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UKIP Cult in Disarray in Scotland, as ever!

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 02/11/2013

UKIP Cult in Disarray in Scotland, as ever!TITLE

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The corruption of EUkip’s leadership, 
their anti UKIP claque in POWER & the NEC 

is what gives the remaining 10% a bad name!  


UKIP Cult in Disarray in Scotland, as ever!
The last time UKIP could be taken seriously was during Heather Conyngham’s banishment to manage it!!



Ukip in Scotland thrown into chaos amid rumours of leadership coup

THE future of the UK Independence Party in Scotland has been thrown into turmoil with a civil war looming and a coup planned against its leader north of the Border.

Otto Inglis with Ukip leader Nigel Farage

Otto Inglis with Ukip leader Nigel Farage

Just months after claiming it was mobilising in Scotland with new branches being set up across the country and ahead of May’s European elections, the party has split into factions with an extraordinary general meeting called where three key office bearers face being ousted.

Several key members have submitted motions of no confidence against Otto Inglis, secretary of Ukip Scotland, and party treasurer Dr Jonathan Stanley.

They in turn have moved against the Eurosceptic party’s Scottish chairman Mike Scott-Hayward, amid claims internal structures are in disarray.

Ukip sources have accused Dr Stanley, 31, a part-time locum at English hospitals who came sixth in a recent Edinburgh Council by-election with 235 votes, and Mr Inglis, a qualified barrister, as being the prime movers in Ukip Scotland’s internal discord.

Mr Inglis was fifth in the recent Aberdeen Donside by-election, with 1128 votes, 4.83% of the poll.

One senior source said: “It’s an utter shambles. We’ve no organisation, Mike Scott-Hayward is nowhere to be seen, no-one’s heard from Christopher (Lord) Monckton (Ukip Scottish president) and it’s really not like any political party I’ve ever heard of.

“Communications disappear into a black hole, there’s brewing friction and internal politics has taken over. Every party has divisions but there’s no structures here to deal with it. It’s all very demoralising.”

The extraordinary meeting, planned for Stirling this month, will see candidates and leading members present views on the future of Ukip in Scotland.

In May, Mr Scott-Hayward, a former Tory councillor, said the party was experiencing a significant growth in membership in Scotland, leading to it reorganising and setting up new branches in Orkney, Moray, Lanarkshire, the Black Isle and the Borders.

Mr Scott-Hayward, an ex-army major and coastguard officer, said members of various other parties had joined Ukip. Some polls claimed their pre-summer support was as high as 9%.

Steve McKeane, a recent Ukip Parliamentary candidate is one of those behind the motions to oust Dr Stanley and Mr Inglis. He said: “These are internal party matters and will be discussed internally and those within the party will be made aware of results of those discussions in due course. I don’t see why people are trying to second guess what will happen.”

Another party source said: “There are a couple of people within the organisation who don’t like the way the system is run and organised. They’ve tried to move against the leadership earlier this year and failed.”

A Ukip Scotland spokesman said: “There’s an internal dispute and this is the opportunity to sort that so we can go forward as a united body going forward towards the European elections.”

To view the original article CLICK HERE
One has to wonder if this is just disgruntled Scots wanting an easy ride, as is sadly too often the case as they blame those south of the border for all their woes!The article totally overlooks the undeniable fact that the very same article could easily have been written about almost every area of UKIP politics in the whole of Britain.It all boils down to utter incompetence as a small clique seeks to feather its own nest with a claque of hopefulls and the easily beguiled braying support founded on little or no knowledge but a great deal of vicious cult propaganda.

Consider just how utterly centralised, authoritarian and corrupt UKIP is as it panders to any spec of support it can gain by opposing policies of anyone and any party but being unable to present even the most simple of costed policies, which are largely invented on the hoof by Nigel Farage without a wit of leadership ability but a very glib tongue.

