously a legal status cancelled in favour of an illegal one.

The odd useage of a private business address in London for receipt of our monies and tickets, where indeed Mrs Kirston Farage had worked. The Birmingham H.Q. should have been used and that city council for legal registration.

Subsequently, Mr Ransome at an EMCC meeting questioned me quite specifically about the Ashford Call Centre. Details of dates when approaches were made for money, amounts donated and questions around these matters.

it must be remembered that his employer, Mr Clark MEP was indeed the national party secretary during those very generous and prosperous times and with concern expressed thus Mr Clark may have had concerns too ?

Mr Ransome does have that detail as requested by him.

Further Mr Ransome, within that report should list for Mr Stuart Wheeler the treasurer, ( and of course the police) areas that require external audit with an opportunity for one and all to question figures as provided.

This will include:

Ramsgate Call Centre.

Ashford Call Centre / Ashford Employment Ltd.

Preston Call Centre.

Around 13 national prize draws under the Lotteries Act unregistered anywhere in Britain, and the use of a private business address in an unrelated city to H.Q. where money was sent.

UKIP Wine World and all HMRC documents.

The use of a Bath council flat for receipt of monies.

£ 211,000 appearing to disappear from a set of regional accounts as ” other costs”

£ 250,000 obtained for a street collection of names and addresses when only an A4 sheet of paper was provided for that money and he ( Mr Ransome) told us to go away and photocopy it.

£ 11,000 destined for The Metric Martyers of Sunderland appears to disappear. Where is it ?

All movements of IDG group money.
Is that 10 MEP’s x E 50,000 per annum x 5 years ? A vast sum of money.

All movements of E.F.D. group money .
Is that 12 MEP’s x E 50,000 per annum x 5 years

Expanations about the Ohio account.

Explanations about something that may be called the 4000 account ?

These are some of the areas for Mr Ransome to concern himself with, we may provide a few more however.

Mr Ransome , within this report must also include the following:
I resigned with great sadness from the NEC quite specifically due to frauds, including as reported .I had honestly attempted to do something to protect us but the support was not available.

I was treated very badly at that last meeting, raving, shouting swareing abuse as others just bowed their heads to the table in shame.It was reported to Bedfordshire police by someone, not me though.

I thought that was the end of the matter, I just wanted to get on with branch and regional work, .

Subsequenty, a lot of nasty things happened, including:
A person identified to me by Northampton Borough Council using a mobile telephone rang them and attempted to drive me off the MEP lists that I was legally a part of .Nasty lies and defamation was used against me.

My then just widowed mother was traced ( different telephone district to me) and two frightening calls made about me intending to intimidate her and thus me by implication.

The Inland Revenue were missled about me costing all money.

( Richard ‘Ski’ experienced similar but far worse in that context)

I begin to hear verbal statements of very nasty things indeed about me.

I was isolated for standing up to fraud and questioning the evident disappearence of our money.

The News of the World paper was fed a lot of information about me and Sophy Ridge telephoned me about matters pertaining to a former police officer and UKIP MEP Tom Wise. I politely send them away.

Donald Ransome, who sometimes calls himself the Regional Organiser spammed my computer, costing me money to effect a repair.

Donald Ransome spammed my computer to total destruction using some device , such that it crashed, and mechanics were unable to access anything from it.Physical evidence is held by the police, and myself too.

I had to buy another system.

The entire contents of my computer was evidently taken to be replaced by ‘Spam’ from Mr Ransome, this included a valuable and saleable asset, namely my Bedfordshire police statement concerning Mr Tom Wise MEP and our UKIP Wine World money.

Donald Ransome at my last EMCC spent 1 hour and twenty minutes abusing me, shouting threats. I was not intimidated.

At that meeting I held up numerous examples of unlawful prize draws and questioned about the whereabouts of our money.

At that meeting I held up bank statements from Ashford Call Centre that showed quite huge money movements in and out. I was specific about £ sums.

At that meeting I raised UKIP wine world with certain documentation shown.

He, Mr Ransome three times threatened to take me outside and evidently beat me up.

Mr Ransome made an evident death threat intent to me. All of course witnessed.

I never raised my voice, I never used a wrong word.I was always calm and restrained.

Mrs Ransome, known as Sue; threatened to sue me. So, with Sue to sue and Donald to beat me up three times perhaps prior to even worse I was with others thrown off the committeee by the new chairman Mr Clark who appeared to seize the chair from the properly elected officer Mr Baker.

