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Ongoing War In UKIP Scotland & other areas

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 17/11/2013

Ongoing War In UKIP Scotland & other areas

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Clean EUkip up NOW make UKIP electable! 


The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


Ongoing War In UKIP Scotland & most other areas as members fight like ferrets in a sack for a place at the troughs on the gravy train!!

EU MEP Logo 01MEPs : Massively Expensive Parasites



Ukip at war in Scotland

UKIP in Scotland is in “turmoil” after six of its nine European candidates quit amid allegations of dirty tricks and claims an ally of UK leader Nigel Farage was unfairly helped in the contest.

Ukip's Scottish leader Christopher Monckton and David Coburn, 'ally' of Nigel Farage, right

Ukip’s Scottish leader Christopher Monckton and David Coburn, ‘ally’ of Nigel Farage, right

The six, who include Scottish leader Lord Christopher Monckton and chair Mike Scott-Hayward, stood down as ballot papers were about to be sent out.

But the party pushed ahead with the selection and David Coburn, who is Ukip’s London chair, was the controversial winner. A party source described the process as a “shambles” and evidence of London “parachuting in” a candidate.

Ukip in Scotland has failed to replicate the party’s success south of the Border, where Farage and his team have elected representatives in town halls and Brussels. At recent Holyrood by-elections, Otto Inglis polled 4.83% in Aberdeen Donside and Peter Adams got 3.75% in Dunfermline.

But Ukip in England is tipped to do well in next year’s European election, with the Scottish party in the hunt to take one of Scotland’s six MEP seats.

The prospect of a breakthrough prompted some of the Scottish wing’s biggest hitters to stand in the contest.

Nine candidates were shortlisted: Monckton; Scott-Hayward; Inglis; Coburn; Paul Henke; Ross Durance; Malcolm Macaskill; Steven McKeane; and Kevin Newton.

The selection was aimed at whittling down the nine hopefuls to six.

Whoever came top of the internal ballot had, in the words of one insider, a “decent” chance of becoming an MEP next year. But the selection has prompted an extraordinary bout of infighting and a civil war between the UK party and its Scottish branch. On the eve of ballot papers being sent out to Scottish members in September, some candidates became concerned about the alleged tactics being used by Inglis.

There was also suspicion about the presence in the race of Coburn, who was believed to be an ally of Farage.

Fears were aggravated when Ukip’s Lanarkshire branch sent an email saying it endorsed Coburn and Inglis as “preferred lead and second candidates”. The statement added: “Lanarkshire branch office bearers and members are thereby requested to canvass and cast votes on behalf of David Coburn and Otto Inglis alone.”

The grievances came to a head at a candidates’ summit in Edinburgh in September. Seven of the nine – the exceptions being Inglis and Coburn – resigned as candidates in an email to Ukip chair Steve Crowther. They stated: “We withdraw as candidates for European parliamentary seats.”

In a clear dig at Coburn, they claimed that “Ukip’s leader had invited a London friend to stand”, adding a senior figure in the contest had “unfairly advantaged him”.

The letter complained about the alleged tactics of another candidate, which a source confirmed as Inglis.

They said of the Lanarkshire email: “A branch broke the rules by widely endorsing these two candidates.”

The candidates claimed that Ukip in London “twice refused” to suspend the ballot pending an investigation.

It is understood Newton reversed his decision to quit.

Despite this meltdown, Ukip sent ballot papers to Scottish members with all nine candidates on it.

With more than half of the contenders no longer competing, it left the relatively unknown Coburn with a huge opportunity, which he took, as he topped the poll.

One source said Ukip has presided over a “shambles” in Scotland: “It would appear they think parachuting in a London-based Scot is the answer. You cannot invite candidates to join a fair election fight when in reality the whole ballot appears to have been fixed from the start.”

The source added: “We have blown any prospects of electoral success in next year’s European elections.”

Ukip recently published the results of the list rankings for Wales, Northern Ireland and regions in England, but not Scotland.

Coburn describes himself as “Lead Ukip Scotland MEP Candidate” on his Twitter feed.

The mass resignation is the latest setback for Farage’s party in Scotland. Earlier this year, Farage had to abandon a press conference in an Edinburgh pub after being heckled.

He said: “The anger, the hatred, the shouting, the snarling, the swearing was all linked in to a desire for the Union Jack to be burnt.”

Asked about the resignations, Lord Monckton said: “I just want to confirm where we’ve got to with London. Once that’s been sorted out, the position will become clear.”

Asked why he resigned, he said: “We will go into all of that after London has come up with its answer.”

Henke said of his decision to withdraw: “It was about fairness. I took my name off the list.”

Inglis said: “Speak to someone further up the tree.”

Coburn said that he had won the internal contest, but denied Farage had asked him to stand. Asked about the six resignations, he said: “I can’t really discuss the list. I’m just a candidate like everyone else.”

He added: “There is no civil war in Ukip Scotland. There are always disgruntled people everywhere.”

