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UKIP Flip Flop Policies in Cover-Up

Posted by Greg Lance - Watkins (Greg_L-W) on 16/11/2013

UKIP Flip Flop Policies in Cover-Up

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UKIP Flip Flop Policies in Cover-Up as they take a leaf out of their extremist forbears with an episode of the modern day equivalent of book burning, to hide their band wagon jumping and vault face policy making!!



Farage channels his inner Pol Pot

UKIP, the party keeps telling us, is not like all the other political parties.

Yet as the Conservative and Labour parties are coming in for justified criticism for trying to conceal their broken promises and ridicule-worthy releases by removing significant chunks of content from their websites and YouTube channels, UKIP has joined in the party political airbrushing of history with a Year Zero moment worthy of Pol Pot.

The party has, according to Bloomberg, wiped everything from its web archive prior to January this year and there is not a single Farage speech pre-dating March.  The story highlights a topical, apparent change of policy that has been erased as part of the disappeared UKIP 2010 election manifesto:

While the party now opposes the planned high-speed north-south rail line, the 2010 document advocated building three new routes. “We’re in the process of updating everything,” Heaver said by telephone. “We’re going through a policy review.”

We can but imagine on what other subjects UKIP is going to change tack now it thinks it has hidden its previous positions from scrutiny in an effort to avoid allegations of flip-flopping on policy.  It is becoming increasingly difficult to identify differences between the cynical mainstream party approach and the way Farage runs UKIP.  The long journey from idealistic mould-breaking party to full member of the establishment continues apace.

How long are UKIP members going to continue kidding themselves their party isn’t run in every bit as cynical a manner as the ones they profess to be so different from?

To view the original of this article CLICK HERE

To take just one simple to follow act of UKIP hypocrisy just follow how they set out with a clearly defined policy in their manifesto and note how that was quietly dropped to pander to the populist view to seek publicity and no doubt supporters riding on the back of a policy they were directly opposed to – without so much as a publicised debate or official announcement of their hypocritical and self serving vault face CLICK HERE.

It is not just disingenuous but downright dishonest and corrupt of UKIP to claim it is a libertarian party and non racist, when it is clearly authoritarian and controlled from the center by one man, mostly through his small clique of bullied and abused placements to ensure the absence of his finger prints on what is often criminal behaviour.

Do not forget the ever present mantra ‘UKIP is not a racist party’ which is patently untrue as one need only look at those Nigel Farage has allied his party with in the EU EFD Group, who are a rag tag of extremist racists, anti homosexuals, anti Jewish gutter sweepings of EU politics amongst whom are several convicted criminals found guilty in courts for their extreme political views, actions and comments.

Remember Farage not only founded the Pan EU EFD Political Group but also committed his party to supporting these low lifes – thereby prostituting UKIP for personal gain!

FARAGE, Nigel 77
Beneath that thin veneer of cheeky chappy, man of the people, with pint in hand is a drunkard, a bully and a ruthlessly devious hedonist – with his off shore tax haven bank accounts and team of foreign staff and unpleasant low lifes and deviants all controlled and bullied into compliance in return for bloated salaries from the public purse and positions and aspirations way beyond their abilities.

One need only note the standards of research of UKIP & its published lies and abuse of anyone who dares suggest they clean up their act. Their use of pseudonyms and false identities across the internet to lie and defame their critics is proof positive of just how unfit for public office UKIP is in general and their obvious support of theser low lifes and cowards is plain to see with its most senior executives giving them aid and from time to time joining in the lies and defamatory abuse.




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