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UKIP Election Results Catastrophic – Independents 12 : UKIP 0

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 17/11/2012

UKIP Election Results Catastrophic – Independents 12 : UKIP 0TITLE

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


UKIP Election Results in PCC Debacle AND by elections of 15-Nov-2012 were undeniably Catastrophic – Even Independents gained 12 seats whilst UKIP lived down to pragmatic expectaion and scored ZERO losing the majority of their 44 deposits!

A cruel blow for those who have been so unprofessionally misled by the self serving Farage cult, unaware of the damage they do to the credibility of EUroScepticism!!


by way of reflection on the catasrophic UKIP results in the various elections held on Thursday 15-Nov-2012 you may find this comment posted on Dr. Eric Edmond’s blog of interest:
for those of us supporting the core principles of UKIP we were again let down by unprofessional leadership, incompetent planning, undemocratic selection of candidates & the normal crass stupidity.

In Corby the result was a risible 14% getting nowhere near being elected despite all the money spent and the idiotic over egging of expectations.

Just how did UKIP think they would get a candidate elected when foisting on the electorate who only vote UKIP as a dustbin for their protest votes and a few willing to hold their noses as they vote to Leave-The-EU.

Just how were they likely to gain votes with an EU lobbyist lately from another party who quite clearly is a political prostitute seeking a way onto the gravy train by raising her profile to be an acceptable Farage placement on the MEP candidate list in 18 months time.

Farage’s placements to be announced at the last minute to ensure democratic choice of members can’t creep in!

Similarly we note Godfrey Blooms wife’s sometime business partner Jane Collins peddling that historic picture of herself (a stunt best known in UKIP as having been used by Janet Girsman and copied by Marion Mason – Derek Clark also uses a similar stunt by using a picture in which he is awake!)

UKIP’s results in the PCC farce were even worse!

Out of 193 candidates for 41 places of over paid & irrelevant party hacks the people spoke loud and clear!

The turnout was the people speaking louder than ever since WWII with 84% totally rejecting the concept of PCCs – Politicians said PCCs would be the voice of the people and what a shock when they heard that voice!

UKIP did particularly badly with not a single candidate rising above the voter rejection in an election where there was every hope they might do well but they failed to field a single solitary credible candidate.

In an election where exposure would seem to have been the key one would have expected Godfrey Bloom to do better than being beaten into 4th. place as I would hazard a guess he has exposed himself more than most – even being banned from hotel chains for exposing himself to urinate in plant pots and arrested for exposing himself copulating with a black prostitute on the bonnet of a car on the public highway we are informed!

A few of us were attacked and ridiculed for our belief that Independent candidates were the future when we set up ‘Independent Leave-The-EU Alliance’ – though clearly we were ahead of our time and under funded our point is made.

In the PCC elections the score was, out of 41, Independents 12 UKIP ZERO.

The abject failure of leadership, risible lack of professionalism, odious corruption and endless pandering to cronies and squabbling with the racist and anti homosexual stance that has led to so much in fighting and back stabbing UKIP has totally let down its core electors and has very clearly failed as a concept.

20 years and they have achieved so very little with less than 30 elected seats of ANY note out of the 19,500 seats available by election!

UKIP keeps making complete fools of themselves with its blow hard clowns pronouncing how well they will do (we heard it in the last election, Barnsley, Corby, PCC, Buckingham elections etc. etc.)

UKIP even make the risible claim they ARE the 3rd. party in British politics when councillors & overseas seats included they have ZERO MPs and less than 30 total whilst even the increasingly unpopular and utterly odious LibDims have over 50 MPs – Whast planet do UKIP leadership live on or are they always drunk!

I know Farage especially employs fools to make him look competent and to praise him but surely he can not believe the drivel he has paid these low grade ingrates to feed him! Next he will have Praise Singers and Jesters (woops I forgot Annabelle Fuller, Mark Croucher, Gawain Towler, Gerard Batten, Derek Clark, Michael Heaver, Douglas Denny, Mick McGough etc. all queued up in their chicken costumes with their inflatable bulldozers and museum military toys, all willing to lie, defame, cheat and dissemble to enhance their rewards!)

Yes Farage as leader of the cult was quite good on Question Time having had 20 years practice as UKIP’s sole spokesman – though clearly he & his hirelings have failed to convince, even when they tell the truth, being slapped down with ease when pointing out that when the EU makes over 75% of our laws & has a bigger bureaucracy than China clearly they ARE responsible for the ills of this country and much else beyond our borders.

UKIP as a Farage cult have proved beyond all doubt the British public don’t trust them with their vote.

I remind you when even the Greens have an MP and the treacherous LibDims have some 50 UKIP has ZERO.

Do not forget in the PCC election UKIP ZERO Independents 12.

Do remember that out of 19,500 seats available by election UKIP after 20 years of utterly incompetent leadership and crass unprofessionalism has failed to get 30 seats of any meaning.

UKIP have become also rans competing with other non entities amongst which are Greens, LibDims, Robin Tilbrook, Plaid and the BNP!

The betrayal by UKIP has been near total! A fact I greatly regret as had they been competent, honest and professionalised they just might have been leading us out of the EU by now – sadly there is no hope of them having a place of any note when we Leave-The-EU with UKIP running along behind desperately trying to jump on the band wagon.

Clearly there are merits to the concept of Independent candidates and IF democracy is to survive, and I dearly hope it does in some form representing people’s wishes and not just politicians ambitions, Independents will and must inevitably rise.

With greater ability for electronic participation the arcane concept of a clique of self serving political party hacks gathering in some foetid chamber are all but over.

With video linking, video conferencing and the added advantage of electronic briefing papers a far greater number of participants and scrutiny can take place and more detailed and immediate voting.

The days of a self serving political elite being free to travel and milk their expenses and libidos in distant cities are near over!

Independents with rated input will present the outlines, facts, details and summaries for debate amongst Independent participants for eventual mass voting.


The political parties of today and yesteryear will be no more than a smudge in history books noted for the arcane and unpleasant manner of their life styles and their corruption.

There will be no Tory or Labour Party and LibDims will be long gone (following their present trend) where UKIP never arrived and the odious nature of the lies and distortions of Greens, SNP, Plaid and socialism with its State Broadcasting for perceived central propaganda – ALL swept away.

I am proud that with Niall Warry, Peter Underwood and the support of others I was in the vanguard of the Independent movement which is starting to emerge – I am only sad that some of the hard working supporters of UKIP lacked the foresight and courage to join with us to Leave-The-EU and were too bound up in the unarguably corrupt and unprofessional Farage cult of yesteryear and that so much energy has been wasted supporting the careers of the self serving political elite.


Energy that could have been put into building a better tomorrow.

Energy that is being well used by such as Team Sinclair of ‘We Demand A Referendum Party’ and Dr. Richard North, Niall Warry and their Harrogate Agenda movement which meets again in Leamington today – would that I had the health to attend but unfortunately a spin off of the massive treatments and cancer I have had over the last 14+years is insomnia and a tendency to narcolepsy making travel non viable!

I am however only too happy to debate the issues with anyone who cares to and present the issues at any meeting within about a 30 > 40 mile radius of home!

I am also happy to put my case and defend my opinions and statements which would help to add to the assurance that my blogs are open to comment and founded on clear efforts to ensure accuracy and honesty see CLICK HERE




 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
Deny the self serving political clique ANY Democratic claims to legitimacy
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
to Reclaim YOUR Future 

Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

tel: 01594 – 528 337
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To Leave-The-EU
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