Noting also how he has made a habit of rigging elections and placing his personally selected individuals in position within his cult as when:
LANGMAID, Julia 01 - Letter 31-07-2010

Few seem to realise that Nigel Farage is without leadership ability and thus rules the party rather than leads it, perpetually in fear of competence or professionalism as he peddles the myth of ‘man of the people’ and if his drink soddened ineptitude is rtedollent of the people little wonder there is such violence and division in society.

Yet, again and again, UKIP’s teflon hero gets away with his self serving posturing.

Don’t get me wrong, for one has to admire his ruthless self interest and the consumate veneer of cheeky chappie, behind which he has sqandered £Millions of public money on stunts to keep him in the limelight but it seems no one is able to identify a singyle notable achievement of UKIP that can not be shown to be self interest on behalf of a tiny clique, fed by the ambitions of a cowardly claque seeking rewards from the largesse of the gravy train they seek to ride.

Doubt me? Well start out by real;ising that in a term of office an MEP usually manages to walk away with approaching £1Million and as many wuill recall, in his second term Nigel Farage boasted, at a press lunch, of having made about £2Million. Now perhaps one understands whence came the £250K he deposited into his tax haven in the Isle of Man and his ability to dodge UK taxes via his Belgian bank account!

FARAGE, Nigel 41 SALARY STATEMENT Mar-2010Please do not get me wrong, I am not saying his hypocricy is unique. Many, if not most MEPs and UK EU staff act likewise! The prevalence of high cost restaurants, bars and bordellos surrounding the EU parlaiment and the idiotic Strasburg venue give testimony to just how much of our hard earned tax money is paid out in bribes by the EU for you cou8ld not for a moment pretend the income of those riding on the gravy train are earned in any true sense of the word.
As to the apparent ‘peculiar’ position of Scotland as enumerated in the article above, do not be misled into thinking this is not pertinent to UKIP right across these United Kingdoms.You need only to delve back into the archive to seesuch behaviour, again and again.
Consider the dishonesty of Nigel farage’s ‘Reichstag moment’ when he invented BNP connections as a desperate measure to remove Dr. David Abbott & Dr. Eric Edmond, as they tried to represent those who elected them to the NEC and introduce some semblance of democrtic principles and accountability for the 100s of £1,000s that UKIP seemed unwilling to account for.Perhaps you remember Richard Suchorzevski’s, chairman of UKIP Wales, letter seeking clarity as to where large sums of money had vanished (many believed trousered by the clique) when he was elected to the NEC to introduce probity.
And his subsequent letter of resignation enumerating his opprobrium CLICK HERE
Or even the letter of resignation of the past UKIP Wales Chairman, Cheltenham Branch Chairman and UKIP Office Manager CLICK HERE
Or the letter exposing Farage’s behaviour by the past chairman of the party, MEP & deputy leader CLICK HEREOr the very detailed letter of a long term conctituency branch activist, particularly when you study the links provided, CLICK HERE

May I suggest a reading, in some detail, of the many facts and views on the subject proffered on the eminent and excellently researched blog of Dr. Richard North who all to clearly saw through the sham and tyhe shambolic ineptitude of Farage and his cult CLICK HERE

Or perhaps you would care for details from yet another insider and associate of Nigel Farage’s who I understand currently works for Prof. Tim Congdon (who tends to damn Farage with feint praise!) CLICK HERE

Clearly there is a great deal more verified and corroborated evidence on which I found my various revelations, made in the somewhat vain hope that UKIP can even at this late stage be cleaned up and made fit for purpose as the flag ship of the EUroSceptic movement rather than endlessly grovelling in the gutter!

It may be seen by the uninformed as the flagship but sadly long ago it fell into the hands of bounty hunters, brigands and nerre do wells who have all but destroyed it removing the reliable and honest activists amongst the crew and placing self seeking and ignorant lakeys in position to guard the personal interests of the utterly corrupt inner claque now on the bridge.





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Posted by: Greg Lance-Watkins

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