Two members dared to ask of Sue ( to sue remember) why she needed to take her shouting and raving and stabbing off at an odd tangent. Something appeared to worry her greatly.

Meanwhile no answers have ever been provided to very simple legitimate questions about our money, as given. Odd.

Then officers of the party attempt a reconciliation of our national accounts. Bank statements showing perhaps up to 95% of our money movements as explained converted into cash I am assurred appears to leave the party coffers.

I write all without prejudice and as explained.

Considerable work is carried out upon H.Q. site Birmingham thence elsewhere. The work is properly filed and documented. Certain bank statements were specifically denied however. Originals ( not copies, but the originals) were carefully stored within an unused office.

Following me being driven off the EMCC with nastiness, Mr Geoffrey Kingscott a former party secretary is treated to a similar action. Someone has explained to me that his abuse as received was worse than mine, but I was history by then and merely an object of derision.

A mild mannered man only interested in the well being of the party and members, Mr Kingscott never returns.

The the 15 year serving East Midlands treasurer always re-elected has a police raid upon his home and from around 0800-1800 questioned aggressivly and literally terrified by lies that had been fed to a charity, ‘Crimestoppers’ about him that caused a police raid with 8/9 officers and a battering-ram device. The stories are a slander.
His health was broken by that incident.Literally terrified by what was going on his mental/pschological state was damaged by the experience.
He had discovered much.

Mr Ransome’s report will of course recall the then national treasurer Mr Smith and his e-mails during the Electoral Commissioners case that appeared to request forms of misleading the authorities as to what was going on in certain contexts.

The report will explain how Mr Derek Clark MEP was always evidently able to deny any E.U. fraud office involvement with his affairs. Reports of false accounting and moneylaunding evidently untrue.

Mr Ransome needs to discuss any destruction of paperwork and computers if it ever happened.
Who was involved destroying the Nottingham office contents ( if it occurred).
Why would people do that ?
Were any originals or copies of attempts to reconcile our national accounts found there during the frenzy and destroyed, or taken to places from where they were hidden ?

Why were the failed attempts not given to the authorities and an investigation requested, in order to protect volunteer members. ?

As Mr Pain writes, ” Nigel is already watching me very carefully and it would stop me from trying to reform the party “
Mr Ransome needs to articulate those reforms as described by his regional chairman and NEC member, that hopefully take account of the above and perhaps even more.
” some great mileage her for Junius” writes Mr Pain over another of his wheezes.

Well before ‘Junius’ and Mr Pain go public, perhaps they will assist Mr Ransome with his report and deliver it to West Midlands police ( along with Mr Pain’s computers) where a live investigation has consumed resources for over one year now.
Volunteer members who were so very kind and generous deserve just that.

Finally , may I congratulate all of the decent volunteers with their recent Eastleigh by-election result, ( this following Corby and Rotheram) .They are a credit to the British Eurosceptic movement.

May I add a caveat! Whatever Ian Gillman may claim I have every reason to believe that Chris Pin hasn’t a clue nor any valid provenance as to who may be on The Junius Team and thus clearly has absolutely no influence over them or personal input to their articles or comments.You may safely be aware that several of the points Gillman attributes to Pain and a contact with Team Junius have been items supplied by myself to the team having garnered the information from third party verifiable sources almost all of whom are in The EU.

As with the simple fact that Chris Pain’s managing to get himself onto UKIP NEC has led to a great deal of annoyance on the part of Nigel Farage – seemingly just as he was determined to strangle the nascent aims of transparency, probity and openness of an accountable leadership represented by Dr. David Abbott, Dr. Eric Edmond and others as with Richard Suchorzewski and others previously.

It is also worth noting that of his own admission Ian Gillman is not very computer literate and has had detailed discussion with me in tyhe past regarding computer protection and clearly claimed he had no recognised computer anti virus system.

Frankly the degree of professionalism of the attacks on his computer, had he had even the simplest form of virus protection, way exceeds the importance of anything that might ever have been on his computer and never, in all his dramatic accusations has he EVER identified anything of consequence on his computer worthy of the efforts of professional standard hacking with or without anti virus.

Ask yourself what gain would ANYONE derive from hacking Gillman’s computer? He clearly has failed to convince me and others of any motivation anyone might have beyond seeking to possibly irritate him!




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