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>GUEST POST: Apology to John Bickley Failed Ukip Candidate

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 12/11/2014

>GUEST POST: Apology to John Bickley Failed Ukip Candidate



this is an apology to John Bickley sent to me anonymousy with the implied intent that it should be published where it would be seen by those seeking the truth about Ukip including the many journalists who are known to read and quote this blog over the years.


I did not notice, or more to the point remember as significant, the original comment seemingly made, which the anonymous author considered to be in need of an apology.


For that matter I paid little or no significance to John Bickley in either of the elections in question as he was a Ukip candidate with little or no realistic expectation of winning – unless of course he had been placed in first or second position on Nigel Farage’s chosen list of MEP candidate, which clearly he was not.


Internal selection, or for that matter elec tion processes in Ukip have been extensively rigged to ensure those candidates who are a direct benefit to Nigel Farage or he himself take the electable positions, replacing those the electorate have or may have chosen.


Many will remember that his lackey Douglas Denny was removed from office as returning officer when exposed as a liar and a cheat by this blog during Farage’s own election as leader! It would seem to be normal practice in Ukip CLICK HERE & many will recall when Douglas Denny as Ukip’s Returning Officer was removed having actively campaigned in the election he purported to adjudicate!

Below is the apology to John Bickley, as received from an anonymous author, thus I can not attest to its accuracy but it does seem accurate on the items which I am certain of.


BICKLEY, John Anon APPOLOGY 11-Nov-2014 01



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