Macaskill, Durance and Scott-Hayward did not return calls.

McKeane declined to comment, while Newton could not be contacted.

SNP MEP Alyn Smith said: “Ukip in Scotland are clearly in turmoil, and the reality is that people are not buying the prejudice they are selling.”

A Ukip spokesman said: “Ukip’s candidate list for the European Elections in Scotland has not yet been announced because of a dispute within Ukip Scotland, which has seen some candidates, including the Scottish Leader Lord Monckton, at odds with others.

“Several of the candidates, including Lord Monckton, withdrew from the list in September shortly before the ballot papers were despatched. The Party’s National Executive Committee decided that it would nonetheless proceed with the ballot, which was won by David Coburn.

“The NEC has subsequently reviewed the situation and, with the withdrawn candidates declining its requests to return to the list, has resolved to move forward.

“David Coburn will be the lead candidate, supported by a full list of nationally approved candidates which will be announced shortly.”

To view the original article CLICK HERE

Predictable as this shambles is it is far from new as a quick glance at UKIP’s own returning officer’s report for a previously rigged election controlled by Farage’s grubby little clique shows CLICK HEREAlso consider the unprofessional incompetence in the London Region 2012 elections CLICK HERE
UKIP may have managed to sell a ‘man of the people’ image for its leader but if this is how ‘the man of the people’ and his people behave little wonder that in 20 years they have failed to even come realistically close to having an MP elected, they have a mere 147 Councillors elected and several have quit or been duplicitously dumped leaving around 120 I believe and as for MEPs Farage can only really claim the support of about 4 out of his original 13 elected.The party is clearly appealing to an extremist racist, anti homosexual, anti Jewish agenda despite its claims. It can not be denied that Nigel Farage’s cheeky chappy facade has strong pulling power amongst a rather unappealing sector of the electorate and he has been able to capitalise on the collapse of the BNP, dissaray of the EDL and ineptitude of the Robin Tillbrook party.Scotland is clearly not the only area in UKIP in a shambles as the briefest of Google searches will show with a full on war in the Press Office that has seen the unprincipled Gawain Towler ousted and saving face by having been given a less relevant job as a researcher in Brussels and third place in the UKIP SW Regional MEP bid for the gravy train.It would be no surprise if he found himself replaced by the scoundrel and serial failure Mark Croucher who has been proven to be only too willing to default on his debts and lie on Farage’s behalf in the past.

You may wish to investigate the debacle and bullying by UKIP in the Lincolnshire region, which shows beyond doubt UKIP’s inability to act ethically or with any decorum as clearly they are unprofessional and without any vestige of competent leadership.

This has given rise to widespread bad publicity in the media and the latest round in the chaos is exemplified by this round robin eMail:

From: Christopher Pain <>

Subject: Save the Lincolnshire UKIP Six | Campaigns by You

Date: 16 November 2013 00:17:47 GMT


Dear All, 

Please connect on the link below, this is an online petition to help six Lincolnshire county councillors, including myself regain our positions within the party.This will allow natural justice to be allowed and a full investigation into the circumstances surrounding it.


 Cllr Chris Pain

I have set up a petition please sign and share

You will all have noted the dishonesty and lies of Derek Clark MEP & the fact that he was found guilty of defrauding the public purse and ordered to pay back a large sum of money by OLAF though it is unlikely he will go to prison for his offences in view of his advanced age, unlike Tom Wise MEP who was sent6enced to 2 years in prison over a similar sum of money he obtained fraudulently.You will of course have seen the exposure of the Farage cult by the disgruntled West Midlands MEP Mike Nattrass, when he failed to be selected to ride on the gravy train for UKIP again.Or Godfrey Bloom MEP who has been summarily & publicly dumped by Farage, though to be fair he still sits as a member of Farage’s extremist, racist and anti homosexual EFD Group in the EU parliament.Then we have the odious and ignorant Gerard Batten MEP who has clearly betrayed his electorate and the party to follow his personal agenda dabbling in Russian/Chechen politics (note the nationality of his staff!) and pursuing a clear policy of publishing and speaking to an agenda likely to incite racial hatred and unrest in support of his personal superstitions. All causes he is all too willing to lie to defend!

FARAGE, Nigel 77
In the midst of this debacle the cult leader is scheduled to have surgical attention to his spine as it is clearly damaged and causing notable pain CLICK HERE 

Obviously it would be all too easy to continue but perhaps you might care to read the 2.1/2 thousand postings on this web site where I have laid bare the facts with cross reference & supportive links in an effort to try to clean-up UKIP in the vain hope it can be made fit for purpose to perform its role as the natural leader of the Leave-The-EU movement – which sadly it has at this stage clearly betrayed.





 INDEPENDENT Leave-the-EU Alliance

Reclaim YOUR Future 
Deny the self serving political clique ANY Democratic claims to legitimacy
Write Upon Your Ballot Paper at EVERY election:
to Reclaim YOUR Future 

Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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